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What Will the New Backer Rewards be?

Posted by Kim on September 3, 2023, 11:45am

Since it looks like we might reach that 15k goal, here's the plan for new backer rewards that will be added should we crack that tier!

There's a mix of physical and digital rewards, and something for low dollar backers as well as filling out the higher dollar ranges (that I am frankly stunned we have people in!)

For $5 backers - Special collector's edition GOLD SPOON. Display it with pride and watch it sparkle! (digital item)
A fancy spoon in gold The pixel icon version of the pixel

I SUPPOSE you could use it to stir a cappuccino, but why would you do anything but treasure this shiny forever? This is the first item ever to have an animated icon.

For $42 backers - Golden Phoenix - a new phoenix pet variant that CAN'T be obtained through cinnamon sticks. Still working on finalizing the art for this, but imagine a phoenix with white and gold feathers. :D

For $75 (+shipping) backers - A RL sticker sheet featuring all the stirred cappuccinos!

For $150 (+shipping) backers - A RL hippocampus t-shirt! We'll hold a vote between the below 4 designs...

Design #1 - A rainbow hippocampus crossing its tail with a twilight hippocampus. Design #2 - A twilight hippocampus crossing its tail with a rainbow hippocampus (reverse of previous design) Design #3 - Twilight Hippocampus crossing its tail with a Zebra Hippocampus Design #4 - A rainbow hippocampus crossing its rail with a zebra hippocampus

For $200 backers - Choose an official character style theme to be released for everyone that will jump to the front of the character style production line

For $300 backers - medium/large map set piece (think on the size of a 4 poster bed, a car, etc.)

For $600 backers - Full custom avatar

As of this publishing, we're $556 away from Goal #3, with 2 and a half days to go!

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September 5, 2023

Will there be any examples of items that backers are allowed to ask for in the digital side? I'm still having trouble understanding/visualizing what exactly this maps thing is all going to look like, so I feel kind of lost as to what I should be requesting.
And I don't think 'anything involving cats' is a good answer for all of them. XD


September 4, 2023

@Zelphyr - there will be *eventually* but I think we're many months away.


September 4, 2023

I've been wondering... is there a deadline for those who get to request map stuff? ^^;


September 3, 2023

Cockateal phoenix pog pog pog pog


September 3, 2023

So for all of the shipped rewards, including the new shirt and new stickers, it's the base price + shipping to whatever your location is. I'll edit this post to be more clear about that.


September 3, 2023

Sooo the backer rewards page says $77 for the cappuccino stickers, is it going to now be $75?
Asking for a friend... >3>


September 3, 2023

Did what i could to help, not much but I see greatness in this project. ^^
Sorry that its just a bit, wish I could help with more.


September 3, 2023

Yes, you accumulate all the rewards below your current level :)


September 3, 2023

Oh okay! Yep black is the color I would have preferred myself to be honest! Also this may seem like a silly question, but will hire tier backers of any level also get the lower digital rewards?


September 3, 2023

Oh also -- at present the most likely shirt color is black! I seem to recall that being the most requested by a lot last time I did t-shirts.


September 3, 2023

I would LOVE to be able to offer people their choice of shirt design. Generally, the more of one design you order, the more cost effective it is, so I'm not sure breaking such a small run into 2 or 3 different designs would make much sense when we're trying to conserve work funds to last as long as possible. But if I manage to find a source that is willing to do us some kind of BOGO on shirt designs, I will definitely let you all know. :)


September 3, 2023

For the shirt designs. It would be nice if we had a multiple designs to choose from and not just relegated to one. Because I'm afraid that the design I would actually vote for won't actually win and I'll be stuck with one as a shirt that I'm not really fond of. Also are we going to get to have different colored shirts options or just say white?


September 3, 2023

Seriously hoping that we will reach the goal. We're just soooo close!