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*As he strolled through the forest under the softly setting sun, Perceous smiled, feeling satisfied with how his mission for the guild went. However, what he didn't expect was to encounter someone else as he returned home. The others ki just coming into traceable radius as he passed a very brief clearing. Cautious, he pressed on, unable to determine the owner's emotions or attributes at this range.*

I yawn softly sleeping under a large tree that provided some lovely shade with a light breeze passing by. A small black book which had just been open was placed on my face as I sleep to shade my eyes from the sun ray. piercing through the canopy of the tree

(Psst. You're replying as you.)
*As he approached, the ki came slowly into focus. Upon realisation that it seemed to be a napping female, he began to ease his guard. When the woman came into view, he smiled and chuckled slightly. Walking up to the other, he slowly knelt down and gently nudged her shoulder in an attempt to wake her.* Excuse me, miss? Miss?

ik that is what i am doing ... i usually write in first person))

I open an eye and stare at the person who was shaking me annoyed at being awoken for no apparent reason

"And what do you want?" Mildly annoyed tone

(My bad, thought you'd reply as your character. It's cool, just threw me a touch.)
*He chuckled somewhat apologetically* Apologies, my lady for disturbing your slumber. I was merely curious as to why someone such as yourself is sleeping out in the open. *He then smiled a somewhat "Prince Charming"-like smile with a raised eyebrow* Are you perhaps adventuring?

"No I am sleeping... not any more since you disturbed me" Stands up at nearly 6ft 5 and shouldered my duffel bag and walked away

*He quickly caught up to her and began to walk alongside her. Even though he was dwarfed in comparison.* Again, apologies for that miss. If you would like, I could offer you shelter for the night within my humble abode? I am afraid I only have one bed. However, I am more than happy to loan it to you and for myself to sleep upon the floor.

'You would do that? Offer someone shelter? That is very ..." Making it sound like i was going to say it was nice of you "Naive...No thanks I am going to be moving through the night"

*He chuckled a little.* Very well, if I cannot offer you shelter, then how are you within the realm of combat? Wolves and other dangers lurk and roam these woods. Will you be up for the task? *He raised a slightly confident but joking brow, with a smile of pure cheek.*

"Wolves huh? Hm i think i will take my chances ... besides i think you are late to be somewhere"

*He chuckled.* Oh no, my dear. I was merely returning home from a guild mission. You see, I live within these woods. It may seem somewhat strange. However, this place could, technically speaking, of course, be considered my home. *Then from the corner of his eye, he spotted something. Smiling with delight, he bent down to pick it.* My goodness! I had not realised Auricularia Auricula grew here! Fascinating! *He then withdrew one of his knives and began to use the tip of the blade, carefully, like a scalpel. Ensuring no part of the fungus was harmed as he removed it from the tree next to them.*

Sweatdrops a bit anime style and walked away leaving you to drool over the fungus. I pull out a small weathered black book and started to read it as I walk heading towards Fiore

*Noticing this, he quickly turns his attention to the other walking away but makes no effort to catch up.* My name is Perceous, Perceous Ungarrth of Fairy Tail. Feel free to return here, if ever you wish to do so. *He then continued to remove the fungus from the tree. Once successful, he took out a jar from his backpack and placed the fungus inside, putting the jar back in the bag when he was satisfied it was secure. Then, removing a journal that was in a fair bit of disrepair, he opened up a page, took out a quill of sorts and began writing.*

(turned* made*)

I arrive in town and look around taking in the environment. It seemed to be buzzing with excitement and all forms of people were running around getting their daily things done. I walk into a tavern located at the edge of the town and sat down for a short break to have a bite of lunch and a drink

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