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Now I've been tossing this idea around in my head for a while and thought, why not? Why not turn my own little passion project into a group forum rp? So here it is.

Now there may be some confusion for some people who remember this being called Dead Galaxy, after much deliberation I decided to change up the setting into what the original had intended to be. This is Echo's of the Past

Now that's out of the way, let me introduce you to the more detailed specifics of Echo's of the Past:

This rp is intended to be pretty much always open in both senses of the word, as in you're always welcome to join and the story is pretty open-ended, there are some large mysteries to uncover, some villains lurking in the shadows waiting to strike, however a lot of the plot will be driven by you lot and your actions!

Now unlike some other sci-fi rps here EotP does have a somewhat specific lore to it, especially in the starting phases. A lot of which is explained in this here group EotP GROUP!.

Before I actually go into this any further. PM ME before dropping into EotP. For the sake of consistency and giving you a good experience here I would like to know your character and just make sure it fits right.

For character creation, if any of the races inspire you at all, feel free to make someone for one of these species. If a faction excites you, absolutely jump on into it and get creative. Or if nothing there excites you, but the concept still does feel free to toss a race my way and we can discuss integrating them right in.

A minimum of at least a paragraph per post would be wonderful, just to ensure that everyone has something to reply to. Another of my intentions with this sci-fi rp is to try and keep it as open as possible to newcomers so I'll be writing quick summaries of each of the different plots and links to their respective parts so people can easily find a way to jump in and discover a plot they like.

Plot-wise, a lot of it will be generated by you the players, where you want to go, what you want to do. However within this, you will all be working towards uncovering the overarching mysteries behind the revenants, the precursors and their echoes and in general the abundance of stellar entities floating around the galaxy.

Aside from that little introduction, I'm so glad that you've shown interest and most importantly while here. Have some fun.

“Hey, lizard, you ever feel like these tools weren’t meant for you?” It was a scathing comment cast almost haphazardly across a concrete floor that was illuminated by the sharp contrast of fluorescent lights that strung across the ceiling in rows that Ko had made the task of counting every once in a while from his workstation. Speaking of which, the turbine in front of him was actually almost done. He’d tore it apart from top to bottom three times now and missed the structural instability twice, which in turn made his coworkers shove more teasing words in his direction than normal.

“Ever felt like you could overcompensate more than that?” a familiar female voice rang out in the exact same level of scathing, if not more. Dripping with anger, the voice seemed to lower itself to a whisper, floating between his ears and asking a very important question, “There’s a forklift behind that guy. I could rip him a new one pretty damn easy.” Pausing to take a breath, the Tyranan removed a protective cap from his head and leaned back against his toolbox. The corners of his mouth twitched down slightly as he considered the offer by his AI, Scarlet, who hung on a rather thick and somewhat heavy necklace about his collar. He couldn’t see anything good come of hospitalizing someone, especially if they could trace it back to his AI in some way, “Well?” Scarlet pushed, her voice becoming impatient even with Ko. His frown grew a little more as he wiped his forehead of the mild grime he’d accumulated over the past three hours of putting the turbine back together, and furthermore, the past eleven hours of mechanical repair.

“Bad idea.” the younger reptilian spoke, fighting his body as a yawn threatened to overcome him. Though he fought hard, he lost that battle and his mouth opened wide. Painfully so, it stretched to the point that his eyes began to water slightly. From the floor where he sat, he gazed up at the turbine again and counted the steps he’d have to take to finish it up for the night, “I like this job.” his voice was low, though there was something about it that came across as mildly androgynous sitting right in the midrange. It was a trait of his species that tended to not waver that much. His comment instigated bickering from his artificial companion.

“No you don’t. We need to find you one that doesn’t have assholes like that on you every day,” He only grunted in response, which faded into the same sort of sound he made standing up again. Everyone else stood with their heads well above the mounts for the turbines, but even at its lowest capable height, Ko could only reach the very top with his head. The tools absolutely weren’t made for him or anyone else of his kind, and it got mildly frustrating when a pneumatic driver threatened to rip his forearm apart or he had to hook an aluminum tube onto the end of a wrench to give himself leverage on a bolt. Even then at times, he would lift himself off the floor before managing to break the bolt.

Scar didn’t try to push it any further as the rather small reptile placed his hard hat back on and began to finish the turbine up again. Despite the fact that he could barely fit his hand comfortably around the grip of the driver, he still managed to hold it steadily and put the last remaining reinforcements on it. He was not going to test it tonight because really he didn’t have the time. He’d just do that tomorrow. After ten minutes of checking everything, the notably short reptile took his hard hat off and placed in back on his toolbox. Surprisingly the same coworker who’d essentially told him to get out didn’t respond to Scar’s comment. Must have hit deep. Maybe she’d sent him something particularly scary. Ko had stopped keeping up with that sort of thing and would rather not become an accomplice to any of the illegal threats Scarlet had made in recent years.

Making his way to the exit, he stopped by the registry kiosk and looked over the simple hand shaped podium and the screen behind it on the wall. He pressed his palm to the glass of the hand print reader and waited as it scanned. The outline of a hand and five fingers was comically larger than his own digits and he found himself smiling lightly. It was a quick process that took no more five seconds to complete. A passive electronic chime emanated from the screen and Ko’s name appeared on it for a moment left aligned. There was some space on the right where a last name would go, but Ko didn’t have one, so the right side of the screen always had an uncomfortable space. It read:

Ko ____

Clocked Out

Registered hours: 11.75 hrs.

Next work period: 23.25 hrs.

“Logged.” his companion replied, letting him know she’d marked down the next time that he’d need to be at work. Despite her constant aggressive protection, he really was fond of Scar. The straight forward and overbearing attitude was something he couldn’t typically produce himself and oftentimes, and no one of his own species that he knew tended to be that way either. All just sort of self contained people. It was refreshing, especially to have that sort of intensity on his own side. Maybe that’s why he never returned the Effervescence 3.873.9.2 to the store. He still lightly cringed at the very thought of that store.

Stepping out the sliding glass doors into a fairly damp night, the reptile took note of how the yard lamps cast a piercing blue light over the puddles on the worn concrete platform he’d been assigned. His platform was elevated, like the layers of one of those public parking garages. Above him was another, and below him was another, seeing as he was on the third level. They were all almost exactly the same aside from the unique cracks and dents in the concrete and aluminum shops hosted at each level. The only platform that was any real form of different was the very top one five stories up. On that level, the massive steel beams that held and reinforced each platform came together and held up a large roof that diverted any rain water off to the sides of the platform stack. This of course didn’t keep the puddles from forming on each flat by humidity alone, and he did not succeed in keeping from splashing his pants as he made his way to one of the three elevators for that stack.

The elevator was considerably taller than he was and the call button was even with his eyes. Lifting a palm, he slapped the button passively and began waiting while considering again the consequences of putting a forklift into the backside of someone. Definitely a hospital visit. It was probably a good idea to try and avoid doing that. Or at least try to avoid letting his AI do that to someone. Again, the edges of his maw curled downwards slightly.

Eventually a digital bell rang out as the elevator raised into the bay. As it did so, the cabin slid upwards visibly behind a set of metal mesh guards designed to keep you from falling to your death. A secondary ding rangout at a lower pitch letting Ko know that the cabin had stopped moving. This was proceeded by the metal mesh sliding downwards vertically, creaking along the way. The Tyrana grimaced lightly as sound pierced his ears. As the guards finally reached the bottom of the cabin, he stepped in and made quick work of jamming the one
button assigned to the ground level. Miraculously, the meshes made it to the top in what seemed to be double the speed of what they’d lowered at. Abruptly, the elevator jolted before beginning its descent at a steady pace.

Through the metal mesh tube that the elevator skimmed downwards within, Ko got to look out at the platform beneath his, and observe a definite lack of lights. The one below it had none as well. It looks like he was the only one who’d stayed that late again. In the cold damp air, a small plume of his own breath emitted out the end of his maw. It was a sigh of relief because this meant he wouldn’t be having to deal with other workers in the showers, which all in all was something he hated to deal with to any degree.

“You shouldn’t stay so late, you know.” Scar’s tone had softened up a little and showed more concern than it had previously. The second platform crossed his viewing level and the first came into sight. Still no lights.

“Almost caught up with rent.” he assured her as the cabin settled itself on the ground in a jerky manner reminiscent of when he’d first stepped into it. As the bottom platform’s meshes slid upwards, the reptilian mechanic stepped out and continued on his way towars the main building, “After that, I can slow down.”

“And you can find another job.”

“Yeah.” He wasn’t going to lie, she had pinned him pretty well when she said he didn’t like the job. Mechanic work was nice and all, and he didn’t care about the tools being built for those larger than he was, but he really disliked his own coworkers. Hardly a day went by without him getting alienated from the otherwise humongous mechanics who could more often than not throw around turbines with their bare hands. He avoided arguments for this reason alone. For related reasons, he often avoided entering the showers if anyone else was present.

The main building stumbled into view at the same rate that the four foot three inch reptilian could walk casually. Approaching it, Ko pushed a heavy steel door open and stepped inside. Greeted by a hallway, he made short work of navigating a related set of hallways that branched off from that. On the way to the lockers, he passed by the office. It was a sealed off room with reinforced glass on three sides where receptionists would deal with various workers. He never dealt with it because he didn’t want to have to speak to someone sitting even higher than the counter, which was about even with the top of his head. That would just be cannon fodder for the teasers.

Giving it only a passing glance, Ko moved on to the locker room. Wholly abandoned, rows upon rows of two feet wide by six and a half feet high boxes with reinforced steel doors and hinges stood. Right in the middle of each door was a letter followed by three numbers. The Tyranan mechanic navigated to his, spotting the term K389 in relief against the metal way too high for him. On the opposite side of the hinges, a hand print scanner similar to the one at the shop was mounted. You couldn’t get to the internal lock unless you broke through the biometric device, and that would set of a pretty ear bleedingly loud alarm.

He pressed his palm against the glass surface and waited until he heard a mechanical click. Removing his palm, the door swung open and he was greeted with a black backpack that was comically large for him. They really didn’t make bags small enough for him around here. He would have ordered one online, but considering this next paycheck was going to be first that put him ahead of his debt in a couple of months. He hadn’t gotten around to it. Plus shipping was a pain in the ass.

Dragging the bag out and onto the floor, Ko set out a new pair of clothing for himself. His normal clothes. Along with it, he set out a plastic sack for his dirty clothes. After this point, he looked around in a somewhat worried manner, beginning to feel the tips of his ears burn in mild embarrassment, “Is there… anyone around?” he asked, finding his view wasn’t good enough.

“No one on the cameras.” Scar replied. Ko sighed, visibly slumping for just a moment, before standing upright again and grabbing the zipper of his coveralls. These had been tailored for him as part of a set of laws aimed towards non-discrimination, but they still cost him a pretty penny to make. Slipping out of it, he was left wearing nothing but his undergarments. Removing those, he folded everything neatly into a stack and placed them within the plastic sack. That went into the backpack and then out came a towel and a bottle of body wash. Despite the fact that no one was around, he was still surprisingly embarrassed about himself, and in the relatively unassuming light of the locker room, he hurriedly made his way to the showers around the corner.

The showers were in an open format with a few different stalls that each were large even for larger species. Aside from the stalls, there were also two communal showers that consisted of a very wide open spaces of small teal tiles, evenly spaced drains, and juxtaposed towers that allowed for four nozzles to poke off in opposite directions. Ko would have used the stalls were it not for the fact that the knobs were frustratingly high up. Even on the very tip of his toes, he wouldn’t stand a chance against the height of them. So he was stuck to the open area. Picking one of the two, the reptilian entered and found a nozzle towards the corner. Around the edges of the communal area were various benches and other places for the workers to place their stuff. Picking the nearest one, he placed his towel neatly down and then moved on to the chosen nozzle.

The water took just a moment to warm up and he wasn’t prepared for the onslaught of cold liquid that contacted his skin and he couldn’t help but jump away from it. He made a small sound of surprise that seemed to entertain Scar, whose laugh vibrated up Ko’s neck and made him shiver lightly. He hadn’t removed the AI necklace, but that was okay, it was pretty sturdy and a little bit of water for a fact would not harm it or any of the electronics inside.

“You’re never going to learn are you?” Scarlet giggled, heckling him about the various times he’d already done this. He continued to ignore her as he stuck out his palm to feel the water as it warmed up. Eventually it did reach a temperature that he found to be pretty comfortable. Stepping under the pouring liquid, he shuddered at the warmth that immediately coated his entire body. For just a moment, he leaned forward and balanced his weight against the tower with the top of his head, allowing the scalding stream to run down his back in something between bliss and mild pain. His mind became lost in this emotion or rather lack of for quite a bit longer than he had intended to. The sound of someone clearing their throat caught his attention in a hell of a way.

Jerking upright, he turned to the entrance of the shower with a bewildered look on his face. Even through the warmth of the water that now ran over his head, he could feel the tips of his ears burning wildly. His eyes adjusted to the scene in front of him after a moment and he saw… nobody.

“Hop to it, Chief. Sun’s already down.”

“Right...” This was one of those moments where he despised Scarlet royally. He huffed audibly and felt her laugh ripple up his neck in response. She was right though, he was spending way too much time standing there. The ends of his mouth curled downwards a little as he huffed again in defiance even though he was going to do exactly what she had suggested. As he turned around, he could hear and feel his tail strike the water on the floor behind him.

The next ten minutes were spent lathering the bodywash onto himself and rinsing. Once he finished, he made sure to take the moment to enjoy himself in the water. The knobs creaked slightly as he turned them tight. The lack of water flow and the sound of it on tiles made his ears rings for just a moment before the sound faded back into oblivion. Taking the bottle with him back to where he’d left the towel, he became breathtakingly aware of the lack of sound aside from where he could hear his own footsteps on the floor and his own slightly heavy breathing from the humidity.

Taking the towel and unfolding it, he began to press it to his body methodically, making sure not to miss any of the built up moisture, especially where it had been shoved under some of the scales about his shoulders where they became heavier, as well as the thighs. This was a finicky process that occasionally became mildly painful. Truth be told he should have left the scales alone, but he didn’t wanna leak water into his clothing later on, even if it was just a little. The scales thinned out to nothing really but softer skin in many places, especially around the stomach and neck. These areas were considerably easier to dry.

“Can I hear some music?” he asked suddenly as he finally decided to stop letting the sound of him rubbing himself be the only thing he heard. Scarlet didn’t interject any comment this time around but immediately began to play from his evening playlist. As he walked out of the shower with his towel hanging off of one arm and his bodywash in the other hand, he felt the rising intro of a song begin to play through the vibrations on the back of his neck. Starting low, it rumbled up to a crescendo before dying out in an ambiance. Before the ambiance could get too stale, a simple melody drowned out in reverb faded in.

Back at his locker, Ko folded the towel into the plastic sack and then placed the bodywash back into the pouch he’d retrieved it from. The music had faded back into an ambiance before a single clap played and a step further the melody came back in clearly with a simple 4/4 melody. It was pretty baseline EDM that he tended to enjoy simply because it was easier to listen to than most other genres. The song continued to progress into more complex drum patterns and variations of the melody as Ko began to dress himself. Undergarments first, and then pants. They were a bear of black skinny jeans that hugged to his form, followed by a gray t-shirt that he’d bought a size or two too big. It had long sleeves too that flowed over his hands. He honestly couldn’t complain though. Next was a scarf that was in a darker rust color. This piece of clothing was incredibly too large for his size and threatened to east up his entire neck, and along his back, it flowed halfway down his legs despite being wrapped properly around his neck. The last piece of the puzzle was a wide brimmed black hat he’d found somewhere. The brim was particularly wide and he found it to be pleasing. Socks came next, followed by a pair of black sneakers made for his species with more padding towards the front of the foot.

There was a mirror on the inside of the locker door and as he stood staring at himself, he could again feel himself becoming slightly embarrassed but what he didn’t notice immediately was the smile that had crept onto his face. He really was pleased with this appearance.

“You’re awfully happy.” Scarlet commented with a snicker picking fun at him.

“H-huh?” he was caught by surprise at the comment, and felt his burning ears find a new higher temperature.

“I could hear that purring from here. You have every reason to be happy with your appearance.” Ko had a hard time responding to this, but appreciated her immensely. Instead, he found the nearest camera and stuck his tongue out at it. The smile didn’t fade. Scar wasn’t terrible. Not terrible at all.

For the first time since he had started working that morning, the Tyranan felt legitimately happy. He figured he might as well get something to eat before heading home. Hell, he might even try to get into contact with some old friends of his. He’d finally be able to after getting ahead with his housing debt. He knew another Tyrana too, though he never really felt the need to be around them, but, maybe. Maybe maybe.

“Thinking about Rhet again?” Okay maybe he was lying to himself about past relations with that Tyrana, but a fresh start could have been in order.

“Yeah. Any open cafes at this hour?”

“You know the one by the park. You really should get ahold of them again. Never know when an off-planet job might catch their fancy, and then it’ll be too late.” She was right again, and he knew it, though he didn’t want to focus on the bad.

“Guess I’ll have to steal a ship then,” by now, he was on his way out of the building and on his way to the cafe, feeling considerably more energized than before.

“I like the attitude, Chief, but you might wanna work things out before that becomes a necessary contingency.”

Their conversation faded into nothing as Ko set himself into the thralls of the city, navigating through the damp air by memory with no accompanying conversation other than what could be derived from the melodies of the various electronic tracks Scar continued to rumble out through the actuators of the necklace. His journey took all of about forty minutes of walking until he finally found the quaint cafe sitting on a concrete pad along the concrete path through that part of the park. The park itself was huge and had a legitimate ton of variation depending on what sorts of nature you tended to enjoy. His personal favorite was the area that this particular cafe had been situated in. It was a huge grass clearing with one concrete path leading through it. On either end, the path wrapped around into the trees, and along it were several benches where those walking the paths could rest. His favorite thing actually, was that there was nothing in the sky above the park, so you got a good view of the stars. Thankfully airspace restrictions had been put in place to prevent the area from having anything built over it. Would have ruined the place. If Ko was being honest with himself, he was hoping that he’d meet Rhet out here, and share some form of reconciliation. Maybe some rekindling. He could get his hopes up as long as he didn’t have to face past mistakes.

The cafe itself was a rarity as far as the young mechanic could tell. It lacked many of the conventional technologies of the day and age. And while the preparation of food hadn’t changed much, they kept everything pretty simple. In the years he’d been coming there, the only piece of technology they seemed to have ever updated was the point of sales to be able to accept the digital currencies. Which was fine by him. He didn’t need to get robbed again.

Walking into the store, he was greeted by the overwhelming smell of coffee beans and the sound of dishes being clinked together. It hit some nostalgic part inside of him and he found himself smiling as he crossed the empty space on the left. Everything was still considerably larger than he was, but he really didn’t mind here. At the counter, he waited for an attendant to take his order, and finally one of the two came over from behind the other side from dealing with another customer and addressed him. He had never seen this attendant before. Must have been a new hire. They eyed Ko with a certain level of disdain that wasn’t addressed for a moment.

“Uh… we don’t sell coffee to ki-” the other attendant, someone who had seen Ko many times had followed up behind the new one and upon hearing them begin to call the reptilian a child, placed their hand over the new hire’s mouth to literally shut them up. The small reptile’s smile faded into a somewhat bothered frown. He wasn’t feeling so hot about his outfit anymore.

“Who here looks like a kid to you, Kid?” Scar’s voice raised in annoyance.

“Sorry about that!” the more experienced attendant exclaimed, visibly blushing, “He’s new here, he’ll figure it out.”

“Sure he will.” The superior attendant eyed the hire in a pretty piercing way and moved back to the other side of the counter area.

“Er… Sorry. What can I get for you?”

“The usual.” Ko answered shortly, trying to avoid speaking to them as much as possible. The other attendant heard and waved idly with their hand.

“I got it.” they said, muttering to themselves a little.

At the point of sales, the new hire rang up the coffee and danish that Ko generally got. The payment went through immediately, to the hire’s surprise, “That’s not supposed to happen… hey is this supposed to go through that fast?”

“He’s got an AI. It’s good.”

“Oh… Have a good evening.”

Ko took the coffee and pastry with him and left a little quicker than he’d come. He knew it was a mistake, but he didn’t like it anyway. It wasn’t the first time, and he doubted it would be the last time. His species kind of stopped growing taller early on and he was on the somewhat shorter side even then. Outside, he really became aware of the chill of the night air and the mild breeze that got underneath his shirt. He enjoyed it compared to the feeling of wearing a single piece of thick clothing that was meant to protect him from stabs and burns. Scar resumed his music as he made his way into the grass, searching for a spot that didn’t have anyone nearby. He did find one eventually, situated near the sidewalk on the opposing end of the clearing.

“Figured you might appreciate something slow.” it was still EDM, but the tempo was slowed down. He recognized the intro immediately as a favorite ambling track of his that he often listened to in order to settle down and relax after work. Setting himself down in the grass, the reptile made short work of biting into the cheese danish. Followed by a sip of the coffee which was exactly like he enjoyed it: Stronger, but not not without some sweet. A small exhalation escaped his maw as he slumped, looking out over the rest of the clearing, which was mildly lower than his spot. From here he could see various large buildings some ways off on the outskirts of the park. The majority of the windows he could see were dark and it reminded him that majority of people were getting ready for or were asleep.

Pondering over this, he found himself idly eating and drinking to the thought of sitting forever. He could have done it too. He had essentially a day off. He could probably even sleep in that spot to and no one would care. In fact, he felt he might. Scarlet wouldn’t let him sleep too long, so he was fine. Finishing off the last bite of the danish and setting the coffee down next to himself, he leaned back and removed the hat. With his head set in the grass, he placed the hat on his chest and shut his eyes. He figured it wouldn’t take long to fall asleep, and it wasn’t long before the soft embrace of rest met him in the middle.

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