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Alicia (played by ShayN-03)

Alicia listened to Dalitso, hearing about her future of leading the caravan and...inheriting a demon?


And just when Alicia was beginning to relax into the conversation, she felt the entire ship tremble. Survival instinct immediately took her over, her mind raced, "Being below deck could mean death." She immediately bolted without another thought out of Dalitso's private quarters, she drew her scimitar when she heard a thud above her and raced up to the deck.

Up there, her eyes were greeted by the sight of...Merfolk?

A fellow slave had once whispered to her about them, scaled, beautiful and oceanic beings of the sea. Another slave once spoke to her about their strength and power. Drawing tales that seemed to be fictional to her mortal ears. She'd never thought she'd see one in person, at least, she didn't think so until now.

Even if she was in awe of such beauty, Alicia was not afraid to fight. She gritted her teeth a little and made her stance look sloppy as she had in the last battle. But upon hearing the Mer request a sacrifice, Alicia couldn't help but feel slightly relieved?

Don't get her wrong, she wouldn't ever want anyone to have to be an unnecessary sacrifice. It's just plain cruel, but just giving up one weak, insignificant individual for the rest without the need to battle seemed like an great deal!

"It's not much of an effort for me to sacrifice someone compared to a battle..." She thought.

She looked at the situation closely, they were in the Mer's territory and Alicia had never fought a Mer. They were most likely outnumbered, there was no home-field advantage for them, and the Caravan was in potential danger.

"As long as it's not anyone's not so bad right..?"

Even with those thoughts, she still understood that people are irreplaceable in terms of personality and build. But she had seen so many come and go that it seemed...natural at this point. Even if it was a loss over on their side instead of the Mers, as long as it wasn't Dalitso, Lolu're or anyone else at the Caravan it was okay, right?

Her sharp, doe eyes scanned the rest in their group, she wasn't so trusting and connected with everyone else. The shaman was pretty cool though, but luckily she wasn't too attached to him if he was chosen as the sacrifice.

She was slightly surprised though when someone in the crowd claimed a favor, she didn't really quite believe the Mers would let them pass for a favor. If they would deny gold and silver what's a favor to them? If Alicia was in the Mer's position she wouldn't honor it, or maybe that was just Alicia. She had seen many Northerners and even slaves go against promises and betray others.

She was exactly like them, her thoughts are like theirs as well at times.

Now, if she spoke her thoughts to everyone most likely she'll be seen as cruel and crazy. Which could affect any allies she could've had if she hadn't spoken. That was one of the reasons why she wasn't too excited to be inheriting the Caravan. All eyes would be on her, monitoring and judging her actions.

Thankfully though, Dalitso was still there. "Speaking of which..." She moved to guard Dalitso and Lolu're, despite already knowing they could handle themselves. She just felt slightly protective of the new friends she had made.
Zamora (played by Aubrey)

The strawberry blonde was headed to the tops of the stairs when she senses something. First the ocean's surface ripples with waves, as if about to present a pod of chaotic, vertically traveling whales. The best way she could think of the imagery is if geysers were shooting from the crust and granting a vertical greeting. By the time the merfolk decide to make themselves known, she's run back to Vikne and Varen, her axe held in her hand. Though she hadn't proven herself in the past spat, her reactions and attention to danger seem as on point as all elven legends would suggest. Perhaps even more so.

A brute of a merman boards first. Zamora stares at first in wonder, then growing excitement that such legends were true. They had barely been on the sea for any expanse of time and already the ocean hadn't failed to provide entertainment. Perhaps I'll follow the Singing Swords a bit longer she tells herself. The weapon in her hand is quick to be sheathed, as to not threaten the gent. She stares in surprise at the sailors that dare to pull their weaponry on such a grand fellow; their faces wrought with open disdain.

As soon as the sea queen makes her way to the deck, Zamora's eyes rush over her figure as if she's discovered a long last friend. "Fair Lady," she says with a remarkably kind and respectful tone. The elf almost seems ready to bow as she takes a step closer, intercepting the mers' path to Varen and Vikne. Her gesture is somewhat hilarious, considering she's only five foot five and a deal smaller than the mages. "If you will wait until this group disbands, I will willingly return to you."
Varen Dominal (played by darkborn202)

Varen immediately stiffened at the shaking of the hull, and had his vial of mercury in hand by the time the first mermen started coming up. Though he had no idea what the merpeople were doing on this ship, he still had to admit- they did deserve to be called the sirens of the sea. However, any admiration he might have had for them was quickly dispelled by one thought: This is a boarding party! Upon seeing the final mermaid come onto the ship, he took note of her. She had an aura of command around her. Varen started to suspect this was more than an average shake-up.

His suspicions were somewhat confirmed when she requested a sacrifice. Varen's thoughts raced into flashbacks. What he primarily remembered was black mists that overtook his village periodically. Like it was some sort of sacrifice. Like people had no choice but to die. He mentally recoiled at the thought. When he heard the stowaway on board say something about a sacrifice, he turned round and spat at her in a low voice, "You are NOT offering yourself as a sacrifice. There is no need for you to die or be taken as a slave.

When he heard Zamora offer the very same thing, except postponed, his instincts took over again. When he spoke to her, his voice was just as low, but it was more intense, more like a hiss: "I absolutely forbid you to give yourself to them. Do you understand? Do not treat your life so lightly!" It would be a while later, when he would belatedly realized she would probably never intend to keep her promise. It would also occur to him that the commanding mermaid would also see through that. However, that was later, this is now.

He then turned to the leader of the merpeople, and restrained his temper. Varen then quietly, politely, and a little clippedly, asked a question, "What do you require for a sacrifice, ma'am?" He knew the decision wasn't his to decide- it was Dalisto and Lance's decision to make. However, more information was always good. As well as stalling. In addition...
Varen decided to play with the merpeople's minds a bit. He implanted into each of their heads a slight nightmare, that could be activated at a thought, that made the sailors more menacing. Just to help diplomacy to speed along.
At Dalitso's explanation, the Centauress only nodded. She had hoped that Death would only be seen onto those who were ready, or in regards to the Dervish, those who deserved it. And as far as she could tell, Dalitso did not deserve death any time soon. And if fate would be on her side, she hoped to stand by his side as one of his partners for the rest of her days, as she had nowhere else to go.

Since then, the conversation had settled some and the Centauress went about eating her meal once more, she decided to relax. And just as she was done, something very strange happened to the ship. On her way across the sea the first time, Lolu're had felt waves batter the sides or rain pound from above. But this felt deliberate, almost as if a giant hand had swept across the bow and battered it, however lightly. She looked to Dalitso with an inquiry on her lips, when Alicia bolted from the chambers. Naturally, with the girl being her charge, the Centauress tried her best to scurry after the smaller and agiler human girl.

Yet as she managed to climb back onto the deck, her deep eyes searching for Cia, and was instead greeted with the most bizzarre of creatures she had ever seen; she had seen some strange things while within the Queen's country. But there was one more thing.

They were surrounded.

The woman-beast barely registered the final woman, as she tried to count how many had come aboard. But they seemed to scatter, replicate when she turned back to confirm. Were they simply moving in and out of her vision or were more aboard than she was counting? Her eyes had gone, finally, to the pale Sea Elf, as Lolu're had internally decided to coin them because Fish Elf didn't have that good of a ring to it, who had suddenly begun to speak to the Captain of the ship. A name was spoken and noted. Gold and silver was offered as payment for trespass.

But the Sea Witch, as Lolu're had immediately changed her mind to, demanded something far more pricey; a sacrifice. Although she had been a slave most of her life, save a few months on the run, the Centauress knew what a sacrifice was. And her eyes narrowed as she wanted to declare they would get no sacrifice. Unfortunately, the woman wasn't in charge, and there appeared to be one too many Sea Witches aboard the vessel for them to fight safely.

Someone she did not recognize called out for some kind of favor. A favor, then a threat. The words that bubbled from young lips confused Lolu're to the point she thought it would be better for the youth to be silent. These Sea Witches were one too many, and their realm was all around their tiny island of floatation. It truly was not in their best interest to be demanding anything at the moment. What motherly instant Lolu're had was cut off for the moment, as Alicia had instead placed herself in front of her. And that instinct instead went to the one who was actually her charge.

But yet, before her lips could form words, it was the newest member of their group, Zamora, who had begun talking to the Pale Sea Witch next. Her eyes narrowed in suspicion, not so much at the elf, but rather her words. Why would she want to sacrifice herself? Hadn't she just met them? Then again, the more Lolu're thought, she had done the exact same when she discovered Dalitso and the rest of the Caravan defending her even before they met. It was quite a remarkable series of events.

Varen did not disappoint.

First he scolded the girl she did not recognize, but then, he scolded the She-Elf. In fact, the woman-beast forced herself not to smile when he reprimanded Zamora. His point was valid of course, but she thought his words were noble regardless. If only Lolu're had actually known what Zamora was truly capable of!

Reaching out to lightly touch Cia's shoulder, she slowly walked across the deck towards where Varen was. Her movements were purposefully slow, if not exaggerated. She wanted the Sea Witches to know very well she was not threatening them with her advance; that would help absolutely no one. When she finally reached Varen and stood beside him, she bowed her head respectfully, also exaggerated, if only because if her monstrous height.

"My Lady...may I be the first to apologize for trespassing upon your waters...if perhaps a second time." She lifted her head, settling abyssal colored eyes on ones that looked almost similar in color to her own. "We offer our humblest apologies."
Sea Queen Isabella (played by Serverus) Topic Starter

Isabella found bordem in Lances’ crew. They were nothing but skinny legged, pot-bellied, whisker-faced, meat stuck in their beards, smelly breathed, cowards. One shivered before the Sea Queen, his trousers soaked in warm piss.

“Away from me, you fowl smelling creature.” Isabella said.

She smacked the pirate out of her way and her merfolk guardians moved aside to watch him slip and fall off board. He cried and yelled like a sissy, until he hit the ocean bed and was swallowed whole by her pet sea serpent, Ethanor.


The merfolk chuckled.

Bone crackling and flesh crunching was heard in the ocean. Ethanor lifted his great horned head above water to see his Queen and rest his claws on the deck. Crimson dripped from his mouth as if he desired more tasty flesh.

“No more Ethanor. We will visit the Octapus folk after this. They are due for a sacrifice.”

That was when Isabella found the doe eyed girl who ran above deck curiously. “Alicia no!” Dalitso had cried out. The Sea Queen heard her name and was intrigued. Sure enough the girl was defiant and displayed an eager desire for rebellion and disobedience.

Ebony hues moved in her direction, captivated by the exotic sweet scent from the girl, indeed such had mesmerized her senses. As she came closer to see of the one called Alicia, she was cut off by the gypsies and Dalitso, who created what to the outside eyes would look like a barrier of blades.

“Interesting, Demon blades! Lancie, you trickster. You did not tell your Queen that you had Sword Singers on board.”

Then a soft voice distracted her. “Fair Lady.” The strawberry blonde had said.

Isabella’s eyes softened. She stood tall showing her true fifteen foot height, her tail much larger and stronger than all of the mermen who guarded her. She moved quickly like a dancer on ice. Looking down on the elf, her slinder fingers were warm and soft to touch, as she studied and played with Zamora’s facial features.

Her nails were icy blue with a sweet scent. The Queen’s tounge tasted her neck, then she kissed the elf’s lips...Zamora would be in her arms now, far above the ground, fingers moving through her hair in curiosity. She sniffed and smirked. She was considering this woman’s offer until the strange one, Varen came yelling out to her.

Fork Spears surrounded Varen’s neck, so he could go no closer.

“Lower your spears.” She said letting Zamora come down.

“Your lover perhaps? Either way, you are too unpredictable and dangerous. I am surprised that you have not destroyed all of them...ahh!” She shrieked.

She felt Varen trying to use magic on her and her guardians, but the Sea Witch quickly gained control of the spell, reversing it and creating her own illusion.

Varen would start to itch and be surrounded by insects that ate on his pale flesh.

“Foolish mortal, you dare try to assault me!” She cried.

A nightmare sword was created from the Queen’s hand, glowing purple and she was going to destroy Varen. Fortunately, the Centuaress arrived with a more gentle and apologetic spirit. Her sweet words had indeed saved Varen’s life.

“Lance you never seem to disappoint me.”

“Thank you m’lady. If there is another option that you might find sufficient, why don’t we take our chances in the hunt.” Lance said.

“No,” She shook her head. “I have already hunted. Nothing is in the sea worthy of my time, at present.”

She uncasted her blade and observed the Centuaress. “You are truly beautiful. Some call us beasts but they do not understand our rich history.” She took Lolu’re’s hand to kiss it.

Isabella was a true scholar and could appreciate a lost race dying due to the slavers in the north.

“But this Alicia...she has the blood of a warrior yet the eyes of a lover. I do not think I’ll find anything like her again. Let me have her.”

Dalitso stepped forth, “Touch one part of her and we will be forced to cut you down at will.” He nodded at Vikne to deal with the guardians should they have to; but to hold off for now.

Spear-Lady Lozita heard this and her heart ached. She sighed and knew that her time would come. She never wanted to go to the north anyway. But she believed in Dalitso’s purpose and she would not let the Queen have Cia. Alicia was loyal to the Demon Caravan and she would be the perfect candidate to take her place. So she sheathed her demon sword and humbly stepped forth.

“No, take me instead.” Lozita said, her face shivering in nervous sweat.

“No!” Dalitso yelled. “Lozita don’t do this. Lance there must be some other way?”

Lance shrugged. “We’re surrounded, mate. Plus they can swim and we can drown. See how they have the advantage? Besides if the Wizard ends up doing some crazy spell like before, will all be sent in the ocean and we still have to deal with the sea monster.”

Ethanor growled and licked his lips.

Isabella observed the situation and took in a similar scent from Lozita, she was much older but exotic nonetheless. “Interesting. You have given me something to consider, Lozita is it?”


Meanwhile on the other side of the ship, Chi had heard the merfolk intrusion and grew bored of this being crying about a nearly dead sister. “I grow tired of your whining. My master has no need of your offerings. Be gone.”

She created a portal from her fingers and the Tiger Demon kicked the girl through it. She would end up with her sister back on the slave ship, thus this time there was a protective barrier that blocked her teleportation magic and she could no longer get on board. If she tried to come again she’d end up somewhere in the ocean.
Melodie (played by Kungfu6453)


The princess of the sea called to her mother. “Mother I need to talk to you. I have a problem with that demon. Plus they where rude to me.” A gaurd had eyes that said I will destroy this ship. The mermaid princess bowed and showed respect to her mother. s73mTGC.jpg
Vikne (played by yourfathersuncle)

With each passing event it became increasingly evident that the odds were often drifting away from the caravan. The queen of the sea and her envoy were setting the terms, and they grew ever grimmer as the discussion waxed.

As Vikne began to again count and recount his foes, Varen was stricken by a dark magic. "Hold still friend!" Vikne called out. Golden light began to radiate from his fingers, directed at the shadowmancer. He attempted to reverse the effects, clearing his mind. The shaman was well versed in the healing arts, being the only among his people such abilities.
Alicia (played by ShayN-03)

Alicia tensed when she saw the Sea Queen toss a crew member off the ship. When she saw the pet sea serpent though, she couldn't stop her jaw from dropping slightly. She was now, extremely grateful she used her head to think about the situation. If she had attacked the Queen, she didn't doubt she'd been killed by the powerful beast.

Alicia had heard Dalitso call out to her, but it faded out because soon her light brown eyes met the Sea Queen's ebony ones. She gritted her teeth and readied herself when the Sea Queen came an inch closer. But soon her face morphed into one of surprise when the gypsies and Dalitso stood protectively in front of her.

When she saw the Sea Queen turn to Zamora, she had expected the elf to be killed! But she was surprised by how fast and gentle the Queen handled the elf. She soon jumped slightly though, when she heard the Queen give a shriek. She soon saw Vikne helping out Varen.

"They have magic!?"

When she saw Lolu're's hand be touched by the Queen, she almost dashed forth to get between them. Fortunately, she didn't, since the Queen had not harmed the Centauress. Hearing the Queen's words, she thought maybe she was judging her too quickly. Perhaps, there was no need for them to fight-...

"Let me have her."

Alicia froze, she did not expect that. She came up here ready to defend Dalitso or Lolu’re or anyone in the Caravan should they be chosen.

She didn’t think she’d even be worth a thought on being a sacrifice by the Mers.

She was tense, unsure of what to do. How was she going to get out of this one? Hearing Dalitso, she felt slightly touched. She was half-expecting Dalitso to just hand her over. She knew she would’ve done so if she were in his position.

Seeing Lozita offer herself up was the biggest surprise of all. She didn’t expect her to do so. Hearing Dalitso cry out for Lozita hurt.

And Lance’s words felt like salt to the wound, she had to agree with Lance. What else could they do? The Sea Queen clearly wanted a sacrifice and was ready to consider letting her go.

Alicia shook her head a little when she felt her heart ache.

Seeing Lozita so nervous but strong, reminded Alicia of...her.

”No, I’m not going to say anything. It’s either her or me, it’s better if it were her. I don’t care. I don’t care. I don’t care-“

...Hey, wasn’t the gypsies and Dalitso in front of her and not the Sea Queen?

With speed she didn’t know she had, she rushed pasted Dalitso and the gypsies, through the hole Lozita left in the barrier. She had her scimitar pointed at the Queen, not at her heart but lowered a little to her tail. She was in between the Sea Queen and Lozita.

“Don’t take her away!” A strong, fierce voice filled with slight fear pierce the air. It took Alicia a second to realize it was hers, and that she had one hand in Lozita’s.

She froze suddenly, was her actions foolish? Had she really just allowed her emotions to get the better of her...?! Her eyes were locked on the Sea Queen.

The situation felt so familiar. She didn’t know why she was so scared to lose Lozita. She hardly even knew the woman! But then Alicia realized, the situation was similar to the time she lost her twin, Vivian.

She was weak and powerless to stop the Northerners from separating them. Just as she may be as weak and powerless to stop the Sea Queen.

But Alicia wasn’t going to fail this time, she was going to win even as inferior as she was. Somehow, she’ll win. And she’ll make sure Dalitso didn’t lose someone so close to him as she had.

So, she kept her eyes on the Sea Queen’s face. And she tightened her hold on her scimitar to stop her hand from shaking.
Zamora (played by Aubrey)

There is no dishonesty in the woman's promise to the merqueen. If accepted as a sacrifice, she would have returned. Zamora allows herself to be looked over like a cow to slaughter. No part of her feels fear, though there is undeniable respect and intrigue in her vibrant green eyes as she stares up. She endures the lick to her neck, and the kiss is allowed and prudently returned; leaving just enough mystery with a lingering finish as is possible for lips to do. When lifted, she slides her arms to her lap in a surprisingly calm gesture.

She grabs hold of her weapons, pulls one in each of her hands, and stabs the sweet, beautiful, murderous queen in two spots. Her dagger finds purchase in her left eye, while the axe aims right for the throat in a diagonal and brutal cut by a blade that has faced and sliced dragonscale. Everyone was too far away to offer assistance for either party, but dodging was highly improbable and only an idiot would miss the shot. Or maybe only an idiot would take it. The axe isn't deep enough to get an instant kill unless she manages to hit squarely.

The elf aims to make her exit as swiftly as she'd done the blows. Or maybe she's tossed to the adorable, delicious looking Ethanor down below. All else fades to background noise, but it seems she and Alicia have the same idea. Sacrifices aren't the way to go.
Varen Dominal (played by darkborn202)

Well, that didn't turn out as planned.

After becoming surrounded by spears, Varen stopped moving towards Zamora, and stood still. That didn't mean he had to like it. His frustration showed through his hand clenching on and off on his mercury bottle; Varen was very much tempted to pull out the stopper. However, not only was he in a terrible situation, but so was everyone else. He needed to think of a way to get them out of this mess.

Upon seeing that witch and what she was doing to Zamora, his frustration nearly boiled over. Varen's face became red, and he only cooled down by expelling his breath- losing his temper would not be good. Why was he so concerned over Zamora? Varen's tentative opinion was that I had gotten her into this mess- I need to get her out. Even if she was frustrating. When the witch lost it, Varen was confused- at first. Then, he started feeling bugs all over his skin. Varen's redness turned into paleness- not a good look, considering his already pale skin. He was immobilized, out of sheer terror and disgust- he hated bugs!

Most peculiarly, a major form of relief came from the Witch's sword. When faced with the decision of bugs or dying, even Varen with his fear of bugs chose..bugs. He instantly tensed up, preparing to jump. That's when Lolu're saved his skin. Varen thought to himself: This queen is incredibly unstable... Thank the Spirits the centauress had a smooth tongue. And just in time: Elyzia was also freaking out. Varen managed to calm her down and get her to stay with Zamora via mental communication. No need to expose her...

Vikne also supplied help, even though it was light. Still, it chased away the feeling of horrible bugs. Varen grimaced a thanks, and looked at the situation at hand.

Varen nearly jumped in suprise at Zamora's sneak attack. As it was, he managed to retain his wits. He also realized Zamora might need help getting away from the witch. Therefore, he caused a screen of darkness to appear between Zamora and the witch, and then made a request to the shadows on board: Friends, could you please ensure the serpent doesn't destroy your ship?

Varen also took this chance to form his black mercury sword. As the liquid flowed out, Varen assumed a battle ready stance, his left hand open after he stuffed the vial into his strap, and pulsulating with black energy.
So much had been happening. And much to fast even for the Centauress to truly process. A man had been swallowed up by a great sea creature. Varen nearly killed but somehow her interruption spared him the Queens wrath; she knew not what Varen had done as nothing seemed to have happened except for the Sea Witches exclamation. Zamora was kissed by the Sea Witch. And she herself had her own hand kissed, as well as she was given a compliment. Being called beautiful, even by a creature so dangerous, was rare. A life of a slave was hardly beautiful, and a slave was never called this either unless being beautiful was their sole purpose of being.

Lozita...the spearwoman, she offered herself. Naturally, Dalitso told her not to, and Lolu're herself would have tried to stop the woman as well. Yet again, it was not her place to interfere. Alicia was her charge, and should the attention be shifted to the youth, it would be then that the woman-beast would meddle.

Vikne performed some healing miracle on Varen, but her attention was drawn to something far more dangerous. Alicia was preparing to fight, it seemed, for Lozita. And if she were to fight, then Lolu're herself would be entering the fray. And before she knew it, a fight had indeed been started, in the most unusual and dramatic way. It wasn't even Cia who had done so.

But from Zamora.

This would likely not end well for many on board if the attack hit true. Although she was loyal to Dalitso and his Caravan, her orders were specific to Alicia. The girl had to survive this battle, if one were to actually erupt.
Sea Queen Isabella (played by Serverus) Topic Starter

Alicia held Lozita’s hand tightly, indeed the grip was of support and affection; her other hand was clenched nervously to her demon blade; the Sea Queen had observed this.

Isabella hoped to calm them both as she cast an empathy spell to both Alicia and Lozita since they were physically joined together. Both women, no longer shook as Isabella came closer to observe Lozita. Her slender hand reached out to touch the Sword Singer, who humbly offered herself, while the exclusive words now filled their hearts. Her hand caressed Lozita’s face, affectionately.

She shared with them the true intentions of her sacrifice and it was not to be a bad one. Lozita would be granted the ability to breath underwater and due to her talents, would become her personal guardian in the Aquatic Amber Kingdom. Alicia and Lozita would both learn of this and that Isabella needed a talented warrior to help her fight off her ancient Naga enemies. Ever since she destroyed Agastranaka, 2000 years ago, the Naga have not stopped trying to invade her city. Lozita smiled and felt peace from the Queen’s intimate display of telepathy. It was to be a noble purpose for her.

Then a distraction came.

Isabella’s daughter came on board and said, “Mother...”

Unfortunately, this was all Isabella heard as a dagger was launched in her left eye brutally. She was unable to react or scream, as another stealthy cut from Zamora’s axe severed the vital organs of her throat. Blackness, suddenly clouded her vision and the Witch did not know if it was Varen’s spell or the fruition’s of death itself that had tragically come upon her. She choked and gagged, holding her throat, as blue blood leaked from it. Soon she was powerless and hit the floor to collapse and bleed out.

Silence and shock came to everyone on board, including the merfolk.

“Well then, what do you geniuses suppose we do now?” Lance said.

Ethanor, enraged grabbed Zamora and held her within his monstrous claws, attempting to crush her; then a Tiger appeared, along with a burning ebony blade as it found the neck of Ethanor. Chi brought it down hard, growling with hate and anger. The sword cut right through the sea creatures neck and the head separated.

Ethanor slowly slithered back into the ocean and the claws that held Zamora along with the sea creatures body all turned to ash and flames.

“Kill them spineless fool.” Chi said to Lance, her face and attire now covered in Ethanor’s crimson.

The merfolk yelled and all rushed in, some with tears in their eyes and some with malice. A fork spear tried to sneak Varen as he was being healed by the shaman, thus Dalitso caught it with his demon sword.

“It is truly an unfortunate day for your people, I understand. And bloodshed was not my intention. But I can not let you harm this man.” Dalitso said.

The merman snatched his spear back and yelled something in his native tounge. He tried to fence Dalitso, to duel him, but the merman was wild and savage. The skill of the assassin avoided his unorthodox spearmastery and spilt the mer’s chin in two; his head broke from his spine and the rest of his remains turned to fire and ashes.

The gypsies seeing this all rushed into the fray as well, taking two Mermen down easily, both cremated afterwards.

Albeit, Lozita did not draw her blade. She still held Alicia’s hand, witnessing all of the bloodshed and after hearing the Queen’s true offer felt terrible. She looked into Alicia’s eyes knowing the girl heard and felt everything. Tears boiled in Lozita’s eyes...then a fork spear seared through her back. Scarlet dripped from her mouth and she was lifted violently into the air.

“Now you will be a real sacrifice.” The merman snickered, madness and foam dripping from his mouth.

Dalitso seen this and his eyes widened. He called out to Lozita but could not get there in time. The merman tossed Lozita to the sea and turned to get Alicia and Lolu’re next, but this did not happen; Dalitso leaned in and cut the mer down in a single thrust that severed both arms. More mermen would arrive, circling the Centuaress and two Sword Singers.

Thus the merman who Dalitso just slain, sprayed blue blood, with his eyes proud that he got someone who mattered; slowly he deteriorated into nothing but an evil memory.
Melodie (played by Kungfu6453)

The daughter yelled” Knock it off! “The Merfolk backed off. “I came to stop my mother and you try to kill her! I was going to talk to mom and speck on your half. “ she hugged her mother. Tears in her eyes. “Now I have a offer for shaman and the leader of this little group. That will end this blood bath. You do owe me for this. Plus you treated my friend like trash. Now are you ready to listen for once instead of killing?” She had a shield around her that would reflect there attacks or magic back at them. “I’m not asking for a sacrifice. But I am ask that I speck to the leader and the shaman in peace and quiet.”
Vikne (played by yourfathersuncle)

Vikne granted Varen his full attention, but could not help but notice the quren weaving her nagic once again. He continued his care, and as he did the wood elf struck her down, the mermen's wrath ensuing.

The furious party descended upon the caravan, forcing the shaman to release the shadowmancer. From his finger flew hundreds of icy shards, swarming a single foe, slicing and cutting the poor merman apart. Once the man had fallen, the ice rose from the ground, forming itself into a crystalline wolf. The beast charged forth into the battle.

Soon however a new arrival had called for peace, one Vikne would honor should she. Then, however she called for to speak with a shaman, presumably him. "What treachery is this?" He called out. This series of events grew ever stranger.
Alicia (played by ShayN-03)

The visions she saw and felt, they were beautiful and honorable. Lozita would have a wonderful purpose and be a traveler of both land and sea. It sounded too good to be true, but seeing the Sea Queen's kind expression, and Lozita's smile. Alicia was ready to let her go, knowing Lozita would be okay.

She smiled, content and grateful that Lozita would be okay. Alicia had opened to her mouth to share the grand news with everyone. But then tragedy struck and shook Alicia to her very core.

Zamora, the wood elf, had just killed the Sea Queen. Alicia's expression of joy quickly morphed into horror. Blue blood splattered at her feet, and Alicia watched as the Sea Queen gurgled and collapsed in front of them. She was left speechless as chaos soon erupted around her.

Alicia looked around her, her eyes focused on Chi, who was covered in crimson. But she only saw herself instead of Chi for a split second.


It hit her like a slap in the face, she was suspicious and displayed open aggression to someone who didn't mean any harm. All of this could've been prevented if Alicia had just been more amicable. She could've done something, she had the power to do something.

So why didn't she?

She quickly looked away from Chi and looked at Lozita in her eyes. Tears had formed and she looked just as upset as she was.

The world then slowed when Alicia saw a Mer appear behind Lozita. Alicia could see the Mer raise their fork spear to pierce Lozita. But she couldn't move, she couldn't even cry out to Lozita.

...The last face Alicia ever saw from Lozita, was her tear stained cheeks and the crimson that came out of her mouth. She didn't know what was going on with her, the world was still there, just numb. She couldn't even react when she saw the Mer turn to finish her off too.

The world around her just became dull and faded, she could only make out small noises here and there. Dalitso soon was in front of her, and he had slained down the Mer who had taken Lozita away. And seeing the Mer's proud eyes, he knew just how much Lozita meant to them.

Soon Alicia lowered her head to watch her scimitar, she saw it glow impossibly more red than ever before. But this time, the hate wasn't aimed at her enemies.

For the first time in a long time, it was aimed at her.

Alicia turned her head slowly to see the Sea Queen's daughter stop the fight. She watched Dalitso's body grow tense with each second. Even in her numb state, she knew she had to do something to calm Dalitso down. So, she weakly grabbed his shoulder and spoke quietly.

"...Listen to the young Princess,"
Zamora (played by Aubrey)

Zamora feels something sharp and predatory upon her figure. The claws tear at her pants and shirt and even have the opportunity to bite into her flesh before the grasp suddenly shudders and weakens. It happened so quickly, her relatively quick mind hadn't even begun to have her body do more than tense for an offensive. The elf nods once towards the tigress, seeming not to notice the fact that her clothes had smoldered in the fire and are missing clumps upon clumps of thread. By some miracle she remains decent enough to not need an immediate change - though she'll require one in the near future.

When the merfolk begin to rush forward with hate and fury, she slips into a pose to signify she's ready for battle; all the while their queen's blue blood drips off her blades with slow, almost deliberate drops. While her body is serene, her mouth is tilted down in a frown, almost as if she disapproves of killing magical creatures. Her eyes, as is typical, tell a different story. They are entertained, as if she's a patroness at a most intriguing piano recital.

The princess speaks and the battle ends before it could begin in earnest. Zamora reins in her emotions and moves impassively across the deck towards the princess. She gets closer and does not stop until she's just out of reach. "Are the opinions of the crew and the rest of us so unimportant to you, Sweet Savior? Why do you fear letting all of us hear what it is you have to say?" The elf gestures behind her at the queen's corpse. "She asked for a sacrifice - a death. There were no hidden clauses saying it couldn't be her." Ignorant as she is of the beautiful cause the mermaid had shown to Alicia and Lozita, Zamora feels no remorse for what she's done.

Next she says her piece to Dalitso. "I say we leave well enough alone. We stop killing the merpeople, they end their killing of us. I'd like to hear from you just what the end goal is of the Singing Swords." Quite unexpectedly, she turns to Varen and winks. "Though you've kept me as up to date as you can, I still feel as if I'm missing some pieces." All the while, her weaponry glints with a smattering of blue from the beloved matriarch. Yet Zamora holds her tools of destruction as easily as a lady would a parasol. To call her a mercenary would imply some lack of grace. Any traveled soul would mix the strawberry blonde with the word 'assassin'.
Varen Dominal (played by darkborn202)

Varen took stock of what was happening. The witch was dead. Good. Alycia and Lozita have horrified expressions on their faces. Not so good. After Lozita was stabbed, Varen immedietly spun around, assuming a battle ready stance again, because the other mermen were advancing.

At least, they were. After the sea...princess? asked for a ceasefire, everyone stopped moving. Everyone except Zamora. She was unpredictable, as Varen was quickly finding out.

For example, when she winked at him. Varen stood there, completely flustered. This woman was going to be the death of him, he could see. He sighed, and quietly offered his own opinion, and a compromise: "A ceasefire sounds like a good idea, so long as both parties keep their distance. As for the princess... Let her talk," at this point, he glances pointedly at Zamora, "for I'm certain she wants this bloodshed to stop just as much as we do. However, I agree with Zamora on one matter. Princess, what you say affects the entirety of the ship now. Therefore, let the entire ship hear your proposal."

The shadows aboard the deck were still milling restlessly. This sudden transition from peace violence peace made them nervous and jumpy, Varen could tell. He'd have to calm them down later, before they manifested as kay'esol, nightmare creatures.
The fight started and ended.

How many deaths had occurred, she could not say. The death of the Sea Witch had brought about another death of equal importance, Lozita. She had not the speed to retaliate, nor did she particularly want to. The woman-beast had been standing close enough to Alicia and Lozita to see their expressions when the Sea Witch seemed to do something to them; it was an odd sense of calm. She couldn't know exactly what was spoken, but no sacrifice would cause an expression such as that now would it?

Which was why, when the Queen had been felled with Lozita in her wake, that Lolu're stood dumbfounded. Zamora had acted swiftly to protect the very one who ended up being killed anyway. Could she even be angry at the elf? Who was she to judge? The woman had done what she thought would protect her, yet the other Sea Man had other ideas. Though fizzled out of reality due to the Demon Swords, the memory was too fresh, too painful to forget.

What she realized she did not want to hear, was words from this so-called Princess. Blood had been shed, much more on the side of the Sea Creatures, but the loss the Centauress felt tasted bitter on her lips. She never had the time to get to know the Spear Woman. She knew not just how important she was to the Caravan. What she did know was that she did nothing about the death, and her blood boiled for that. She wanted nothing more than to have these Sea Creatures go away.

Unfortunately for her, Alicia and the others were right to silence themselves to listen to the Princess. But the woman-beast was distrustful, and it was as plain as the nose on her face. Was this bravery, then, that caused her to speak in a gentle, if not cool tone?

"We will hear you out, Princess, but know we are no way obligated to oblige in whatever you ask. We have both lost that which is precious to us, and I am sure I am not the only one who wishes to mourn without being surrounded by intruders." The Sea Creatures were intruders. They had come aboard unwanted, and they were still unwanted in Lolu're's eyes. Though the others might disagree, the Centauress felt nothing that the Princess could possibly say, especially standing there behind her forcefields that could rectify the situation. She wanted them all to leave as soon as possible. If anyone, it was Dalitso that should be allowed to mourn and not deal with this child of the sea.
Dalitso (played by Serverus) Topic Starter

Bloodshed was still happening. And one could not simply calm it down so easily. Vikne used his shards to take a single merman down and the man beast was destroyed—ripped in half by the powerful shaman.

His murderous ice turned into a crystallized wolf familiar. In fear, the scattered mermen fled from this wizardry.

Nahita pulled out her steel dagger to cut the tails of each fallen merman, stuffing them in her seasoning sack; afterwards purging the bodies with her demon blade. None would protest against her; she would experiment with this ingredients and if one tried to stop her they would see her blade and deal with hellfire. This gypsy took cooking and flavor seriously.

Something else tragic happened in the distance that was more devastating than the Queen’s assassination. Shortly after, Lozita was brutally decapitated and sent into the ocean. All of the gypsies hearts shook. In tears, they watched Dalitso brilliantly avenge her killer, after saving Varen’s life; who did not see the mer coming. Had Dalitso not went to aid Varen who was being healed by Vikne at the time, he could have saved Lozita. This situation saddened all of them.

Now Dalitso was with Alicia and Lolu’re, surrounded by more mermen. The gypsies rushed the circle madly, wanting revenge for Lozita. Chi was furious and roared also, cutting her way through the merman circle, slaughtering three of them even after the priestess spoke.

Blue liquid sprayed everywhere.

The Captain had no choice but to command the rudder of the ship, even covered in warm goo. Lance made sure to keep them north towards their destination. With most of the mer dead the only challenge would be cleaning up this mess. “Find the crew, Jim, tell them to come out of hiding, we have a mess on deck. Let the heroes deal with Isabella’s fallen Kingdom.” Lance said. “Aye, Captain!” Jim went to work.

But it was as if everything stopped, when Dalitso felt a tender hand touch him and a soft voice heed him to listen. He looked over his shoulder and seen that it was Alicia. Tears were in his eyes and he just wanted to grieve. But her touch and support turned his angered heart into a merciful one; he could not let her down. He sheathed his demon scimitar and decided to listen.

He heard many things...

“Queen slayer! She is a Queen slayer!”
The mermen raged about Zamora.

“You want us to yield, Princess?! We will not. Our Lady lies dead in a puddle of blood and you want these wretched airmongers to live? They all unstable animals...that should be put down. Give us the Queen Slayer!” A mer rebelled with tears in his eyes.

Dalitso had heard his people and they all seemed in agreement for peace, but the Princess’ own kind still wanted blood it seemed. He stepped forward to see the mer child cast in her protective bubble. He knocked on it to get the young heirs attention.

“Seems you have a problem on your hands.” Dalitso said.

Suddenly the mermen started to poke on the Princess’ shield with their spears. “Coward! Come out and avenge your Queen!” They yelled. “Or order them to hand over the Queen Slayer!”

Dalitso sighed, “Very tragic day for your people, princess. My own heart is hurting for the loss of my Sword Sister. I guess the only option for you is we kill them and save you, or my Shaman friend will see you off our ship to deal with the hearts of your people the best way you know how. But I can’t let them have Zamora. My Centauress is correct, it was a life for a life. But we owe you nothing.” The wood elf had indeed earned a place in his heart after that brilliant display of weapon artistry and he would not give her up.
Melodie (played by Kungfu6453)

“I’m not asking for war. I disagreed with my mother and you did treat my friends like trash. Now I’m willing to forgive this if .” She had mermen set the triplets on board. If you allow them to join. There father is in the north. They can help you get your friend back. I visit your friend at times...” she turned to the shaman “i was looking for you for awhile cause My mentor was friends with you. I promise on my crown I’m not going to attack. But I want to make a truce. So I ask you come to my corantaion so that it can become a agreement of no more bloodshed can come to you. But I have to be queen to make the merfolk obey. Please help me and I can lend you the power to calm waters for safe sailing. If you do those 2 things I promise on the throne of my bloodline I will keep my part of the deal.” The promise on her bloodline was forbidden to breck for merfolk. She turned to her people “yes but we came to them first and killed one of there’s. We need to heal others first. If we can have more friends then when a real threat comes like the old one then we have a chance.” ( then all my characters die)

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