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So I've played and beaten the RE2 remake (and will do so again! Good game!) Aaaaaaaand recently bought and played the RE2 board game (VERY good game!)

Got me thinking. Would any one be interested in a Resident Evil RP? Not a redo of any of the games, but an original scenario with original characters (and even original enemies[?]) and so on, as well as some things I and others would like to have seen.


    *Bandersnatches from RECV
    *Crimson Heads from the RE1 remake
    *Regis Lickers from RE:Outbreak
    *Hunters and Lickers fighting each other (SOMETHING I'VE ALWAYS WANTED TO SEE!)
    *Leeches? Maybe?

So yeah, any one interested? :O


would it be okay if i played as my RE;7 character. she's like one of my only ocs for RE. but i can make annother.


Whaaah? I forgot about this one.

But sure, go ahead I guess lol!

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Forums > Looking for RP > Resident Evil RP?