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Val's eyes easily adjust to the dim lighting, as bats see best at dusk. She starts a bit after the voice returns to her, but listens with great attention. She wanted to get as much info as she can. Unable to stop herself from thinking, a question popped into her head.

'A.C.? What is that?

The bat-teen didn't bother asking this, however, as what the thing was did not matter. She's been a lab experiment, after all, but unlike Xyla, who has been given simulations and such of the world, she's been kept isolated and ignorant to lessen the chances of her survival in the outside world should she manage to somehow leave. After all, she wasn't meant to be a soldier like the Erasers, merely a test in her own right. Just another statistic until they could actually weaponize others like her.

She looked around, golden orbs looking for the thing described to her. She moved the metallic tube that was pressed into her side and could barely make out a darker void in the dark area. She used her echolocation to try and see better, and saw it was a long path with many branching areas. No guarantee of which direction she had to go in, but she was sure the voice would help her along as she went. With this is mind, the experiment crawled her way into the A.C. duct, wings firmly folded and pressed into her back to prevent any damage.

"I think I am inside it. Where do I go from here?" she whispered.

((Redacted: sorry guys!))

((don't worry about it.))

Okay. I think I can tell where you're going now. Whenever she spoke--spoke? Valerius understood the words when they were communicated, but the words themselves were like a formless ripple, a strange not-quite-sound that seemed to come from everywhere and nowhere at once.

The air inside the tube was noticeably colder than the more stagnant air outside it, and it was flowing. When the bat-hybrid had oriented herself in the tube, the air was coming at her from behind, the air sliding past to continue the perpetual rush ahead of her.

Keep moving, slowly, and tell me when there's a branch in the path.

The hybrid did as instructed, at least she was good for some things, as the lab-coats would say. She had learned from a young age that disobedience meant pain, and pain was unpleasant. At least they would at least feed her when she behaved to their liking. The lab-coats may have thought her compliance meant she was 'broken', willing to cooperate for the rest of her short-lived life (if she stayed there, at least, she was almost guaranteed to die sooner rather than later); however, she felt nothing short of contempt and disgust for her captors. It was why she was taking such a risk, listening to the not-quite voice in a means of escape. The bat-teen refused to give up and roll over, following and going through endless amounts of pain and misery at the hands of these... humans.

It wasn't long of crawling before she came upon her first intersection in the tubes, her echo-location easily helping her to see despite there being no lights. She tilted her head like a curious puppy.

"Which way should I go from here?" she questioned, voice still a strained whisper.

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