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I would be fixing the chassis of my car,ignoring the sandstorm that threatened to rip apart the old warship I was in.I would sigh,yet again,waiting for something.I don't know what it is I'm waiting for,But I know it ain't coming soon.After I finished working on the chassis on the car,I would go into one of the colder room and attempted to take a nap.After a while I would wake up and heard screaming.I would think that I'm going insane at this point and tried to go back to sleep.However,the screams just sound real.I would run,getting into the car,and driving into the sandstorm.I saw a couple of people banging against a cargo container.Without thinking,I would grab the double barrel I have next to me,and run up to them.I would shoot both of them wounding them,but not killing.Then I would open the container to look on what inside.

((Is this rp still open? If so I would like to join))


((I will reply in a week))

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Forums > Sci-Fi Roleplay Forum > Wasteland(Mad max based)