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Three girls will be betrothed to three guys on the guys request of whom he wants to marry. Age doesn't matter, preferably 16+ because maybe your character doesn't like the idea of being betrothed to someone so they don't really have a say.

These three girls have been raised their whole life on how to act proper and how to be a perfect wife for these three men. I would like these three men to be demons but in secret, and live in a big castle in which the three girls are taken to to stay when they turn 16. The girls will always be watched by these three men besides in their bedroom. Each girl is assigned a sort of female tutor ((the people who play as the girls can decided if they want one or not and they can control that character like an NPC almost)). The girls will live for two years in the castle doing a bit of extra training and can get to know these three men.

I need two girls because I will be one using Sage, we'll pretend she's 16. I need three boys who are 17+

And now, the rules.
1. 1 paragraph per post, proper spelling, grammar, and no text talk
2. Anything other than pg-13 subjects should be taken to private PMs.
3. I want this to last long so if you do not post at least once or twice per day then this isn't for you. If you can do it and something personal comes up, we'll think of something.
4. There will not be conflicts between these three girls and will not fight about who is marrying who, it is the men's choice, not the girls'.
5. No god-modding, since the men are demons they will have normal powers, such as telekinesis or reading someones mind or things like that, not controlling the whole universe to do their bidding.
6. For the next two years in the rp the three girls may choose two classes to take, no matter what it is, even if it is something like magic 101, I will allow it as long as it's appropriate.
7. I want human girls, not furry ones or fairies or anything like that.
8. When you wish to join you will fill out these questions so the men get an idea of what the female characters are like
Question 1: Hobbies? (At least 3-5)

Question 2: Likes/dislikes

Question 3: Traits (At least 4-5)

Question 4: Names/nicknames:

That is it, anything I have forgotten I will be sure to add later on, just comment on here with the character you will be using as well as the questions for the females. If you are confused on anything, PM and I will do my best to help you understand this world I've created in my mind.


Details: Freeform, paragraphs required, one-off scene. Looking for 5 other players.

This sounds fun! I have had trouble doing group roleplay before , but perhaps it can be enjoyable if I try again! Here is the information for my character Nully:

Nully's hobbies include playing sports, dressing up in fun outfits, watching the stars at night, singing though (she is pretty bad at it), and going on walks. She is rather sickly so somethings come harder to her , but she enjoys doing many things!

Nully likes doing things outdoors. She is used to having to stay in her room sinxe she is weaker then most people. So any chance she can explore, she is happy. Nully also enjoys sports, and trying new things ! She dislikes feeling weak and vulnerable. Nully also tends to dislike people taking pity on her.

Nully's traits include being friendly, kinda hardheaded and stubborn at times. She can be seen as almost selfish since she likes to do all she can to explore. If she cares about the other person, however, surely she will consider their needs. At times she can be weird or alittle awkward too! Being trapped in her room has not allowed her to make many friends, so she is still learning on how to interact with others!

Her name is Nully. Her full name may be revealed later on, but as of now she only goes by Nully !

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