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All right. Might as well plop this down here. No one seemed interested in the LFRP post I made, but whatever. Here we go.

WARNING: This RP will include slightly mature subjects, such as violence, gore, romance, and so on. Nothing really explicit mind you, but still be aware of it.

Also, the setting is modern world with magic/supernatural elements. Think...well the Supernatural TV show.


A young man sat morosely at the bar counter, nursing a single drink for the whole night. There was nothing odd about a moody man wasting time in a bar. What was odd however was his bare arms, especially on such a cold night. They were covered from shoulder to wrist in strange dark tattoos. Rather eye catching, but his "leave me alone" attitude ensured he was left alone.

For a little while at least.

A trio of very thuggish looking men entered the bar, their leader taking a moment to scan the environment. Upon spotting the tattooed man, the leader pointed and the tree approached the drinker.

"Mr. Graves?" The man looked up from his drink, looking at the lead thug with disinterest. "That's me. What do you want?" The leader sneered. "You've been asking questions about my boss. Too many questions. The boss doesn't like that, so he sent us to...polity...ask you to stop."

Gideon Graves sighed, slowly standing from the stool to face the three men. "Your boss has information I need. That's all." The lead thug wasn't having it. "Yeah, but seems our boys get a little roughed up every time you ask questions. So you're going to stop, now!"

The three thugs went at Gideon in an instant, two grabbing his arms, and the leader driving his fists into the man's stomach. " stop..." Gideon rasped between impacts. The men didn't listen, just continuing to whale on him.

"Fine...we do it the hard way..." Gideon grunted, the tattoos on his arms glowing red hot before the sound of thunder erupted from him a flash. The three men jerked back, rubbing their eyes. As their vision returned, Gideon, but not Gideon, stood before them.

He wore a skull like mask, black hair long and wet looking, and he seemed to be wearing some sort of body armor over his chest and abdomen. He let out a long low breath, mist pouring out of his mouth in thin wisps. "Now...where is your boss?"

A few minutes later Gideon, back in his normal attire and holding the lead thug's phone, stepped out of the bar into the cold night air. "Hmmm...well this is a start." He mumbled, pocketing the device. As he moved to leave the bar door burst open, the lead thug limping out and pointing a gun right at Gideon. The man was covered in blood and bruises, his two compatriots on the floor behind him in worse condition.

"You...bastard..." The leader slurred, blood dripping from his mouth. He suddenly jerked, looking down to see a long thick chain impaling him in the chest, right through the heart. Looking up he saw the chain was some out coming out of Gideon's wrists, quickly sucking back into him as if it were never there, save for the now gaping hole where his heart was. The man shook, took a step forward, and slumped to the ground, blood pooling out quickly.

Shaking his head, Gideon walked into the night to find a place to get some rest, not knowing that he was being watched.


So there you have it. My first attempt at an RP here on this sight. Hope you like it, and enjoy it! If you have any constructive criticism feel free to PM me. Who doesn't want to improve eh?

((This seems fascinating. However, I have a question. Where do other characters fit into this?))

((Other than that, I'm rather interested in this plot))

((Any moddern-ish character that would fit in a modern time super hero type story.))

((Do the characters have to be necessarily good, like could we have someone who clashes with the heroes and villains alike?))

((Not really. GD here isn't really your typical hero. If Obsidious doesn't tell him to attack a villain, he might not, so it is all good.))

The eerie glow in Jewels eyes dissipated quickly as she came to her senses. She hatted having these visions. Especially the violent ones. It always made her heart race, and she couldn't help but swallow hard. There was a tingling in her veins. Like a sweet surrender to the dark abyss. She hatted the feeling of bloodlust, but loved that all too familiar feeling. There was something captivating about the endless invoking of a dark hart. Chills thundered down her spine as she tried to gain her composure. Jewels cleared her throat and began to walk towards the building sign in her vision. There was something strong pulling at the very edge of her mind. Something more than the chaos she couldn't help to desire. It was curiosity. Jewels had to know what was so important. She craved the knowledge.
The streets were filled with all walks of life. It was almost refreshing from the boring pastures of her homeland. There were so many questions racing through her mind about this new world. Jewels had never ventured this far outside her territory before and it was almost hard to contain herself. The beat of her hoofs echoed loudly for a long while before she noticed a strange sound that replaced her step. Almost like she stepped on a mudded rock. As her lifeless green eyes traveled almost too slowly to investigate the sound, Jewels couldn't help but lick the edges of her lips. It was blood. A very large amount at that. Finally she had arrived. Yet the man in her vision was nowhere in sight. Good thing she had the nose of a hundred bloodhounds. he might as well stand under a spotlight. Jewels smiled eerily and began to make more of a stride. Soon she would be hot on his heals and hopefully he would react accordingly. Even though she wished no harm to come upon another being , perhaps he would give her a run for her money. Jewels always did love a good game of cat and mouse. And even more, a good spar.

Gideon walked, ignoring the people about him and their glances at his odd tattoos. He ignored the blare of sirens as police vehicles and ambulances blared past him on the street to where three known criminals would be found in near critical condition. None of it mattered really, so why should he take notice of it?

One thing he didn't ignore was the sound of hooves of all things. A hoofed animal in the city? Unlikely. Rats, cats, dogs, various birds, and if the rumors were true, alligators in the sewers. Those were the animals to be found most days. Maybe the occasional opossum or racoon, but that was it.

Overall Gideon was still new to the whole supernatural thing, so he had no idea what was following him. He could...sense...whatever it was. A sort of ripple, like something slipping into a pond.

Knowing he was being followed, but not why, he ducked into an alley, then into mechanical room of some sort, a huge noisy machine in the center with all sorts of read-outs on the walls. With a grunt six long thick chains pushed out of his back, hooks digging into the ceiling and pulling him up, two more chains from his wrists wrapping around him, camoflauging him and making him look like just another piece of equipment.

All right hooves, why are you following me? He thought, waiting.

Jewels smelled the air for a long moment. It was honestly hard for her to concentrate. This place was so loud with all the sirens wailing around her. Its busy streets and awful smells. It almost made Jewels miss that dumb little prairie back home. The croaking of frogs in the deep of night, rushing streams and soft glow of the moon. Peaceful. Not like this place. There were no streams here, no frogs and no Culton. Oh how she missed her dear friend, but that part of her life was over. Her flatlands didn't exist anymore but that was neither here nor there. She had to let that part of herself go. Though Jewels would never forgive herself, she would also never allow the beast inside of her to lose control again. Her soul felt empty and a loud ringing had taken over her senses.
There! The glow in her eyes shifted towards a large building. The smell emanating from it was almost putrid. Like a slow decay. She didn't want to go inside honestly, but every muscle in her body pulled her towards the door. The closer she got, the ringing in her ears became worse. She froze as she reached for the handle.
A deep sadness began to creep its way up her spine and made her fur stand on edge. There was something inside there. Something old, something strong. Something... familiar.
Jewels didn't know just how long she had stood there listening to the soft beeps and relentless ringing. She wouldn't go inside. She didn't trust herself. She couldn't. Instead, she would retreat. Whatever power inside that place turned her stomach. She had to swallow hard as to not empty the contents of her stomach. That all too familiar crave of power scared her. Jewels remembered Dalton, and how he had lost control. She wouldn't allow herself to cry. Instead, she emptied her mind and let let the tendrils of emptiness wrap tightly around her, suffocating all feeling from her heart. Emotions were useless. They would only cause more anguish. She was better off.
Jewels continued to walk down the busy streets. Suddenly the smells and sounds didn't bother her as much. She had even momentarily forgotten about the man she pursued. She would find him again, after all she knew his scent. He left a soft craving on the tip of her tongue.
Jewels entered a building to purchase room and boarding for the night. She would ignore the strange looks people gave her as she passed on the way. She guessed that not many Fawns had come through this way and it was just human nature to be curious. As she shut the door to her room, Jewels threw herself on the bed. It had been quite a long day and she was absolutely exhausted. Hopefully she could sleep.

Gideon waited, and waited. That ripple seemed to get closer and closer at a steady pace. He wasn't quite sure, but at one point he felt whatever it was, was within striking distance.

And then it started moving away. Gideon's ability to "sense" things wasn't a particularly strong one. He could tell something not of the city was close, and that was it. It followed me, to this very building, and stopped. Why? He also wasn't particularly stealthy or subtle. He doubted his hiding spot was all that great, him on the ceiling wrapped up in his own chains. Why?

Slowly he unspooled himself, the chains melting back into his body as if they never existed. Stepping out of the noisy building he looked out into the night, the city slowly quieting down, but still active. He saw nothing out of the ordinary, nothing that caught his eye. I'm no detective, so I'm probably missing something subtle, right under my nose. It was irritating to say the least, but there was noting he could do about it.

He wasn't the only supernatural being in the city, he knew that. Perhaps it was just a coincidence? It didn't feel like one though. It felt like whatever followed him, decided to leave. Decided to NOT confront him. But why? Fear? Regret? There was no way for him to know.

Unable to find those answers, he made his choice to simply go and sleep for a few hours. "Open." Mist wafted out of his mouth as he spoke, his words dark and heavy, as a sort the air opened up, revealing a darkness of a sort, a portal. Stepping into it he, and the tear, vanished, as if they were never there, no one even noticing.

Moments later the tear opened up in a lone hotel room, the room Gideon had payed for and claimed previously. "I really should do more research, like grandfather said." He grunted, sitting on his bed to slowly take off his boots. That's when he sensed it again. The ripple in the energy of the place.

Standing, he looked around his room, seeing nothing out of the ordinary. Grunting to himself, he focused, the tattoos on his arms burning bright, the temperature in the room dropping dramatically as a mist began to form on the ground, seeping out of his door and into other areas.

Twice in one night? I don't think so. If I can't really sense you, then maybe you can sense this.

Jewels huffed and puffed as she moved aimlessly from the bed to the floor, back to the bed and then a single chair provided by the hotel. No matter how she contorted her body, there was no getting comfortable. It was useless and there was no getting around that. Why did she even bother getting room for the night. she was perfectly comfortable sleeping outside.
That's when felt a small twinge, like a gust of wind against a spiders web. She sniffed the air and instantly recognized the scent. A cold smile crept across her lips as she suddenly no longer cared about getting comfortable. Jewels couldn't believe that she had forgotten about the man at the pub. But apparently it seemed that their fates were intertwined. It was just too much of a coincidence. Had He fallowed her this time? No matter.
Again, she felt an even more powerful crashing against her minds tendrils. He was up to something, yet she didn't sense any danger. Was he calling for her perhaps? Shurly if she could sense him, he should be able to do the same. Jewel's eyes flashed green and just as soon as she could blink, her mind followed the growing energy around here. There were many strong oras in the motel, but only one other than hers stood out.
Whats the hell was this guy? She pondered as her body began to tingle. His power fluctuated almost as if he didn't have control. It was the same feeling she got before Dalton lost his way. That made it easy for her to pinpoint. There was a coolness rushing slowly against Jewel's hoofs as her eyes shot wide open. He was right next to her room. How could she not have noticed. How long had he occupied that space before she felt him?
She gave her fur a quick bath with her tongue as she would slowly answer his call. Walking to the room next to her, Jewels did not bother to knock on the door. Instead, she whispered a silent enchantment and the mist seeping from under his door began to glow that minisoning green. She couldn't help but smile wide.
"Curiosity killed the cat. " She whispered eagerly waiting.

Gideon focused his power for a little longer before stopping. It wasn't really his power, more like a gift from...some one else. Regardless, he had full control over it. A lack of experience using it was his primary issue. As he released his power, the temperature would slowly rise back to normal levels, and the mist would dissipate, but all very slowly. That's when he noticed the mist turn green.

That's not a power I least I don't think so.... He sensed that familiar ripple, stronger now. Some sort of environmental control? Like how I can make things colder and control storms? Standing there barefoot in his hotel room wasn't going to get him the answer, so he had to decide what to do.

Mulling it over for a bit, he slowly made his way to the door, one spiked chain slipping out of his wrist and wrapping itself around his fist, holding it behind his back. Gripping the door, he slowly opened it a crack, before pulling the door back aggressively, puffing out his chest and taking his aggressive stance to confront...

A little nymph. Not that he knew what a nymph was though. "A....satyr?" Ooh so close. Suffice enough to say he was confused. He was expecting something...bigger. Meaner. What stood before him was...cute. She had hooves, and the bit of energy he could sense was exactly the same as the one he sensed before. He had gotten used to dealing with thugs, and the occasional undead. He honestly didn't know what to make of Jewels.

"Can you?" He asked, standing there barefoot in his black sleeveless shirt, and black jeans.

First, there was darkness, then was the Void opened. From its depths stepped forth a man of strange appearance and ideals. He knew not why he had been drawn to this world, but the fact he was here meant something in the least. His familiars emerged behind him; a raptor-like Clannfear and a Winged Twilight, both a shimmering dark indigo in the moonlight. The man was somewhat similar; he was tall, black robes covering most of his body. That which was not covered by the void-black silk was pale scales, bloody from a recent feast he had consumed. His right eye was a gleaming red, but his left emitted a dim milky glow as he walked ever onward to his destination; he did not know his purpose here, but he was inclined to find out. His two Daedra following close behind, he made his way to the hotel, certain that the source of his arrival was here. He pulled his hood over his head, masking his strange characteristics, and entered, careful not to draw too much attention to himself; the last thing he needed was another city trying to kill him because of who he was, or more accurately, what he was. He stood in wait near the foyer, not certain what his next move would be, and leaned against the wall, his staff laid next to him. The Daedra were gone, for now, to place himself in the background, watching all who passed by but never knowing who among them had summoned him here, wether indirectly or not; he knew he would find out soon, though, as was the will of fate.

((Good to see you back Arun-Ja/Arcol! Thought you vanished or something. We'll just wait for Jewels))

((I was on Spring Break, and before that a bit of a personal errand, but I’m back now. Nothing can keep me away from roleplaying for long.))

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