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“Well I didn’t think I’d be doing this but thanks to LarryBandzIV he decided to take the time to make this for me and the rest of my family and friends to interact with others by asking questions and stuff. I think it’s only just asking questions though at least I hope it is”

(Welcome to character interactions where all characters can ask each other questions about random things, ask personal questions or maybe even get a bit physical)

Jess saunters in, hands in her pockets.

"Hey," she says, nodding slightly in acknowledgement. She draws closer to LaDerrick.

Then, with lightning fast speed, she swipes his phone out of his pocket and runs away, laughing as she goes.

LaDerrick was now confused as to why his phone was just stolen but luckily for him he had another phone as he pulled it out and laughed while maintaining a straight face and a super tight grip on the phone in order to contact his younger brothers

“Well, that...was...”

Kristoph adjusts his glasses. He brushes his stray hair aside, returning back to his cool and collected attitude.


"Hi nice to meet you. I'm in between cheerleading practice and doing my homework. Isn't being a teenager fun before you're a adult doing adult things". She hugs laderrick then picks up her pompoms. "I gotta go to cheerleader practice nice to meet you". She adjusts her cheerleader outfit and looks behind her to see if her new freind is checking her out as she walks away.

She notices what just occurred from a distance and begins laughing. "People actually act like that?! I thought that was only in cheesy movies!" She shrugs and picks up her skateboard as she walks past the scene still chuckling to herself.

Lawrence looked around and was basically immediately confused “What’s going on here? I keep hearing all sorts of people laughing and stuff like that” he said as walked over to LaDerrick and put a hand on his shoulder

“Eh? What in the bloody hell are you talking about?”

Áire seems confused.

“Ooooh....! I’m confused!”

"What is this... sorcery?", asked Roland, being very annoyed and unpleased.

He grabbed an arrow and shoot an arrow not at anyone particularly, pointing to the sky.

"My spiritual power is NOT working here."

The arrow falls in front of her. "What the... WHO IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS!? YOU COULD'VE KILLED ME!" She picks up the arrow and breaks it. "Ugh what a long day..."

"Oh.. uh.. Sorry! Wasn't intentional! I swear!"

She looks at the stranger. "Don't let it happen again alright? Can you promise me that?" She holds out her hand for him to shake.

The odd-looking gnome just stands with his hands on his hips, a look of puzzled curiosity on his face, an expression worn beneath a pair of clock-work goggles that sit perched on the crown of his blue-haired head.

"Well! Isn't this all just so strange? Hah! How funny!" He eyes the arrow, then at the phone in a hand and bumbles over to look up at the device. "How funny indeed! Haha! What is that? Is it magick?"

The vampire that nobody expected suddenly had shown up behind the odd-looking gnome “Your curiosity about magic is intriguing but I’m afraid that’s not magic, you must be from another realm or era where technology doesn’t exist which makes me curious about what your blood is like” he says with a menacing laugh following shortly after

She walks over and jumps a bit when the guy appeared behind the Gnome. "Have you honestly never seen an arrow before? Or heard of one? And yet you have that phone thing? And you are talking about blood?" She says with a sketchbook in hand with a pencil behind her ear.

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