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The apocalypse is upon us. The lab failed. They knew they would fail. They tried to make the most elite soldiers and they screwed up. They screwed up bad.

It is the year 3805, and the world is in shambles. Disease travels through the water, infecting the brain with a parasite that slowly dissolves it, leaving just enough brain matter that it can cause the body to still stumble about for weeks after infection before it finally dies a true death. Most tried to outrun the parasite, but they ultimately fell to their knees. The few still living fight hard each and every day to survive.

They look towards the few who work towards the cure, follow them in a small mob. Most shelter in the Tutum, but some hide away in cabins, just waiting and waiting and waiting for the cure to be finished before it is too late.


1. No OP Characters

2. No Mary/Gary Sues


4. Do NOT God Mod

5. Psycho is the god here. They are SUPREME RULER. Listen to them!


7. Don’t just jump straight in. Psycho will accept you, unless they choose somebody else to do that for them.

8. You can cuss, but don’t use degrading words that can be considered insulting to a certain group of people. And, obviously, no F BOMB

9. Only use a human character, unless the RP allows for something other than human!

10. No massive drama without my permission. More minor drama is alright though.

11. Thou shalt not kill without the permission of the roleplayer they are killing. Also, venison is an exception to this rule.

12. Only minor, fluffy romance like hugs and cheek/forehead kisses. I prefer if I see absolutely no BLACKOUTS. I mean, you’re on one of my plots. Literally, all of my plots are violent.

13. Be semi-lit. Or literate. Honestly, as long as you aren’t using ** to RP

14. Give the others something to work with. That mostly means absolutely NO one-liners.

15. Tone down the violence. If you're roleplaying so violently that if this was a film it was rated R, the mods will shut this done and I will be blacklisting you from any of my future roleplays. Seriously. I was having a lot of fun in a different RP, got off for the weekend, returned and some new people had ended up being violent enough that it was shut down. It looks bad for me, and it looks bad for you. Keep this PG-13. Seriously.

16. Please don't just hop in. Ask politely!

17. No mentions of sensitive topics including r*pe and suicide, as well as other things. I disapprove majorly of it and besides, it is against the rules here.

17. Have fun, my lil band of idiots! I love you all!

Drew wished he had come up with a better plan, because this one was absolutely awful. But he was still alive, and that was better than the poor fool beneath his feet.

Fortunately, he was always brilliant at acting. So when he discovered that running wasn't the best answer for himself, he turned to the one other idea. Drew had dug into the corpses of the dead, slathering blood over his body, tearing his clothes to reach the illusion of another zombie. He walked like one, sounded like one, smelled like one...he even did the unthinkable and ate like them as well.

But he had to survive. He wasn't going down that easy, despite the fact that he knew he probably had bites that just had yet to take effect.

Mia Orline used to be one of the scientists.. Before the apocalypse began, she worked in labs to find the cure for cancer... And they were successful. Leukemia.. Cured.. Mia lived her everyday life from then on, known and acknowledged.. But when a new study formed for her, the group of scientists decided to use a parasite. But once the parasite was introduced in the experiment, everything went wrong.
The parasite was originally supposed to go in and fight cancerous cells, only dissolving those.. But to the scientists worst fear, it began travelling to the brain and dissolving…. everything. From there, everything failed. Mia now, to this day, moved her studies on how to fix this... How to make everything go back to normal.. But she knew that her studies weren't going to solve anything for a while.. She knew she couldn't do everything alone.

To survive, Mia managed to train herself.. She liked to stay in higher places, and make sure she could see her surroundings. She always held some kind of silent weapon close to her, as loud noises seemed to attract the hideous creatures. Mia hadnt been near civilization for a while, so she really never expects to see anyone.. ever again. She really didnt care about that though. As long as she had her studies to bury herself into, She couldnt care less if she was the last one alive.

Drew noticed the zombies staggering towards an area. They must have heard was inevitable. They toddered forwards, and he followed, stuck in the mob. Oh no...oh no.

Hopefully, this survivor ran fast, and ran far. He didn't want to take down another human. He was sick and tired of it, quite literally disgusted with himself. Why? Why?

Why did he do this?

Why did he try to safe himself like this?

Why had he become such a monster?

Mia stood still in the middle of a road. She was out scavenging. She ran out of food quite a while ago and she knew that even her studies couldn’t hold back her hunger like it used to be able to. Mia continued standing still though, as she thought she could hear small moans and groans. She sighed lightly and slowly walked near the edge of the road. Mia realized that if she could manage to get a chunk of one of the zombie’s skin, she’d be able to test it even further. Her other specimens had rotted to the point of no return anyways. Mia gripped her two throwing knives in her hand as she waited, not realizing how big of a mob was coming towards her.

Drew managed to struggle forwards, near the front. Knowing deep within that this was doomed not to go well, he stared at the ground. He just...wouldn't watch. Maybe then he would not feel the guilt as the hoard shuffled closer and closer to the lone survivor. "I'm sorry." He mumbled, too soft for anyone to hear.

"Please, accept my apologies. May you find peace in the afterlife."

Mia didn’t expect the horde as she backed up a little. “Whoa..” Before deciding to run, she locked eyes with one. It’s eyes were glazed over and shone no sign of life.. Just desperate groans of frustration. Mia still had a heart and still didn’t like the fact that the zombies used to be living people.. She stabbed the walker in the head, and with her gloved left hand, grabbed a small piece of its skin. Mia hurriedly put it in a plastic container. After she put that in her small satchel, she began running, and after a while, she swung herself onto a branch of a tree, luckily not catching their attention. The horde kept staggering forward as Mia silently caught her breath.

Drew, more aware than the rest of the zombies, watched her go, however, eyes still gleaming with life and fear as he faked being one of them, hoping they never discovered his secret. She was safe, though, but he was confused at what she had done. Why had she merely run forward and stabbed only one of the monsters? What was her purpose?

Mia held her breath a bit as she watched the rest of them pass. She then sat on the branch, legs dangling. She pulled out the container and examined the grey looking piece of skin. “How do I do this..” She half whined to herself. Mia dropped to the ground, landing on her feet. She looked toward the horde that was a bit far now. She didn’t know if she should get a better sample, but she knew that that was a risk. Mia rummaged in her satchel and eventually brought out a small gun with a silencer attatched to the end. Inside the gun was a small tracking chip. Maybe keeping an eye on where the horde would migrate would improve the knowledge of the.... zombies. Mia aimed for the back of one of their arms and she shot. The chip went into the skin perfectly. With that she began running back to her base, silent.

Unfortunately, the unlucky zombie was Drew. Not realizing it, he assumed he had been scratched accidentally and gritted his teeth, shuffling on. He was sure the survivor would be nearby again. His horde typically stayed in one area, trapped in by the river and cliffs. This human probably wouldn't leave, either. The bridge was gone, and the waters fast. And the cliffs were certainly nothing to joke about.

As Mia got to her base, she quickly dropped into her swivel chair and examined the specimen. To other people, she might seem weird, but she vowed to spend the rest of her life to find a cure.. She wanted to help and she hated the fact that helping would mean to kill the creatures, but she couldn't risk getting bitten or scratched. She knew that the virus.. or parasite could be shut out from the rest of the body through amputation, but that's about all she knew about stopping it. Luckily her base was a well functioning science lab. The building itself had a whole separate security system and was quite impossible to get into without a code.. Mia was lucky that the emergency protection system turned on.. because without it, there would be no lights available, no water available and most importantly, no security. Mia turned on a small computer powered by the emergency system and she began going through some stuff. After a bit, she put plastic gloves on her hands and carefully took the skin out of the container and set it on a small plastic lid. She placed the lid under a microscope and she began looking through it, hoping to find something new.

Drew and the zombies, which sounds a bit like a horrid boyfriend, eventually found a deer, which is promptly devoured. Delicious. Absolutely delicious. Drew wrinkled his nose, looking at the hot, squishy mass. One day he'd find the perfect moment to escape. Today was certainly not the day, though.

Mia continued examining the skin, occaisionally huffing in disappointment. There was pretty much nothing new... Mia stood up and looked at her notepad. She closed her eyes in frustration, but decided to look at if the chip was working or not. Mia sat back down and looked at the computer. There was a map of the city, and somewhere in the forest, a small green dot appeared. Mia smiled, happy that at least the tracker was working. She watched the chip for around 20 minutes, then decided that they weren't really migrating anywhere specific... Just mindlessly walking. She rested her head in her hands, trying to think.

Eventually, Drew had a good chance. He ducked away from the horde before they noticed. He'd join with a smaller horde once he stumbled upon one. If Mia glanced up at the screen, she would have noticed that the dot was moving rather swiftly in a specific direction, now, which was unusual for a zombie. Drew still sprinted, looking for one of the smaller hordes. He'd prefer that much more than the extremely large one.

Mia sighed lightly and stood up, giving the screen a small glance. She began walking away, but then gasped, slowly comprehending what she had seen. She quickly sat back down and looked at the screen, watching the dot. Mia quickly began writing into her notepad. 'Evolved? Adapted? Zombie is currently.. running away from its original horde.' Mia began hypothesizing, but quickly stopped as she noticed that it was coming close to her lab. If it could run.. Who knows what else it could do. Mia didn't know that blending into a horde was possible, so she didn't even think about the possibilities of having an alive person around. She kept her lab coat on as she grabbed her throwing knives and left the lab.

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