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Hi! Sorry if this is the wrong place to ask, I thought it was the best out of the categories.

Anyway--I've had an idea for a character, Leon here. I would like to make him a physically disabled character. This concept I don't see often done, but the ideas for RP I have for him could be quite interesting in an exploratory way--maybe for both me and any potential partners.

Before anyone gets worried that me as a player might overdo the disability (I have seen some other discussions elsewhere, where people are afraid they may not play this aspect of the character 'well' because they may not suffer from the disability themselves) I personally live with a physical disability, and I've played people who are non-disabled pretty much ever since I began RP of course.

But, I've wanted to try playing a concept that I can relate to a little better (I have been disabled since I was a child, in my 20's now). So, I guess I wanted to ask opinions to see how you guys might react to this concept. Is it a really bad taboo to play a character that has the same disability as you? (They wouldnt be you, of course, just share the disability).

Personally, I don't think it is. I don't see a problem with it, especially if you live with the same problem: you, experiencing it yourself, will have a better idea of what to expect from reactions, scenarios, expressions, etc.

I know personally that I like to have some connection/part of me in my characters. Sometimes it's my low-functioning autism, sometimes it's my fashion style. Others it's my personality and others it's the way I have my hair or the way I want to look.

While it's not the best reasoning, I do believe it's important (If you want to!) To have some aspect of yourself or your previous self developed into your characters. It allows you to really connect with them, and allows you to deeper understand their thoughts and feelings in certain situations.

There's always something of us in our characters, and it'd actually be kinda silly to pick and choose what parts are allowed. I have have characters who have dark brown hair, who are female, who are asexual, who have a job I've had... so why not share a disability?

There are actually people here who do that already. For example, I have a friend who is diabetic, and she actually goes into a lot of detail in her profile about how the character manages her own diabetes. It won't rule the RPs she's in, but it still affects how things will go.

I'm actually wondering why I have no characters with glasses now...

I dont' see a problem with it at all, after all, rp should allow us to explore stories and ideas. They don't need to be like you, in fact often it's more fun if they aren't, but at the same time, exploring something close to your heart/experience could be catartic or just plain interesting.

I have a few physically disabled characters despite having no physical disability myself and it's tricky for me because it involves a LOT of research on my part to try to make sure i'm not making a mockery of it or being disrespectful in some way (kinda like playing a character of a different race or sexuality from yourself I guess). You have an advantage there of living it, knowing it... which could be helpful in the writing of it.
Playing against a disabled character wouldn't bother me, in fact it could provide some facinating insight and bring up issues i've never thought of before as an able bodied person.

Some may want to view it as a sympathy thing but personally I just think it's another facet to a person and diversity is a good thing in RP land. Diversity drives story, it drives interaction and it is good for all of us.

So go for it! I'd love to read your bio when you have it all up and done.

Thank you guys for the responses!

A lot of what was said, was what I had sort of expected--but it was one of those things, even as I have RPed for several years, wasn't sure how people would take such things being played in RP. You also echoed some of my thoughts in how, as author's of our characters, we often take bits and pieces of ourselves (which I do personality wise, but never have I taken a leap to a disability).

I'll get him written up soon. :)

Well, I wrote him up!

His bio is... quite a bit dark, so please brace yourselves for the end. It's nothing R-rated of course, but. It's a bit of a tear-jerker.

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