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My question: As someone who is never able to find the "right" faceclaims for my characters, no matter how hard I try, would it be alright if I posted requests for help in Roleplay Discussion once in a while for the "tougher" cases?

People somehow are better at finding faceclaims - I never actually learnt how to find a faceclaim, so that might be why - they turn up with a picture and I'm like, "that's it, that is my brain-child, that is my beautiful son.".

I won't spam the forum section with topics, and I'll close them when they are answered. Would it be alright?

I know this isn't exactly what you're asking for but I find it helpful to head over to faceclaim blogs on tumblr and anonymously asking them what you're looking for (or search after tags on their profile) c:

Not an answer to your question but a place you can find face claims. This a face claim directory, you can search via, gender, age, skin, hair, eyes, height, ect.

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Forums > Help > Question! Faceclaim request topics@RP Discussion!