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The RolePet RepoSittery

Posted by Kim on April 1, 2023, 9:00am

A geode laying on its side, with a googly eye pasted on it so that the open part looks like a mouth, and the crystals inside look like teeth.Pet sites are clearly the way of the future! I've decided to start transitioning the site to be the new NeoPets, a very modern and relevant reference that for sure means something to even non-millennials. The site will be renamed the RolePet RepoSittery, which I know you'll agree makes perfect sense and is wonderfully easy to say. ;)

I've gotten a good start on engineering a pet care simulator, which you can try out here:
Any existing walruses or phoenixes that you have in your inventory will be waiting there to meet you! Don't have a walrus or phoenix? Don't worry! You can claim your two free Pet Rocks here.
A cardboard box full of pet rocks. Someone has written Box o' Rox on it in black marker.Got your free pet rock but you WANT MOAR? You are a being of excellent taste and discernment. Of course you want more pet rocks! Lucky for you, you can get a box of rocks in the shop right now! What fascinating, charismatic rocks will you find in yours? There are 5 basic pet rocks, and each has a special color variant only available from the Box of Rocks.

Every pet is a unique individual! When you first activate a pet, a random roll will determine the following attributes:
  • Personality (5 possible personalities for walruses, 4 for phoenixes, and 6 for pet rocks!)
  • Their favorite food
  • Their appetite
  • Their entertainment needs

And once you've claimed your first pet rock, you'll start to find some special treats for them around the site!

A smooth, flat river rock. Someone has pasted two googly eyes on to it, and drawn it a little smile with black marker.

Pet Care Simulator FAQ

Where do I find my pet's attributes like personality?
Click in the "Pet Info" icon in the top right of the pet care simulator window to view a pet's personality, appetite, entertainment needs, and their overall wellbeing score.

How fast will my pets' needs degrade?
That depends on the individual pet. For example, pets with big appetites will need more food to feel full, and need food more often. Pets with low appetites are easier to top up, and will get hungry again slower.

Personality type can also have a small impact on how long a particular need can hold steady, such as a "proud" pet taking extra care not to get its flippers/claws/belly muddy and so preserving its hygiene longer than other pets.

Do the different foods have different effects?
All foods have the same nutritional benefits to your pet. However, each pet has its own favorite food, which you can figure out by paying attention to the responses your pet has to each of the foods.

Each time your pet gets to eat their favorite food, they get an immediate .01% bonus to their wellbeing score.

Where do I find the wellbeing score?
Click in the "Pet Info" icon in the top right of the pet care simulator window to view a pet's personality, appetite, entertainment needs, and their wellbeing score.

How is the wellbeing score determined?
The wellbeing score represents the average of your pet's care over their lifetime. If you keep their stomach, fun and hygiene bars at 100%, the wellbeing score will gradually start to move toward 100%.

Overall wellbeing is re-calculated roughly once per hour.

The longer a pet is neglected, the longer it will take to raise its overall wellbeing back to healthy levels. However, you may find you can kick-start the recovery of a pet with an extremely low wellbeing by offering them their favorite meal.

A shiny tigereye rock, with orange and brown striations running through it a bit like tiger stripes. Someone has pasted googly eyes on it, and drawn it a little smile with a marker.Why should I care about the overall wellbeing score?

Also, for pets that can assist you during Epic Week combat, you may notice some benefits to keeping their well-being nice and high.

Is this a joke?
No, there will definitely be EW combat bonuses for Walruses and Phoenixes whose long-term well being has been kept high, and de-buffs on those whose overall wellbeing isn't so hot. ;)

OMG, I don't have time to care for a pet right now/ever!
Pets aren't fully activated until you give them a name, so their needs won't degrade if you never start playing with them.

If you have to put your pets on pause, click the "Pet Settings" icon in the top right of the pet care simulator window to open the individual pet setting window. There, you can move the pet into a hotel. Remember to save your changes! Their needs and wellbeing score will be frozen exactly as they were when they checked in. Check them out again at any time.

You can check pets in/out of the hotel individually, so if you have too many pets, it's possible to put all but your most favorite on pause.

There is no time limit to hotel stays.

Pets in the hotel will have no combat bonuses during Epic Week.

I have a lot of pets, I don't want to check each of them into the hotel individually.
No problem. Hit up the Pet Options page to check in/out all of your pets at once.

A funny-shaped grey rock, with moss growing on its top like hair. Someone has pasted googly eyes on it, and drawn a funny mouth on it with marker.I am afraid I will forget to care for my pets, can I get reminders?
Once you've activated a pet, you can get occasional on-site reminders to care for it should any of its needs fall below a threshold that you set (It ranges from 90% to 10%, but the default for on-site pet notices is 50%.)

This is on by default, but you can turn pet care reminders off in the Pet Options.

Can I still play with my pets if they are on display?
Yes, you can play with pets that are in your profile display case.

Can I still play with my pets if I gift wrap them?
No, you won't be able to play with a gift-wrapped pet until you unwrap them again.



April 2, 2023

This was an April Fools joke that will keep on giving indefinitely, don't you guys worry. ;) The entire mod team would riot with you if Kim took our little friends away!


April 2, 2023

Please let us continue to take care of the pets I love this so much 😭


April 1, 2023

I love the rocks!


April 1, 2023

I thought this was going to be a April fools joke. I love it so much! ;w;


April 1, 2023

The only thing stopping me from lining my shelves with pet rocks is my checking account balance. I love this so much and am enjoying taking care of my rocks and phoenixes!


April 1, 2023

started crying over this omg ty kim
hoping for a mossy rock


April 1, 2023

The drop rates on the various 5 basic rocks is exactly equal, but that sucks. I'll send you another box for funsies. And of course you can trade them, there's already one topic up where people are exchanging here:

I hope you all find the rock of your dreams <3


April 1, 2023

also whoops but what are the drop rates on these things bc pulling out 6 flat pet rocks in a row is um


April 1, 2023

can we trade pet rocks? plsss say yes my girlfriend got a shiny rock and the magpie in me desires it greatly.


April 1, 2023

I love my flat rock baby <333 he deserves the world <3333


April 1, 2023

The pets are permanent! <3


April 1, 2023

This brings me so much joy.. ALSO I got a mossy rock <3 <3 <3 !!
Do.. do we get to keep them after April fools? I love my rock friends


April 1, 2023

(I don't wanna ruin stuff, but... Since it's 01.04, can we PLEASE keep the rocks after that event? :( It's amazing, saying this as someone who keeps pet rocks)


April 1, 2023

I dunno about this. Most pet simulator websites have not aged well…


April 1, 2023

I love this so much! I want to have so many pet rocks!


April 1, 2023

Love these!!!

If anyone needs a foster I will gladly take care of all ur rocks.


April 1, 2023

I love my rainbow phoenix so much ;_;


April 1, 2023

Rolepet reposittery X'D
Kim you mad genius you


April 1, 2023

Rocks ;_; I love them ;___;


April 1, 2023

My puffer fish would like to petition for status as a pet in the next update. Fish are friends, not food. Acupuncture hugs are hugs too. :D