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Howdy I am doing an rp were my character has gotten a cursed item, but before I make him put it on by ¨accident¨ I need to come up with an interesting curse for it

Hit me up with your best curse idea

  • A ring or some other bit of jewelry that very slowly turns the wearer to stone. The process might take months or years, but little by little, more of him become stone.
  • The item acts as a beacon for something your character would rather avoid (a specific type of monster, magic users, evil, hornets, etc). If he is within a mile, they are drawn to it.

interesting, I like it

If it's a fantasy RP with magic, the item (amulet, ring, helmet or sword) gives the character a boost in his usual abilities (if he's a thief, he gets better at stealth, becoming nearly invisible but not inaudible, if he's a warrior, his strength and ability to tank damage gets improved, if he's a mage his spells get powerful and easier/faster to cast) however whenever he uses the item it uses his own life essence/blood to give him these powers. Since it is remarkably painless, he might not realize the negative effects at first.

I like the simple approach of "once it's put on it can't be removed"

Rings are harmless, but heavy plated armour? Even just a helmet- because boy that's gonna be hard to sleep in.

Great because they get some cool new armour, but it is now a part of them. But maybe that's not interesting enough haha!

Go for something wacky! Maybe like when he puts it on, he starts to speak total gibberish, but he doesn't realize it. The more he wears it, the worse it gets!

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Forums > Smalltalk > Curse ideas