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Does anyone know of any sites where I can crop pictures down to a specific pixel width and height, and also be able to use the image bbcode? (so not download it and put it in a gallery)

Personally I just use my painting program, though I'm sure if you google "Image crop" or "Image resizing" or something of the like, plenty of options will come up.

Personally I use a private tumblr blog to hoard all of my character aesthetic images, but if you made a private Imgur album to dump your thinks in, each image will have a specific URL that you can use inside BBC code. :)

I personally use for all my edits, cropping, manip, color editing ect. Then I upload it on imgur or on a discord server where I keep all my images just in case, and copy the link from there and paste it in the code.

Thanks guys! :)

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Forums > Help > Picture Cropping