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amelie-angele's and Cookiesareyummie's! roleplay!

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Liliath has some weird new neighbors!

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(Probably) not anyone dangerous. A nice person and a wonderful cook. That might explain why he has so many weapons on him!

NATHANIEL (not on RpR yet)
A permanent resident of cloud-cuckoo-land. Harmless. Unsettling intelligence.

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So. They had been lying on the footpath for fifteen minutes now.

Nathaniel had his head cradled in his best friend's chest, and..... wait, was he asleep?

Shandy craned his neck awkwardly and squinted. Oh. Yes, he was. Well, maybe a few more minutes wouldn't hurt.

Nathaniel hadn't been sleeping very well lately, the blonde man knew, mentally tallying Nathaniel's hours of sleep for the past week. Hmm........ five hours two days ago, on Wednesday, four on Thursday, and just two last night, when Nathaniel got so worried about moving he climbed through the window of Shandy's apartment and made himself coffee in his kitchen.

"You don't let me have a coffee machine in my apartment, and I swallowed your spare key. By accident," Nathaniel had added quickly, completely dead-pan.

Yes, I don't let you have a coffee machine, because then you'd stay up all night, making coffee in the dark, Shandy thought. Laughing a little and tugging his knife free from the wall, he had then asked, "Did you go to the doctor's to get it out yet?"

His friend had looked him right in the eye then, and with an unreadable expression, took a sip of his coffee. Then another.

They didn't speak again for the rest of the night. There really wasn't much you could say after a revelation like that.

Come to think of it, it probably would have been a good idea to go to the hospital this morning, but.... Nathaniel was so amped-up and jittery from the move already. Maybe later.

A bee bumbled over and settled in Nathaniel's mess of brown dandelion-fluff hair, buzzing softly to itself. Something tensed in Shandy's free arm. He'd have to get it off before it did anything to Nathaniel. Would it do nothing more but sprinkle pollen on him a bit? Could he flick it off fast enough without Nathaniel waking up?

However, before he could do anything about it....

Liliath had been looking to the new neighbours for hours , it was quite amusing to do. They were interesting neighbours and not so annoying as their old ones. The old ones had children and when Liliath was still a child , those kids were very annoying now Liliath was 20 years old. 20 years old! Sometimes she felt like she was hundred or still ten , who was twenty years old and still lived with her parents in one house , she! Maybe she could make friends with the new neighbours , if she dared it would make her nervous! Liliath hadn't sleep , she had been trying to watch the neighbours all night. She felt like a stalker , maybe she was? Finally she felt asleep and the next morning , she was a little bit excited . And this was because she had made the decision to say ‘hi’ to the neighbours . She smiled well she put her blue dress on and well she put her light blue dreamcatcher necklace on. The necklace she got from her granny , who had died when she was very young. She runned now downstairs , her mother looked a little irritated “Are you going to say something to the neighbours or what?” Liliath nodded “Yes i wanted to go after breakfast.” She gave her mother a kiss on her cheek , her mother chuckled . Probably because she thought it was so funny that Liliath even noticed her , they hadn’t had the best past together . And sometimes her mother would slip in her old habits , but Liliath always forgive her . Yesterday it had happen again , usually Liliath would have ignored her for 2 days , but Liliath was so excited now that she forgot to do it. Liliath took a bite from her sandwich “Bye.” she said before walking outside. Outside was the place Liliath loved even as a child she liked it there , it was always better there. She could escape there from reality , now it was just a place of memories. Good and bad memories.

What should i say to them? She thought What if they don’t like me? She thought again. She felt like she wanted to panic , but then they would think she was weird. The brunette walked to the front door and knocked 2 times on it . She said softly hello the first time , but the second time she said it a little louder. She was twenty and still wasn’t able to do this , but if she wanted to make friends she needed to do this! She started to play nervously with her hair that was a bad old habit.

Something shuffled inside, and the door opened an inch, the chain of the sliding lock keeping it from opening fully. Nathaniel peered out through the gap, blinking owlishly through his glasses. It was only half an hour ago that he woke up from his nap - he was a little disoriented still. Shandy probably wouldn't be back until later - he had said that he was going to pick up some groceries.

Shandy had told him to not open the door for anyone yet, but what if it was Shandy, and he'd forgotten his keys to the house? What if it wasn't?

Well, no harm in preparing for the worst. He had...... a wok. It was heavy. But it was too late to turn back now.

"Hello. I have a wok." he informed the visitor, his tone grave and matter-of-fact. Nathaniel's arm ached, and pausing to consider some unknown factor, he added, ".... Shandy isn't back yet - he's gone to get food. So if you're mad at him about something, I can call him. I can also help you yell at him if you want. Who are you?"

It was always good to know who someone was. Hm, that was a pretty necklace. When would Shandy be back? It was boring, and he wasn't allowed to set up the TV just yet.

When Liliath started loosing hope that someone would come and already wanted to return home , the door went open. Before Liliath could say 'hi' the male informed her he had a wok. Liliath wasn't really sure what it meant , she might ask it later. "Oh no i am not mad at him." she laughed , she didn't even knew Shandy how could she be mad at him! She did knew , that she would like the neighbours. But she would like any new neighbour anyone was better then there old ones! The house even looked better from the outside , her old neighbours didn't knew how to take care of a house. If you where there inside and she had been there a couple of times! You could see how terrible they took care of their house ; Toys everywhere , empty bottles anywhere and the cockroaches where climbing on the table! It was gross and it smelled terrible. That was one of the many reasons why Liliath was happy that there where new neighbours.

"I am Liliath , the neighbour." she pointed to her house "That is my house , well its my parents house. But untill i have my own house i live there." She smiled "I am very glad that i have new neighbours , the old ones where terrible , they lived in your house since i was a kid ! But i won't give you all the details about them , that would be useless." "Anyways who are you?" Liliath had spyed on them since they where here , but who they really where she didn't know.

Nathaniel hesitated. "I am... Nathaniel. And this is Mordecai."

There was a splash of water, and something gurgled. Something that sounded a little like a hello

Shandy had told him earlier not to let Mordecai wander around, but he'd been cooped up for ages already. He needed to stretch his limbs or he'd start doing pranks!

"Mordecai says hello." confirmed Nathaniel, nodding to the unseen person inside. "But of course, you cannot see him. I'm not supposed to let anyone inside. So I will come outside."

He did that just then, shutting the door quietly, quickly behind him.

There was a muffled wet thwack from inside - almost imperceptible, but it had definitely happened, and Liliath had definitely heard - her eyes had widened a fraction. Something passed over Nathaniel's face, and he quickly shifted his lanky body to block the door from Liliath.

"" he said awkwardly, leaning heavily on the door, "How are you?"

"Lovely name ." she looked a little curious who was Mordecai?

Liliath then heared a splash of water . Not that she cared much about the water she wanted to know who or what Mordercai was!

"I say hello to to Mordecai." why wasn't he allowed to let her in? Maybe he did live his parents , but she never had seen his parents not when spying on him and also not now. "Why aren't you allowed to let someone inside?" she asked

"I am fine , what just happend inside?"

"Why aren't you allowed to let anyone inside?" Liliath asked him, frowning a little.

"Well," he replied, pushing his glasses up higher on the bridge of his nose and sniffing, "You might be the Government. And besides," Nathaniel added with no change in tone, "Shandy told me not to."

"And- and.... nothing happened inside. Boxes." he offered as an explanation, gesturing to the house. "Yes, boxes."

Mordecai had been unusually quiet for some time now. That probably wasn't good. But at least he wasn't latching onto people's heads like a pair of weird earmuffs.

Nathaniel always made sure to be optimistic, even if things were going wrong, Yes, optimism was important for a happy life. You always had to count your blessings, and Nathaniel had many blessings! Mordecai was safely contained. Yes.

Something slapped the window to the left of the door. Something belonging to Mordecai. A tentacle!

As he watched, the octopus smacked his head on the glass and pressed his eyes against it, narrowing them at the agitated inventor. Suppressing a gasp, Nathaniel took ahold of Liliath's face in his hands and turned it away from the window.

"Nothing is happening. Look at my beautiful face. Look at my eyes. Are they not wonderful?" he asked her, patting her cheek. Another slap on the glass followed. Oh dear. If Mordecai got out.....

"The goverment!"she started giggeling "Sorry but me in the goverment would be the weirdest thing on earth." "Boxes?" she looked to him , she didn't believe with him , but nodded.

She didn't heared another sound inside , maybe it didn't even happen. No it was clear that this person was hiding something from her.

Liliath noticed something slapping to the window was it a tentacle! Liliath looked amused , it was some kind of sea creature and she loved those creatures.

Then suddenly he touched her face and then things went wrong.. Liliath never liked it when people touched her , because of traumatic experiments even years of theraphy seemed not help.

When Nathaniel talked to her she felt sick , no she was twenty she couldn't start crying now. "Get off!"she pushed him off then she looked to him "Sorry i -" then she heared again a slap against the window "Maybe you should check inside what is happening cause it isn't good." then she walked away to her house

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