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Minji pushed the door to their dressing room open and dragged herself inside, clearly exhausted. Well they called it the dressing room but in reality it was more like a boxroom the club owner let them use to get ready before a gig and to calm down after. The blonde wasn't picky so she didn't mind the small and poorly lit room.

She ist herself fall down onto the worn out couch with a dreamy smile while sweat was running down her face. Her neon green crop top was sticking to her skin but Minji ignored that successfully. The show was great, she thought to herself with a satisfied sigh. It was always nice to see that they reached these young and rebellious people with their lyrics. She liked how they screamed the texts right back at them.

"Damn that was amazing. The club was completely full!" Minji squealed while stretching herself and sat up straighter. "God that was fun", She added and pulled a box of cigarettes out of her pink zebra print skirt together with a sparkling lighter. The drummer lit one of the cigarettes and took a deep drag before blowing smoke out between her lips. "That was one of our best shows from what it looked like." Minji said and looked around the room at her band members.

Sarah slumped against the wall, blowing her fringe out of her face. She shrugged, running a hand through her hair. She was wearing a tanktop, with arm warmers covering her hands and wrists while covering up some of her arm as well. She hated to admit it, but probably like a lot of the people that came to their shows, she had struggled with her own life and was ashamed to show the outcomes of reality.

She slid down the wall and sat on the floor, being just as exhausted as Minji was. She had nothing to say, so she didnt say anything. She let out a sigh, and smiled to herself a little before the smile disappeared.

Rina leaned against a wall, and although she wasn't nearly as sweaty as the drummer, she too was exhausted. "Yeah, it was great!" She smiled contently. Her outfit was a black and red miniskirt and a black t-shirt. She wasn't a huge fan of cigarettes, but didn't feel like commenting on it.

After a short pause, she continued, "Maybe it's about time we started doing bigger gigs? Or even signed a contract? We're popular, so we could do it." She felt certain that the band could make it, which was why she actually already had taken contact to a label that had previously given them their card. She hadn't made any promises to the company yet, but she wanted the band to go further.

She looked expectantly at the other members, waiting for their reaction. Rina absentmindedly twisted her long black hair around her finger. She had always wanted to do something with it, but never got around to it. She almost regretted leaving her guitar back onstage, so she couldn't strum on it.

Cameron, in his casual jeans, boots, green T-shirt, and band logo jacket, knocked on the door, "Mind if I come in, ladies?" He asked. He tapped the Bluetooth phone on his ear, "Go for Cam." He said, saying a couple uh-huhs here and there. "Yeah. Oh yeah, just let me consult with the band first. I'm sure they'd be thrilled. Alright. Bye." He tapped the phone again and spoke to them outside the door, "I've for big news, girls!"

He didn't want to just walk in, but his excitement was growing. The news he just received would be life-changing for them.

She just loved it, this indescribable feeling that she had every time that the crowd would scream and applauded them. Her heart was beating faster; Yuri had given everything tonight. The spotlights burning her skin, the vibrations of the drums, the sweat sliding down her neck; it was just so amazing. After thanking their audience for listening to them, Yuri and the band got off the stage.

Girls, you were all so damn perfect! Tonight, was LIT!
She says as she closes the door behind them. Her makeup was slightly smudged around her eyes as sweat kept drooling down her face. It has been a few months that the girls would perform in this club. It started with on time per week, and soon they were always there. People started to come to the club to hear them playing, and this was pretty much how their band became popular among the city.

Yuri let herself walk to the couch where Minji had already taken place. She lied down, putting her legs on the drummer. She was so exhausted that she could possibly just sleep right here and now. She was so proud of the band, it was thanks to their ambitions and creativity that they achieved to create such amazing pieces and shows. She took a deep breath and exhaled loudly, letting her assimilate all the emotions that were fighting in her mind.

Minji… No cigs inside, it stinks…
She teased her friend before seeing their manager entering the dressing room. He seemed pretty excited, as he had his phone in one of his hands. Yuri’s brows frowned in confusion and excitement. Her long hair was falling on the couch as her slim and long legs covered by her leather pants were resting on the rest of the furniture. She was wearing her high-heeled black boots, the ones that she was always wearing for a concert. She had a white, sleeveless tank top and her shoulders were covered by a red leather jacket.

Hey Cam’. What’s up?
She casually asks as she closed her eyes, still thinking about their performance.

Minji rolled her eyes but nodded and let the cigarette fall to the ground before stepping on it with her white combat boots. She leaned back against the cushion and let her fingers slightly drum on Yuris legs, before she furrowed her brows.

She totally agreed with the singer, tonight was in fact pretty lit but Minji thought about what Rina had just said. A contract? If she was honest, the drummer wasn't a big fan of that idea. Fame brought nothing but problems in her mind. Sure, she could pay her rent without having to worry where she could get the money from for the next month but what was the price? No privacy anymore, nothing doing on your own and probably more. If it was up to her, she would deny any offer they would get but that wasn't her place. If they would even get that far, she added as an afterthought. Minji would go with the band until the very end but just because she would do that didn't mean she had to like everything.

The blonde remainded quiet and closed her eyes, shrugging her shoulders absently when suddenly there was a knock at the door. Interested she opened her eyes but didn't move otherwise while her hands stopped drumming and laid now still on Yuris legs.

Sarah had her head on her knees, eyes closed and deep in thought. When she heard a knock and heard someone was in, she looked up and watched the male. She didn't look like she was at all pleased with the intruder but she kept herself from lashing out and forcing him to leave. while most said this was a lasting anger issue problem, she didn't think it was. She just didn't like new people she didn't recognise that well.

She watched him closely. One wrong move and she was ready to kick him out of the room and lock the door. Her hair covered most of her face as she watched, before putting her head down again and then looking up to see if he was gone.

"Hi Cameron. What's the big news?" Rina had a feeling that she might already know. It might be about the company she had been talking to. She hadn't actually signed with them, but unless anyone objected very loudly, she would probably sign once the offer was good enough. The last time she talked to them, they wouldn't give the band creative freedom to write their own songs, and Rina told them there was no way she'd sign if they were performing someone else's songs.

She could see that Minji didn't exactly seem thrilled by the idea of a contract, but the other girls didn't seem to mind either. If that was the case, she saw no reason not to sign. She crossed her legs and let her hands fall down to her sides. She wanted to pull the miniskirt down, but she knew that would look ridiculous, especially in front of the other girls.

(He didn't mean to intrude. XD)

Cameron grinned wide, "Imagine Dragons is doing a tour, right? They are supposed to be making their way here in a few days, but something happened and they had to cancel at the last second. Something about a stomach flu. But, the man who was holding the concert was here tonight and heard you girls playing. He wants you to play in place of them. They'll accept any terms. The man wants you girls. Minji, I know you've probably already said no in your head, but just think about it. If you're worried about getting too famous, we can hide your real identities." He wrote down a number and gave it to her, "You want to call him yourself to talk terms, you can."

He smiled brightly at them, "What do you girls think? They have a full house and he promised 60% of the profits."

Her eyes opened as their manager told them about this incredible offer. Yuri somehow felt divided. On one side, yes, it would be amazing to finally make a living out of their music, but on the other hand, it is a big change that could affect everyone in different ways. She wasn’t so sure if it was the right thing to do at the moment. They’ve been on a steady schedule for almost half a year, wasn’t it a bit too soon to suddenly change that? She felt Minji’s hand tense a bit on her legs. Of course, not everyone could agree blindly to the offer.

The singer sat back straight, taking her legs off from Minji’s thighs. She was still thinking about this whole offer that could probably change their whole lives. She took a water bottle that was on the ground and took the time to take a few good sips, she almost forgot that she had been singing for almost an hour without stopping. Now that her throat wasn’t dry anymore, she took a deep breath and looked over at her girls. Minji would clearly be against the idea, just by the bitter look on her face, Yuri could tell that she wasn’t very inclined to take the offer. On the contrary, Rina couldn’t hide her excitement; sparks were lightning up her eyes. Sarah would probably don’t mind, but knowing how anxious she could get, Yuri couldn’t tell how she would react.

No need for a call Cam’… Is he still in the club or not? If so, just let him come here.
She felt that it would probably put everyone at ease if they were a part of the whole conversation. No one would be put on the side, and they will have the chance to judge if the guy is a good man.

For my part, I’m not too sure about this. We need to be careful when we talk about fame and everything that comes with it. You’ve been a very competent manager, but I can’t help to just feel… scared by this whole shit.
She shrugged her shoulders and took another sip from her bottle.

But the offer seems thrilling, for real. I’d be down to perform on a bigger stage. We could go far, we have the potential for that.
She states as she smiled at her group. A band could be so strong, but so fragile, and Yuri always kept that in mind as she tried to keep everyone on good terms. It only took a dispute, an argument to break everything, but she won't ever let it happen. It was just too important to her.

Minji took the paper with the number on it with a frown and played with it with her fingers. She listened to Cameron and Yuri absently and sighed. The blonde craved the cigarette she had crushed under her shoe. Chewing on her lower lip she leaned forward and rubbed a hand over her face.

"Look that sounds nice and all but that's it. It sounds nice. They always making it out like that." Minji mumbled and stood up, walking around the room slowly. "I'm not gonna lie I don't like it." She said while playing with the short, blonde strands of her hair. The blonde was clearly not in the mood for that kind of conversation. It was a big step for them, nothing you should discuss in a damn boxroom after a gig in an underground club.

She leaned against the wall next to Sarah and crossed her arms in front of her, cocking her head to the side. "Do you really think it's a good idea?" She asked and looked at her members. Minji loved and trusted them but that couldn't keep her from having second thoughts about it.

Sarah was still say down and curled up, occasionally blowing the hair out of her face. She was still suspiciously eyeing Cameron, both disliking and suspicion buried in her green orbs. She glanced at Minji, shrugging.
"Contracts are usually selling your soul to the devil."

she was a very pessimistic and depressing person. It was both a blessing and a curse sometimes.

"You sign over the right to give away your freedom to do what you want to do." She shrugged again, "But hey. Whatever you guys decide I'll go along with. Just know I might not agree."

She blew her hair out of her face again, making a mental more to at some point get a haircut to keep her hair short and her fringe at bay.

Rina understood why the others were suspicious, and of course she had also heard about bands who couldn't handle the fame, and got into all kinds of bad situations. Yet, she still wanted it. She felt excited just at the thought of performing on the stage meant for globally known bands. "I, on the other hand, think it sounds like a good idea. It'd be a bigger stage, and, and doing the concert wouldn't be the same as signing a contract. Sixty percent is also really generous, especially considering we're still kinda unknown and underground." She couldn't keep her excitement completely in check, and accidentally repeated herself a bit.

"I want to go further, and like Yuri, I know we have the potential for it. This is an opportunity we can't afford to miss. That's what I think at least." She had a rather argumentative tone of voice at the end, almost inviting someone to disagree with her. During her little talk, she had taken a step forward in her flat, black boots. Rina wanted the other members of the band to understand that this was what she wanted. She wanted to prove to everyone that their kind of music, and her kind of music, was something that could succeed.

He gave a chuckle, hoping to lighten the tension, "Girls, its one gig. We aren't signing anything, and we never have to do it again if we don't want to. And no, he isn't here, he left a little while ago. I told him I had to discuss it with you three first, but he needs an answer by tomorrow. The only power he would have over you girls is the power to choose how long you play or how much you get because its his stage."

He looked at Sarah, "I know you don't trust me, Sarah, but I only want what's best for you guys. I, as your manager, won't let you play any crappy places or let you get into trouble and ruin your careers." He grinned at them, "I'll look into the place and the boss. If anything shady comes up, like being caught for fraud or something, I'll let you know and we can tell him no. And I know that I'm not your dad or anything, but you're my girls. No one is messing with you three on my watch. Take some time to think about it."

Cameron is right though,
Yuri said as she got up. The ambiance was now dry in the room, everyone was tensed. The singer walked around and put the bottle in the trash. She didn’t like it when the band was fighting like this. They were so fragile, they needed to focus and stay together.

It’s not a contract with a company, it’s just for one show. Let’s not be over dramatic about it.
She comes next to the girls and took them into a big group hug. Out of everything she wanted to hurt them. She knew that Sarah was pretty anxious and Minji stressed about fame. Sometimes, all it takes is to simply state the facts, the pros, and cons. They needed to talk about it together.

Let’s look at it as a… first try. We never performed in front of so many people. If we don’t try, we can’t know if we’ll like it. And no, we are not selling our soul to any devil, it’s just like our current situation. We perform for someone, they pay us: it ends there. And if we don’t like it, we’ll just go back to our current life. Don’t look at it negatively, let’s just enjoy our career while we can.
She says as she finally ended the hug. She went to the little fridge that was in the corner of the room and took out a few beers. She then put them on the small table.

But Cam’, from your point of view, do you think that it would be better to let it slide or jump on it while we can?
Since none of them really had any kind of experience in this world of fame and shows, she considered her manager’s opinion important. She opened one of the beers and started drinking it. She exhaled in satisfaction. Nothing was greater than alcohol after a show. It calmed her and made her relax. She sat back down on the couch and took off her vest, bringing her long hair into a ponytail with one of her elastics.

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