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So, the game is simple, we say something in the past (be it book, movie or game) and the next person has to say yes or no then say another title. So be ready to feel old or it could introduce someone to a new piece of media and broaden their horizons. Oh and you have to put in front of the title, 'do you memba' (so, South park fans rejoice). I'll start.

Do you memba White Fang?


Do you memba The Magician's Nephew?


Do you memba Gregor the Overlander?


Do you memba Stargate?


Do you memba Conan the Barbarian?


Do you memba firefly?

Oh yes. :)

Do you memba Knights of the Old Republic?


Do you memba andromeda?

Yes! I was in love with Lexa Doig!
Do ya memba Stargate SG1?

Yup, though it was already used.

Do you memba Snarf?

Liara_Amagi wrote:
Yup, though it was already used.

Do you memba Snarf?

No, & sorry I didn’t read everyone’s Post.

Duh yuh membuh
Farewell My Lovely?

*waves goodbye*

Oc-so you never watched thundercats?


Do you memba animainiacs?

Yes I do. Gods, I feel old now.

Do you memba Tiny Toons?


Do you memba original looney toons?

Original, no - that was way before my time. However, the Cartoon Network reboot a WAYYYY long time after, yes.

Do you memba the original black and white Mighty Mouse cartoons?
Yeah, yeah. I know, it's weird I'd answer with something a little bit around that certain era than something I don't remember, but the explanation for how I know that is because one day when I was around seven years old, I went to the WalMart with my dad, and found that in the clearance DVD bin. Only bought it because it looked cool. I remember watching that repeatedly over and over again, but now, the plot of the episodes elude me.

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Forums > Forum Games > Do you memba?