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Starts off in the Forrest where there is two packs, the packs were friends for 3 years until the two alphas disagreed on a subject that could have changed the way they hunt and lived. There was gossip through the animal kingdom that the wolves of the Forrest had some unnatural power that they did not know about, this was kept a secret from them until the discovered one day when a pup was pawing at the floor making it vibrate and glow. they couldn't agree on what to do as this was a major discovery for them. The alpha of the Golden Lake pack did not want the pack to have powers but to live a natural life as a wolf pack should do. The alpha of the Moon Shine pack disagreed with this and thought it would be of great need one day and help the pack through the hard seasons where the food was scarce. This carried on for week yet months until they happened to make boundaries for the packs territory and set rules to make sure that the packs never collided again. The alphas one night found each other while hunting they got into a bloody and gory fight ripping at each other and growling like demons. they ended killing each other, later on the two packs found their alphas body laid upon each others. the packs growled deeply at each other giving signal for war. fighting the packs killed many of each other while forgetting that there were helpless pups in each others dens.

Two month later, the packs had killed each other to near extinction , no one survived but the pups who where now 4 years of age.They were gently battling each-other to see who was the strongest alpha male,Beta male and who where the omegas of the pack.

The season was winter the weather was freezing cold, wet and icy.
It has now been a year since the packs had collided in the bloody battle.

(this is the setting)

Please add this to each Rp post

Name l age l rank l mentions

Uhm, Can my character be a girl by any chance, if I do this?

Anyone can join
but please join on the group called 'Wolf packs'
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Emmy Walter wrote:
Uhm, Can my character be a girl by any chance, if I do this?
Sure... have you had a look at the group Rp so I know some more info, it's under the same name


It was early in the morning when Jinx stirred. She often woke up before other members of the pack, wanting to see what the weather would be like. The wolf's fur had grown thick against the harsh bite of the wind, rough paws providing insulation against the snow and ice on the ground outside. Pulling herself away from her pups and the rest of her pack carefully, she padded toward the entrance to their den.

Her eyes squinted against the icy breeze, but nostrils flared and allowed her to take in scents from near and far. Her keen sense of smell told her of small prey nearby, and her ears swiveled this way and that. As the hunter of the pack, it was of particular importance to her to see what the day might bring. She made a final glance back toward her sleeping pups. She had given them names similar to herself, Minx and Linx. They were the first pups born since the war that had killed nearly all the wolves in the forest. Living embodiments of hope for their future.

Willing herself to turn away from her family and out into the cold winter, she was determined to bring back food. Or at least, news of where they'd be able to find food. She kept her head down, sniffing and avoiding crunching leaves or snapping twigs. Her tail was still behind her, not wanting to brush against more vegetation than she had to.

Shadow kill l 5 l alpha of GLP l M: blend, open

Shadow kill ( shade) the alpha of the pack, was woken up by a eager beta male jumping on him."Get off me, before I brake your legs" he growled loudly in anger. Shade did not like being jumped on at early dawn, the coldness made his fur shiver making him yawn with delight. "Your lucky I'm not in a bad mood blend otherwise you would have been my breakfast" pushing out his legs and paws he stretched making an upside down arch in his back.

"You hungry?" He heard blend ask, he nodded his head in approval to his question.
"You may hunt for me today if you wish" he said pleased that he would not needed do it himself because he did not yet have enough wolves for a hunt party. Watching, the small beta paddle out of the den he chuckled watching him trip over a branch sticking out of the ground. "Teaches you to wake me up at a stupid time in the morning" still chuckling he sniffed the cold, snowy air which heightened his senses to extreme making the tip of his nose frost with ice.

The pups stirred and woke slowly, their ears lying down when they heard Taz snap at Blend. They were careful to avoid the alpha at all costs, not wanting to incur his wrath. The two of them immediately began to play, biting at each other's ears and tackling each other. Both of them eventually became too distracted by their hunger to play anymore. The pups trotted outside, their motions clumsy. "Where is mom?" Linx asked. Minx replied, "Hunting for us, of course!"

Jinx was indeed on the prowl, and had come across a family of rabbits. She'd helped herself to the mother, having chased the prey down. It was really only a snack, but it would do for now. The she wolf left the burrow of baby rabbits and returned to the den, barking to call for her pups. Both of them came running, eager. Their ears wilted, eyes drooping with disappointment when they saw she had no food. Jinx told them to be patient, telling them she had a surprise for them. She led her pups to the burrow, encouraging them to pounce on the young within. It would be their first kill. Her pups went about their grisly task with glee, pushing past each other to squeeze inside the burrow to the squealing rabbits within.

One of the small rabbits managed to get free, only to mysteriously trip and end up on the ground in front of Jinx. She pinned it down with a paw. She watched with pride as the rabbit's young were killed and devoured. Finding prey would become more and more difficult as time went on. Especially with the Golden Lake Pack entrenching on their territory. When her pups were done eating she led them back to the den, looking for their alpha. Jinx had caught scent of a herd of deer, and wanted to tell the leader of it. "Sky?" she called out, her pups wrestled outside again as she came close to the mouth of the cave that was their den.

Taz | 2- only a tiny bit older then a pup | loner | m: open

Taz was walking through the bright, green, leafy Forrest when suddenly she sees an hurt baby elk. "you poor little thing"she says to the baby elk on the floor. she knew that they were afraid of her as she was normally the predictor and them the prey but she didn't like little young animals hurt and unable to defend for them self's. slowly she went towards the elk trying not to frighten it to pure death. "ill help you" she said in a quiet and calm voice while she looked at the deep graze against its hind leg. she licked it when it started oozing out with blood.. a few moments had passed and the mark had not fully but healed enough for the little elk to get up and limp away from her.

she carried on through the Forrest looking for somethink to eat now that she had the taste of blood in her mouth. trotting through the squishy mud her paws wer3e full of mud and icky stuff which annoyed her always when it happens to her.

Victory yawned, shaking out her black fur and standing up. She glanced at the bright sky with a squint, trotting out to join her pack in the sunlight. Looking around at all the other wolves she started to clean her tail. "What's up today," she asked no one in particular.

Blend | 4 | beta of GLP | m: victory

Blend sees victory and asks if she would like to hunt with him. his fur gleaming in the bright light. he could smell plenty of little creatures out there for the killing.

(sorry if its short, im quiet busy)

Flynn pup 2

He woke, looking around. He happily pranced around, spying a mouse and chasing after it. He barked and yipped as this was a good day, NOTHING COULD BRING HIM DOWN. He caught the mouses tail with his paw, feeling super proud.


He chased a rabbit across the land, chomping at it. He was hungry and this rabbit was gonna fill his hunger. He eventually caught it and ate it, going to find some water. He made sure to steer clear of both packs.

Akuma | 2 | Hunter of GLP | Open

Hearing the enlightened songs of the joyful chickadees, Akuma's pint down ears were raised and pushed in either direction as she looked out of the rest of the den, exposing her icey blue eyes. She took a long stretch in the downward and upward doggy position before shaking her dark red and cream fur. Adjusting herself, Akuma stood and slowly made her way over to the entrance of the den. Taking in the brutal whips of cold air as she sat and looked around at her pack.

Akuma couldn't help but watch the pups prance and play around as she thought of what to bring the pack for a morning meal to at least get them going until the afternoon. Their territory, as scare as it already was, didn't help narrow down her worries either. Only thing she would be able to find were a few frogs, rabbits, or a red fox. If she was lucky enough to track one down. This itself made her grunt in a low tone as she licks her snout to warm it up.

Victory looks over and nods. She walked over to him, shaking out her fur as some dust had been blown into it.

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