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Fantastic Fungus

Posted by Kim on September 24, 2022, 9:00am

As summer wanes and the fall rains begin to wash over the lands of the RP Repository, festive formations of fantastic fungus can be found flourishing in Forum Forest.

mushroom-red-icon.png mushroom-red-icon.png mushroom-red-icon.png

For this week only, you can pick up a red mushroom to decorate your profile! Get them one at a time, or buy them in fistfuls of five!
Really, we can't stress enough: these are decorative mushrooms. We would not recommend trying to eat them. You might feel pretty funny for several hours!



September 28, 2022

What happens when you eat one?


September 25, 2022

They are cute. I was gifted with some from last year since I *checks* have been on RP Repository for over a year now!

And no no no don't eat the bright colored speckled ones! They do nasty stuff to the innards!
The small brown/grey ones with a dark cap-edge that bleed an indigoish blue/purple when broken can and will launch you into a rocket ship flight if eaten. Just don't be planning on doing anything for the next day or so. :O

Actually, for eating purposes it's best to stick with store-bought....


September 24, 2022

Oh no I'm being baited again. XD


September 24, 2022

Friends, if you've *accidentally* eaten a mushroom and are suffering from its effects, you don't have to wait it out -- you can use one of the status healing items from epic week to get rid of it immediately. ;) Grab yourself a stim spray or a medicinal plant from the armory:


September 24, 2022

A g h I'd get this but im saving up rn


September 24, 2022

Ok- now im crying- some one sent me one as a gift!!! 😭


September 24, 2022

Someone is gonna eat them. It won't be me, because I don't have any money to buy any, I'm just saying that someone is gonna eat one just because it says not to.


September 24, 2022

Oml I love this I wish I had the money 😭