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This is the official IC RP part of the Terraria Multiverse Roleplay. Please consider the OOC for joining.

Josh spawned in, looking around. "So." He walked over to the nearest tree and started chopping at it.

Magicoal spawned into the sky. "Uh-oh." He fell and faceplanted next to Josh.

"Oh what the huh?!" Josh said, startled at the sudden appearance of Magicoal. "Hey, you ok?" he asked.

Siton Fell through the sky hitting on a tree as he fell he grunted and slowy got up.

"Is it raining people?" Josh wondered. Then he struck the tree again, and it broke and fell.

Magicoal screamed in pain as the tree landed on him.

Josh sighs. "I'm already having bad luck..," he said as he rolled the tree off Magicoal. "Mind moving for me?" he asked.

"Sure." Magicoal stood up and dusted himself off. "That hurt. So what now?"

"'What now?' he askes," Josh says with a sigh, "Go find some ore. Iron or Lead would be the most probable." Then he hit the tree log with his ax and it turned into a bunch of wood.

Magicoal sprinted into the caves with his staff. A few minutes later, he ran out with a pack full of ores, gasping for breath. "Ore... jackpot!" he grunted before collapsing.

While Magicoal was in the cave, Josh had mined more trees and made a house. "Let me see what you got there," he said as he walked over.

Magicoal poured out lots of stone, dirt, iron, lead, and coal.

((Coal doesn't exist in Terraria!))
"Well, great job! You got every thing we need for this to go right," he said happily as he turned around and slashed a slime with a Copper Shortsword.

((I didn't know that oops sorry)) Magicoal looked at the small house and sighed. "That won't do." In a few minutes, he had made a triple story house with a basement and several balconies. "There."

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