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Choose Your Stickers!

Posted by Kim on August 25, 2023, 9:00am

If you've purchased anything from the Lemonade Stand fundraiser, there's a pretty good chance you are going to receive some stickers as a thank you.

An example sheet showing the various kinds of sticker designs that are available.

Now that all of the sticker designs have been revealed, it's possible to make some choices about which stickers you'd prefer to get.

Fill out this form to make your sticker preferences known

Or, if you prefer, you can choose to opt out of shipped rewards and allow the shipping costs to be re-absorbed into the fundraiser total. It's totally up to you!

Is There a Zebra Hippocampus Sticker?

I've been receiving a LOT of questions about whether the Zebra hippocampus is about to be revealed as a secret bonus backer reward sticker -- since the zebra only recently came into existence, it wasn't around when I placed the order with the print shop for all the other stickers, and there is no such sticker...

Yet. If we do manage to hit that 15k goal where I add more backer rewards, I will for sure be placing another order to get those gorgeous gorgeous stripey beauties turned into stickers. Heck, maybe they'll even be sparkle stickers! If that happens, you will of course be allowed to update your preferences for backer rewards. And that will not be the only new cool thing that gets added!

But for just now, no, the Zebra hippocampus is not a sticker. Sorry, friends! I agree that she's absolutely gorgeous.

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August 25, 2023

Assigning numbers to things is hard. ^^; Plus I'm really torn on the geode, because I find them kinda terrifying, but in a way that's also kinda funny.


August 25, 2023

@CelestinaGrey - It's collected on the Backer Rewards page, under the "Physical Rewards" section.


August 25, 2023

How will you be getting our address for shipping? Will you be messaging?


August 25, 2023

I think the sticker that doesn't exist that I want most would be the tiger eye rock <3 I love my lil rock buddies and I think having a sticker of all the pets I have would be cute
but also I just love stickers so I'm not picky <3


August 25, 2023

@Aardbei Maybe! I'd need to see more interest than just one person on that front though. :) If anything, there seems to be more interest in the peacock phoenix.


August 25, 2023

If we meet the zebra goal, can we also get stickers of the blue phoenix? :O


August 25, 2023

@Atheist - Interestingly, I actually DO have Doubutt stickers already printed! I had got them to be included in packages for Epic Week prize winners, so they aren't specifically listed as backer rewards... but if you want one, leave me a note at the end of the request form and I'm sure I can make it happen. :)


August 25, 2023

No Zebra, eh? Well that's okay! Heck I would be thrilled to pieces of have a super durable vinyl sticker of Duobutt myself. 👀 I can't get over how adorable that character is.

Thank you for keeping us all posted and having an opportunity for us to choose!