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So, I posted on the RP finder but I'll post on here too.

(this game is for my character Elanore on the 'Dolldivine Girls' page). Elanore is a divorced single mother raising a one year old in modern days. She has to work many jobs to support her child, and is determined that no man will ever catch her heart again. Perhaps a man's kindness could change her stubborn mind? Modern-fantasy or modern-real can be decided with partner, paragraph posts a MUST. Elanore can have a bit of spice, so a push-over man won't work for this RP.

What I'm looking for is a slow romance, where Elanore meets a man and slowly starts to accept him into her life. Since she's divorced, she feels like she could raise her child on her own, and that she doesn't need a man. However, she can't really deny the missing part of her 'family', no matter how much she wants to.

my only modern char is Kethual.. hes a car nut and a video game wiz but hes Rich and a very nice person.. dont have much of his modern bio done though.

I love the idea! *drools* How you doing Cel?

Sweety; Sorry, I don't think he's what I'm looking for. Thanks though!

Kieran; Thanks! Do you have anyone in mind? :) And I'm doing great! How about you?

I'm good. You still have msn? (skype now lol) you should hit me up on there sometime. Im determined to get back into roleplaying, (finally!)

You know me, I'm all about that fantasy style.

Yep! I have it. Not on it too much but if I remember I get on it lol. And fantasy style is always good! :) PM me?

got anyone yet for this role?

I have, sorry! Thanks for the interest though :)

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Forums > Looking for RP > Single Mom looking for a Man