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The RolePet RepoSittery (Almost!) Strikes Again

Posted by Kim on April 1, 2024, 9:00am

A smooth, flat river rock. Someone has pasted two googly eyes on to it, and drawn it a little smile with black marker.I did something related to RPR pets again for April fools, as has become tradition. And I'll level with you: There was a bit of a snag. So The Thing I made isn't going to be released today. But never fear, I have some fun things for you aside from just a teaser!

Here's the deal: I took a little programming detour to try creating very limited android and iphone apps. This particular one lets you monitor and care for your RPR pets. Was this an experiment to see how other RPR mini apps might work, like maybe an app that does live chatting in your inbox or group? Did I want to practice with something a bit lower stakes than that holy grail? WHO CAN SAY.

What I can say is that I was able to build those RPR pet apps! But I was not able to submit them in time to get through the app store approval process in time for April 1st. Soooo... you can't have them yet. ;) I'll continue to usher them toward release in between frantic Epic Week prep over the next month.
In the meanwhile, in keeping with our pets for April Fools tradition, please enjoy being able to find pet treats, magic biscuits, and pet spa treatments randomly around the site for the next three days. These events will only occur if you have claimed at least one of your free pet rocks!
Very confused? Had no idea there were pet rocks on the RPR? No worries, come catch up on last year's april fools here:



April 1, 2024

Just dropping in to say that if you're looking to give any adorable Rocks a good home, look no further!

The group also functions as a waystation for any pet-related supplies you might want to donate to those in need, or take if you want to spoil your pets. =)

And on that note, I AM EXCITED FOR THE APP KIM 👀 GIB


April 1, 2024

Omg! Finally got a pet rock! I'm so happy! And it's a tiger eye! 😭💕 Me heart is soooo happyyyyy!