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*rev stood down and hid behind the rock grabbing a thermal detonater he knew she could reflect the laser bolts back at him* blast... *he mumbled after which he put his detonater away and propped his rifle against the rock and came out hands on his pistol holsters ready to fire if things turned south* are you Anna? *he asked in a demanding tone*

She glared at him
“Yes do you need something?”
She demanded

The name's Reavain Scrattor... *he smirked under his helmet* you have a lot of enemies little lady... *he hoped this could go over easier than expected and perhaps without bloodshed* not many people like the Jedi...

“Well if The empire sent you for me you might as well leave. Or you will meet the same fate as the last bounty hunter”
She hissed

You speak so fondly of this “last one” perhaps they left you a parting gift?.. *he sees the scar over her eye* no matter... lets strike a deal shall we? The empire is offering 15,000 for me to bring you back alive well as far as I can tell they want you alive.. but you have 3 options: surrender now and I take you to the imperial garrison, you pay me a greater sum and I leave you alone and tell the imperials that I couldn’t find you, or the best option in my opinion is you fake surrender I take your lightsabers there and bring them aboard and smuggle them in your room after I get paid and then once we both escape I never met you and you never met me... *he pauses knowing what the fourth option she is most likely thinking is* to kill me is not the Jedi way... the jedi only use their power for defense not attack... besides.. I haven’t done anything to threaten you have I? *he leans against a tree next to him and puts his right leg on the trunk waiting patiently for her answer*

She crossed her arms
“I appreciate that. But I have no money. And Jason will be able to tell if you’re lying.And I must keep the benifits of others. Jason will cause more damage if I don’t get caught. So I will surrender” she dropped he light sabers

*rev took her lightsabers cuffed her with binders and took her to his ship sitting her next to him in the co pilots seat his rifle hanging behind him on the back of his chair he took off for the ISD above* so.. who’s Jason? I was contacted by a lieutenant Briggs to bring you in...

“Jason was my b- friend. But he turned to the dark he is second in command of the emperor. Who is his dad.Other then Vader.

*rev shook his head* from what I understood the Jedi order said love was
forbidden... *he started to dock aboard the ISD* for the record.. *he took his helmet off* on mandalore there was a secondary class you could take that helped with resisting Jedi mind tricks but that doesn’t exactly include mind reading.. it only prevents force persuasion and things similar *they were entering the hanger* look kid.. *he sighed* I really don’t want to do this but I have things I need to do... plus I need the money if you’re not killed I’ll bail you out ok? *for once he seemed remorseful for what he was doing maybe because she was just a kid? No... money is money* here we are... good luck... *he puts his helmet back on and grabs his rifle taking her off the ship where there were 8 stormtroopers on either side of the ramp with Jason at the end walking towards them he put his rifle to her lower back above the binders* ((u wanna play as Jason here?))


Jason walked up to her smiling at them
“Well done troopers will give you your money.”
He smirked at Anna “ hello again darling. Long time no see.”

Of course.. *he took his money* oh you’ll be needing these lord Jason *he threw him her lightsabers and got on his ship but his remorse got the best of him and from his ship a tracking beackon no smaller than a quarter was stuck to the bottom of the ship as he went back to the planets surface* I just need to buy all those parts and then I can try to contact lieutenant Briggs again and see what’s happened to that kid...

Jason smiled at Anna as he put her lightsabers to his belt. “come now darling, we need to talk. You see you will be joining the sith.”
“Never! You’re gonna have to kill me!” Anna hissed.
Jason smiled
“You don’t have a choice. You will join us one way or another.”

*rev had completed his droid upgraded his ships arsenal and installed the shield generators into his armor he was also able to with his remaining credits combined with some of his own able to buy a lightsaber on the black market* now then a4... *they were both now on board and flying out to the ISD* how do you suggest we proceed?

Jason lead Anna down a long hallway. And to the detention block. A guard opened a cell door. And he pushed her in.
“ time to talk sweetheart” he smirked

An imeddiate attack is foolish.. perhaps we should get aboard and ask for an audience with Jason while I free the girl?

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