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Zamora (played by Aubrey)

The she-elf gratefully listens to the information the shadowmancer has to offer. "And just how is he," Dalisto, "the luckiest man alive?" She asks with a playful gleam in her expressive, vibrant gaze. Though she imagines she can guess the answer, it's more fun if she can make him say it. "For now, I'm strictly here to investigate the commotion." She tells Varen, leaving her statement open for a promise of later or an adaptation if necessary. Despite not being in the forest, the wood elf appears perfectly at ease with her hot surroundings, even in her full garb of long sleeves, trousers, and muted colors.

Even the best readers of intent would have a problem pegging the strawberry-blonde. Her posture is easygoing, her smile is curious and playful, yet her eyes seem to hold more depth and shifting emotions than human minds can comprehend. It could be an elf thing, it seems likely for the tales that are told. As Dalisto approaches, she looks him over, trying to get a read for the rather open dark man and the leader. She hears the familiar poem, accepts the kiss to her hand, and smiles at him flirtatiously "Aren't you flattering." Since she has nowhere else to be, she doesn't argue, but looks at The Golden Salamander and falls into line.

The young woman walks over the gangplank with whomever else will be joining the ragtag team of the group, who she's mentally dubbed The Singing Swords. Her green gaze runs a brief investigation over their ship. Within a minute, she loses interest at such a vantage and seeks to change her perspective. Zamora finds the main mast, climbs up it with the speed and efficiency of a squirrel, and claims the crow's nest for herself. It only takes her a moment to find something of interest. Since she has no inkling of what they're possibly doing, she figures the best thing she can do is keep everyone informed on their surroundings. Zamora slides down the pole even more quickly than she had ascended and makes her way to Dalisto. "I'm not sure if this interests you, but there's a slave ship to our starboard side." He seems like a fellow for liberation.

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Varen Dominal (played by darkborn202)

Varen sputters for a moment, looking for a truly correct answer that wouldn't brand him. A dryly giggling whisper then reached into his ear: Serves you right... Elyzia. Of course- she was never one to miss out on the last word.

Varen looked at the rest of the group entering the ship, and smiled- half a true smile in anticipation of an adventure, the other half a grimace to sharing undoubtedly close quarters with everyone. Just as he was about to enter the ship, a shadow seemingly rushed to him- as unobtrusively as it could, of course.

If Varen could describe this shadow, he would have called it a fat scholar. It probably was a scholar ghost that somehow became a shadow. Uncommon, but not rare. However, the way it approached him was slightly more.. blunt than the other shadows. He could sense their dissproval if the scholar, but he kindly allowed the scholar to approach him, smiling.

However, the words it whispered to Varen caused him to quickly snap a glance at Vamora, who was currently looking at the group. He quickly nodded, and dismissed it. He'd certainly misjudged the...elf. However, he couldn't risk raising the point now, publicly. It could turn ugly.

So, he decided to kill two birds with one stone, in a way. He approached Dalisto, and quietly told him: "The request I wished to ask you was whether or not I could join this caravan. I heard it was heading north. Please tell me your decision now, so that I don't have to swim to shore." At that point, he flashed a smile, and upon noticing that Zamora was climbing up the crow's nest, quietly told Dalisto something else, in a whisper, "That wood elf is not a wood elf. She is a-" Before he finished, Zamora called out what she had spotted: a slave ship. She had conveniently interrupted Varen before he revealed what she was.
The Centauress was unimpressed. But perhaps unimpressed was not the correct word. The disappearance of the strange girl bothered her, perhaps even more so than her abrupt appearance to begin with. Yet, there was no time to dwell on her or her eerie words. The most important part of this new mission to her was for her obedience and service to Dalitso. Though she knew he would likely disapprove of the words, in her mind, he had still very much saved her life, being the leader of this growing band and all. She could have taken out a few of the Dervish men herself on her own, but it was unlikely she would have escaped with her freedom. Or even with her life.

At his request for aid, she hurried to his side. She had noticed these creatures before, they simply reminded her of large chickens, if that, but there was something else to them that made them appear to her gentler nature. Her hands grasping the reins, she cooed softly at her new charges.

“Calm thyselves, sweet birds. I’ll do you no harm.” Whether or not they were actually sweet was uncertain to Lolu’re, but her intent to lead them on without any problems was her goal. So long as the birds were calm with her steady pace, she was satisfied. So long as they were calm regardless, she felt she succeeded.

Her hooves fell heavily on the stonework of the road, following silently, occasionally looking over the birds to ensure they stayed calm. She never actually worked with animals, at least, not giant chickens. Other horses maybe, but not tengu. As they walked, Dalitso once again caught Lolu’re’s attention.

A song.

If there was something more than wine that the centauress loved most, it was music. It mattered not if instruments played or the voice was off key or in a language she did not understand, such as now, so long as there was love and joy behind the tune, the woman-beast was enraptured. She snapped back to reality when the man continued on with business, and she found herself disappointed. She said nothing, but she hoped he would grace them all with song once settled upon the ship.

And finally, they reached it, The Golden Salamander. Though she knew not the name herself, the great ship was monstrous and foreboding, but it also gave off an air of trust. Between the draconic bow and the crimson sails, the decorative wings on the port and starboard parts of the ship, and the many ropes that ensured the great creation of the sea would said properly, Lolu’re was at a loss for words. The ship, if she could call it that, that she had come on, was nothing compared to this. She had bartered passage by agreeing to, once again, hard labor. Working a ship when one knew next to nothing about it, was a difficult task. But being strong and stoic, she was able to succumb even the strongest storm that nature would throw at them.

Once again, if she could read Alicia’s thoughts, Lolu’re would sympathize. There had been many times when one of her kind had purposefully killed themselves, either by dropping something heavy from a height onto their bodies, or eating something highly poisonous. Getting weapons was unheard of, they were carefully monitored. A suicide usually ended up in the entire barrack getting flogged. Lolu’re was no stranger to that.

When the birds were secure, the Centauress freely followed Cia. She, too, wanted to look around the boat and admire her craft. Calloused fingers ran over the side, ever so slightly, ghosting the fine work of a dedicated craftsman.

“It’s so beautiful…” She said mostly to herself, though anyone close might hear her. It reminded her slightly of the Queen’s belongings. All highly expensive, finely crafted, and don’t you dare touch anything. The threat of a Centaurs hide adorning her personal chambers was a threat she used often, or at least, parroted by the overseers.

Her thoughts were interrupted. How long she had been thinking, she knew not, but low and behold, that elf had not only climbed the mast but taken over as the Barrelman. Or Barrelwoman, in this case. At the mention of the slave ship, the woman galloped across the deck to the other side, fingers tightly gripping the edge. Were they coming to collect more slaves? Were they looking for her? She grit her teeth, turning to look to Dalitso for guidance.
Dalitso (played by Serverus) Topic Starter

Lozita and the gypsies seen the Tengu tensing up and they brought the mounts fresh bowls of cactus worms. The beast dove their beaks into the bowls enjoying the treats. Shortly after, the women took all of the Tengu by the reins, releasing Dalitso and Lolu’re from this burden. Afterwards they led them on the gangplank into their special cellar beneath the ship.

When the wood elf came back down after scouting the coast, she arrived back with news of a slave ship. Such made Chi appear with a vicious growl. Especially how she had cut Lord Varen’s words off, such had set her off.

“I do not trust this...creature.” The demon tiger spat. “You should leave her here to wither in the sun. Or let my blade cleanse her.” She unsheathed her ebony scimitar that pulsed with wicked black roots.

“That will not be necessary.” Dalitso controlled his demon. “Ease your blade.” He said calmly.

Chi hissed, but always obeyed the will of her master.

“Varen you can board with me as a friend and member of our caravan. As for the wood elf, if you can afford your fair speak with the Captain. Once we anchor in the north, you can choose to join or go your separate way.”

Chi sniffed the wood elf and then eradicated into a vapor of deadly winged bugs. Soon she was gone, albeit watching really closely.

Dalitso rubbed his chin and had to think about it. A slave ship? First a cave of truth and now a slavers ship on free lands. It seemed it was another distraction to keep him here in this desert. He sighed. They were already losing sun and he knew Captain Lance wanted to be passed the Sea of Ghost before evening hit.

Soon he was on deck. Lance asked would this be all? Dalitso nodded without guilt. He couldn’t save everyone. He did not know who those slavers were or how many boarded ship. It was not his fight.

“Raise the anchor Captain.” Dalitso said.

“You heard him you unsophisticated, illiterate, defiled, worthless, dropped from your mothers womb, then pissed on by your father, uneducated maggots! You gut rubbing, rum sucking, belly wobbling wenches. Raise your panties and lift up that bloody steel!” Lance ordered.

“Aye!” Lances crew said.

“Wait, did you just call us uneducated? I must remind you that I come from a family of scholars.” Jim, one of the pirates said.

Lance widened his mouth...unable to find a curse.

“Got ya.” Jim winked.

The pirates all laughed...Once all the deals were done and the silver collected The Golden Salamander would surely be off.
Melodie (played by Kungfu6453)

the girl looked at them. in her head she learned to not trust anybody. she knew she could not trust them. she screamed in pain as the solider jumped on her. she thought you evil people. you never help slaves. they seek that girl. she hated them. she used her powers and forced herself to take out the gaurds. then slowly crawled to a door. but screamed in pain at just barely moving. soon the slaves took over and used there powers to sail the ship sailing north.
Vikne (played by yourfathersuncle)

Vikne took in the scene. A wood elf had appeared and become quite comfortable, a slave ship had now appeared heralding some new stranger. For a moment he lost himself in thought. "Ah!" He proclaimed, proceeding to approach Dalitso.

The shaman cleared his throat, speaking to the caravan's leader. "So, I hear my magic wounded you. That my friend, was not intended. You alright?" Asked Vikne.

As he spoke, the crew readied themselves, preparing to set off.
Zamora (played by Aubrey)

Her interruption is the cause of lucky timing, as her senses are too busy trying to take in everything at once. The wood elf watches as the slaves stage a revolt and can't help but chuckle. "It looks like they don't need us after all, anyway," she assures Dalisto. The female sets her vibrant green eyes on Chi. Her face is confused, body language understandably tense, as if she's been threatened, yet her eyes are utterly indifferent - as if she cannot be bothered by such a minuscule threat.

"Perhaps it's time for introductions," she suggests, as any sane person might when they're on a boat, surrounded by strangers - some of which seem openly hostile and distrusting. "I'm Zamora Swift. I have some magic and am good at picking locks." The bits of information are intentionally given and hopefully will aid in divvying up tasks for the quest. She doesn't say what she is or where she's from, because nobody has openly asked.
Varen Dominal (played by darkborn202)

Varen smiled at the sailors antics, then quickly resumes a serious face. Lots of problems to sort out. First and most obvious is the slaver ship- slaves who may or may not know where to go. Secondly, the problem of the "wood elf". Right now, it seems like she's facing off against the demoness. Great- a fight is the last thing anyone needs. Thirdly, and least obvious, is the fact that there are relatively fewer shadows on a ship than in a city. That makes things more... complicated.

After responding to Dalisto, and thanking him for his generosity, Varen starts to plan.

First off, to resolve these issues, Varen quietly questions the shadows about the slaver ship: how far away it is, where does it look like its heading to, what's happening aboard it. To achieve those ends, he manages to secure the aid of a couple of shadows, who dare brave the sunlit ocean to check the slave ship.

Secondly, he manages to convey the information to Elyzia on how to properly identify what Zamora is, based on what the scholar-shadow told him. Sensing his intent, she silently heads to get a closer look at Zamora. Varen's shadow distorts for a second, before another shadow breaks away from it, quickly blending in with the other shadows.

Thirdly, to diffuse the tension. Varen steps slightly near the two opposing females, and quietly throws them a red herring, of sorts. "Your eyesight is certainly keen, Zamora." He said, with some dryness. Also, thank the spirits Elyzia overheard Zamora's introduction. "However, even if the slaves did manage to free themselves, there will be chaos aboard. Certianly it would be good to try and establish some order, so that the freed slaves can determine where they want to go."

Of course, he would have to ask Captain Lance if that was applicable. The good part was that if they got close enough, Varen could teleport between the shadows onto the slaver ship, and then back. That is, if he could concentrate from the pressure his affliction was giving him...he'd need to get away from Chi.

Speaking of Captain Lance, Varen needed to pay him for the trip... And Zamora... he grudgingly thought. Deciever she may be, he still helped her board the ship. Varen supposed he had that much responsibility on him.
Alicia (played by ShayN-03)

When Alicia heard of a slave ship being taken over, she couldn’t help but feel it was a trap of some sort.

A slave ship couldn’t be so easily taken over...could it? Even if it could, how would the slaves survive the ocean? She began pondering over how she could’ve overturned the slave ship that carried her but pushed away the thought.

“The past is in the past.” She murmured under her breath. She gripped at her scimitar though, an action she had been performing quite often nowadays.

She didn’t bother asking the elf where she was from, she had potential threats to prepare for.

She hopped down and stayed close to Dalitso, now understanding the man wasn’t invincible. She would make sure to repay the man for his kindness.
It had seemed something occurred that slipped from her attention. The elf had come down, and that strange Tiger Creature had appeared with a growl. Lolu're had turned to watch the interaction silently, her pointed ears focused on what could have possibly set them all off so suddenly. What could a Wood Elf possibly do cause such a stir? If only the great Centauress truly knew what the elf was. But alas, so sheltered for her entire life within the shackles of slavery, and only with a few free months under her hooves, she would never know that which the others could sense.

Varen and the Wood Elf both were spoken to. Personally, Lolu're had no qualms against either of them. While the elf had shown up after their little battle and had yet to show her own experience with weapons, that did not mean the elf wasn't capable. Despite the palpable air the elf caused, an extra fighter would sure do well to assist them the closer they got to the Queens realm. If the elf did indeed have other plans, however, there were more than enough of them, including The Golden Salamander's crew to take her down. She just hoped it did not have to come to that. Fighting on a vessel was not a great idea, one could easily be tipped overboard if one was not paying attention. And as far as Lolu're knows, not many knew how to tread water.

After all was said and done, there came the matter of the slave ship. It appeared that, with a heavy heart, Dalitso wanted them to keep going without interfering. The Centauress considered the logic behind the decision and found it sound after deep thought. They likely had not the ability to feed so many, whereas that slave ship itself could. This ship would only be able to carry a small amount of the slaves, and who were they to damn the others and save a handful? Where they couldn't rescue them now, certainly they would as soon as they defeated the Queen. It was a hard reality to grasp, as their inaction could easily sentence some of those slaves to death, but they had no choice. She would push away her deep feelings and obey.

Lolu're wasn't sure she particularly liked Lance by the way he treated his crew. She parted her lips to ask why he spoke so harshly to them, when the crewmate, Jim, spoke back to his Captain. The short interaction spoke incredible volumes. She snapped her jaw shut. Lance obviously did respect his crew, and his crew, despite the strange way he used his tongue, respected him. I have much to learn... The woman-beast thought solemnly.

The slave ship caught her attention again for a moment, and she flinched. She could hear the screaming, even from here. Even over the wind in the sails and the waves crashing against the sides of the ship. Or was that just her imagination, projecting her feelings?

Tearing her eyes from the distant ship, she looked back to Vikne. She smiled some, feeling some pity for the Shaman. The young male, who she felt seemed much older due to his facial hair, appeared to be quite sobered from his magic nearly killing their leader. And it also seemed genuine. The others might not understand as fully, but Lolu're had experience with magic. Even those who were considered experts had the scars to prove how volatile magic was. And yes, she knew, it was possible to do more damage by healing incorrectly...

The Elf captures her attention next, and the woman-beast realized that she had in fact heard screaming after all. But if it were the slaves staging a revolt, then those screams were probably their captors. Well, that is good then! Perhaps that particular ship was filled with incompetent idiots to be easily overthrown then. More power to the slaves. It made her feel better since they weren't going to assist in the first place. She could only hope though, that the slaves could hold the ship on their own and escape to true safety. She had missed the next part of the conversation due to this inner dialog.

Varen stepped in next, offering the elf, who she missed introduced herself as Zamora, a compliment on her sharp eyes. She did detect that hint of aridity in Varen's voice, but she chalked it up to being weary in the slaves' stead, especially due to his next comment. She wanted to agree, but at the same time, Dalitso had already made the decision to leave. She decided not to voice this, however, as their handsome leader could easily change his mind, and she wasn't going to try to keep him from it if it came down to it.

She noticed Alicia's closeness to Dalitso. The girl was young and, in Lolu're's honest opinion, still but a child. There was no reason for a child to be wielding a weapon. That is until it dawned on her exactly why Cia was keeping to a fighting stance, clinging to that sword as if her very life depended on it. Because she had. Although she herself had been through slavery, most of it was labor work. Pulling wagons full of extremely heavy stones or other building materials. Some of her kind were sent to the pits to fight others for entertainment, but she wasn't afforded that, mostly because of her outright disobedience when her mother died. She wasn't trusted with weapons.

"Indeed it is." The Centauress replied to Cia. "And let us keep the past in the past, shall we?" The woman smiled down at Cia, a knowing smiling. And understanding one. She bent down, whispering into the young girls ear. "I know you are capable of handling your own, but I will not allow you to be captured have my word." She stood back up, still smiling. Yes, in reality, she was only 5 years older than Alicia, but that motherly instinct was there.
Dalitso (played by Serverus) Topic Starter

And so the decision to leave the slave ship behind was decided. Vikne offered a genuine apology about losing control of his magic. Dalitso smiled and placed a hand over the shamans shoulder. “It is okay, friend. Wounds will heal. Just make sure to let us know if indeed you decide to use that spell again,” he chuckled heartily. “Rest now. We both will need it after the long day we had.”

Soon the Golden Salamander had left the coast and everything including the slave ship was lost from visibility. Sadly, they had lingered on coast longer than expected and now the sun was slowly leaving from the warm blue sky.

Dalitso tossed a sack of gold in Lance’s treasure chest for the traveling fair. Lance opened the bag to count and bite on each piece to check the purity.

“A fine quality, mate.” The Captain said to Dalitso. “That should cover everyone on board...uh accept the wood elf. Zamora Swift you said your name was? Well you owe me 100 silvers.” He smiled.

Jim held down the rudder while the captain got the payments in order. He had begun to sing a familiar theme song, whenever they took to the sea. The pirate mates all joined along...

“Rum, rum, pour us some rum, where there is rum our hearts will go numb.”

“Rum, rum, gives us some rum, if ye has rum then please poor me some.”

A pirate poured Jim a goblet of rum while he sung. “Thank you, you insignificant, barbaric, grime in your toe nails and wax in your ears, smelly breathed, yellow toothed heathen.” He took the goblet to drink and sing. The pirate laughed. “With pleasure. And thank you for the lovely compliments. I was hoping my insignificance would one day be respectfully recognized.” He spoke like a scholar.

“Rum, rum if ye has rum, give us our rum and don’t spoil our fun.”

While the singing went on and goblets of rum were being passed to all on board, that was when Alicia spoke to Dalitso and Lolu’re about the past staying there.

He smiled at Lolu’re’s words and asked for the both of them to join him down in his private quarters. Once inside, they would see the gypsies and Chi all circled near a fire. It smelled good inside. Fresh fish was being cooked on the iron grill, along with corn and cabbage, seasoned and prepared to perfection.

“If I am to die, Lolu’re, I want you to look after Alicia. Groom her to be a great woman like yourself. Soon Alicia shall be Alpha of our caravan.” Dalitso said to pluck the girls cheek, fatherly with his fingers.

Lozita heard that but said nothing. She knew her time was coming. She seen Alicia cut down those dervish and the girl was no novice with the sword. She was tremendously gifted.

Nahita who was the best cook on board offered the three of them plates. “What about the others?” She asked.

“Make them all plates. I don’t want anyone to go hungry on this vessel. Not even the wood elf, or whatever she is.” Dalitso smirked. “I just need to speak with Cia and Lolu’re in private.”

Nahita nodded. Her and the girls would do as asked and bring hot plates up to the surface, serving the caravan members first, Zamora, then Lances crew.

“Now this is why we like sailing with Dalitso.” Lance said, seeing the food offering and waiting for the energetic elf to hand over his silver. “Rum, rum give Lance some rum, if ye has none your arses is done.” He grinned and joined in the singing.
Melodie (played by Kungfu6453)

But then 2 girls walked up on deck “this is fun. Now just to get to the other ship. A girl mumbled so only the shaman could hear. “ sick this group can’t be trusted they abandon a girl who risked her life and needs help and they leave her? Sick. If the time comes I will fight for my twin. This people abandon a girl near death. I guess this group is not as nice as they said.” Suddenly one vanished. Then reappeared on the other ship.
Vikne (played by yourfathersuncle)

Vikne made his way to railing of the ship, leaning upon it and watching waves batter ceaselessly against the vessel's mighty hull. As strange as the desert had been to him, the sea was stranger still.

As the shaman began to lose himself again, one of the gypsy women presented him a fresh meal. He was grateful, for it would serve as his dinner, in place of stale bread and diluted mead.

As he ate, Vikne began to craft grim fantasies of the days to come. Something in his heart protested. How did these wanderers serve his ultimate end? At the same time he considered their thoughts towards him. Was he but a crazed wizard as the dervish leader had claimed, was he some hapless fool chasing a fate which he had narrowly avoided years ago, on the whim of a monster? Whatever the case, answers would lay ahead of him.

The shaman would remain engrossed by the sea for some time before retiring to bed.
Alicia (played by ShayN-03)

The voices that filled the air were so foreign, she couldn't remember the last time she'd heard singing. She knew what it was, for her sister had once quietly sung to her when she had nightmares. She allowed herself to close her eyes, for just a couple of seconds before mouthing the words along. She didn't allow herself to join in though, it'd be difficult if she had to fight the crew should they reveal they had bad intentions.

She couldn't help but feel confused, the crewmates were insulting each other during a supposedly joyous time. Why? Observing them further, she quickly learned it was all a good jest. But she still could not understand why-

"Or maybe I just refuse to understand and I'm trying to find ways to dislike the crew."

She frowned, disliking the fact that it was true. She then opened her eyes and continued to observe the sight before her, but then heard Lolu're replying.

"....!!" Alicia had frozen a little hearing the Centauress speak in her ear, she forced herself not to draw her blade to attack. After coming from another battle she was on high alert. She didn't know if any bounties were on her, but she wasn't planning on letting her guard down now.

"You have my word."

The words repeated in her mind, once, twice, three times before they faded out. She wanted to smack herself on the back of her own head for thinking Lolu're might've been a threat to her. The Centauress was just like her, someone on the run trying to stay free. But another part of her whispered how Lolu're would be like the rest of the slaves she'd encountered, ready to betray in order to survive.

Just like Alicia herself was.

But seeing the understanding smile on her face, made her suppress her survival instinct. She wanted to live, but she wanted to be alive while doing so. Alicia looked at Lolu're's face before smiling herself, even though she was torn between the desire to keep everyone at a distance and the desire to pull them closer.

She loosened her grip on the handle of her sword, feeling a little safer knowing Lolu're was on her side. Hearing Dalitso asks for meeting with her, she immediately walked to his private quarters. She then saw all the gypsies and Chi, and she then smelled the food. She felt her mouth water a little before she sat down near the fire herself.

She nearly felt her heart drop when she heard Dalitso talk about his own death so casually. She wanted to explode when she felt Dalitso pluck her cheek, feeling like a daughter once again. A rare feeling she had experienced once or twice before. A feeling she'll never wish to give up...!!

"No!" She suddenly felt herself cry out. She cursed under her breath when she felt some eyes begin to look at her. She knew Dalitso wasn't immortal nor invincible, of course, she knew. She had seen enough death in her life to have the understanding nothing was eternal.

"I...I don't ever want to be Alpha of the caravan, I want you to stay. Please don't ever change anything." She felt herself admit, huh, she was growing closer to Dalitso than she thought. At this rate, she'll probably hesitate too much and get herself killed should she and Dalitso be on enemy sides.

She hoped that'll never happen, she'll unite heaven and hell to make sure Dalitso and her stick together. She lost her family once, Dalitso has been the closest thing she's ever felt to family despite their short time together.
Zamora (played by Aubrey)

Her hope had been to learn the names and at least some other abilities about the others of the Singing Swords, but is not too surprised when she is the sole being to relinquish such information; as she is the newest addition to the group. Chi doesn't take the bait, so the wood elf and demoness won't cross swords - yet. Surely such fiery tempers will ignite hostilities at least one other time on their quest... or so the elf hopes. She takes a moment during the songs and nearby mingling to look out at the steadily fading coast, then to the sea beyond. The young woman turns her head, appearing perfectly at ease on a ship full of strangers, to speak with Varen. If she should feel any magic from a shadow investigating her, she remains indifferent. If she doesn't - the same. Though his argument on helping the slaves is reasonable, it doesn't seem to penetrate her thick skull. "Just because you have power doesn't mean you always have to react." Her tone is curious, eyes serious, and body language still implying at the wandering of her eyes as she takes in the ever changing surroundings.

Lance approaches for her fare. Her clothes are just loose enough that she may have a pocket or two, but certainly not so many silver coins. "Pricey," she declares with a laugh and raised brows. Her hand moves down into her shirt, pulls at a spot level with her collarbone and wiggles her fingers a bit, as if counting change. A flare of magic, more specifically a rune, can be felt when she pulls back with a palm full of a leather coin purse. "I believe that should be a hundred." Her expectations flare for the voyage; as she now expects every chamber pot to be made of solid gold.

With the captain gone, she regards Varen once more. "I thought Dalisto was in charge. Wasn't he the one that said we should leave them? If you have a problem with the course, I suggest you take it up with him." Though her words should be harsh, she says them with a smile so sweet and serene that even a skilled thespian would fail to find fault in her act. She politely refuses the food and informs the woman that she'll not be eating anything on the voyage. Catching sight of Vikne from the corner of her eye, she nods her head to Varen. "I'm going to retire for the evening." Her green gazes holds a provocative invitation, but her figure moves too quickly to send any sort of vibes.

She walks down the deck and away from everyone for the moment.
Varen Dominal (played by darkborn202)

As Varen gratefully accepted the food, he noticed that Dalisto was getting Alicia and Lolu're, as well as the gypsie girls, to a separate room. He wondered if he should eavesdrop- he had the power to- but decided against it. After all, it wasn't his business to spy on kind people who payed for his voyage north.

Furthermore, Varen noticed captain Lance charged Zamora the price. Suspicious or not, he still felt guilty about her paying for a trip he essentially baited her on. He resolved to pay her when he had the time. Varen also noticed that Zamora didn't accept the food, nor planned to, for the entire trip. Great spirits! Was she a nun or monk fasting?

Her words rang true, if somewhat bitterly, with Tyron. It is wise not to react to everything, but patience is a hard taskmaster. His pondering thoughts were inturrupted by Zamora's farewell. Upon seeing Zamora's gaze, he alternates between beet red and pale white, until he realizes: she left. Varen gasped, in relief. He didn't know what to do in that situation! He never dated- none of the girls in the village would. They would put up with him, but he was too strange in their eyes to be a date.

Ah well... He turned his thoughts to the tension between Chi and Zamora. That needed to be diffused, somehow. A demoness and a magical creature fighting is a big no. However, it was hard to think, let alone speak, when his curse activated. He once again bitterly cursed the demon...

Finally, Varen spotted Vikne, looking forlorn at the railing. Though he had angered at the man for his carelessness, he had forgiven him after thinking about it: Shamanic magic was primal, and not easily controlled. So he had no real grudge against the man. So Varen did what he thought was kind: he walked up to the railing next to the shaman, and kept him company for a while. It was during that time that Varen asked Vikne, "Why do you intend to go North?" He had a while- then it would be time to talk to the shades- they got nagging at times.
While singing had started from the pirates, a couple of them had another strange interaction similar to Captain Lance just a bit ago. Strange way of words, they had. It wasn't long after that, that she and Cia were asked to follow Dalitso to their quarters. Of course, Lolu're had wanted to stay above deck where she could stand freely and observe, she would not argue an audience with her leader regardless of the circumstances. And although the boat was built large, she still had a hard time navigating, being so big. But soon enough, they had entered the private quarters of Dalitso and the gypsies, and she laid down to keep from bending over.

What came from Dalitso's mouth was surprising. It was not that she didn't believe Cia to be capable of leading, it was just that she was still too young. Lolu're herself wouldn't even have thought she could lead an entire caravan, due to her upbringing as a subordinate. She could take charge in battle, but it suited her well to follow rather than lead. However, at the notion to look after the young girl and mold her into a strong woman like herself could she refuse? The request was made with a great compliment.

But she did note how he touched Cia's cheek and how carelessly he spoke about dying. Was this just a remnant of his near-death experience earlier or did he truly not think he would survive this journey? She said nothing though, it wasn't her place.

"First allow me to thank you for the passage fare. I will repay you. As for the girl, I shall do all I can." She had said, gratefully accepting the plate from the ever so talented Nahita. Despite her well-off looks, Lolu're had never had a meal such as this. She had received only that which would give her energy to work and enough to survive back at the Queen's castle. She had hunted her food while on the run, but her cooking was shoddy at best, and definitely not tasteful such as this. It was incredibly hard for the ex-slave to not swallow the entire plate in one gulp.

However, that would have been all and well, had her meal not been suddenly interrupted by a horrified Cia. She did pause to look down at the girl and she frowned. She didn't think the girl would agree, and frankly? She was glad the youth spoke up where she felt she could not. Being younger did have its perks! But since Cia had already said something, Lolu're takes in a small breath and spoke lowly.

"...I agree with the girl, Dalitso. Please do not run off into danger and get killed. While maybe yet she would change her mind, the girl is still young, and while I can do what I can to help her, there is much more a father, or in your case, a father-figure could do for her." She felt uneasy. Was that the wrong thing to say? While she did not fear the whip from the caravan, nor did she really fear the tiger Chi, she did fear to be alone, and Dalitso had the power to keep her from the Caravan if he so chose.
Dalitso (played by Serverus) Topic Starter

Chi sensed the girl from the slave ship come on deck and the demoness ported there to cut her path off immediately. “I don’t remember you paying your fair.” She hissed quietly, contemplating on ending her quickly. “You’ve come here with strange powers and an ill agenda. What are your reasons? Speak now or you won’t have a chance to heed my next words.”


Meanwhile, beneath Dalitso’s private quarters, he reclined in his chair to puff his weed pipe and wind down for the evening. He could see the confusion in Alicia and Lolu’re’s eyes. One feared to lose him and the other spoke prudently to him; indeed Alicia was like a sweet daughter and Lolu’re was like a caring wife, both showing love to him in their own way. His chuckled at them both, his eyes now faded.

“Thank you, Lolu’re for agreeing to look after her. And you both misunderstand my words. This is not my choice, but it is my will as owner. Trust me, I do not want to die.” He smirked. “My hope is to live a long and prosperous life. But if I should retire early, when Alicia is of age she will inherit the caravan and the warrioress Chi. This is my will should there be no confusions in the future.”

Then while everyone started to just settle down, some drunk with rum and others full with food—the ship shook. All who were on deck would feel the chaos more intensely. Lance took the rudder and kept the ship poise. “Keep those masts high ladies. It appears we’ve come across a territorial breach of bartering taxation. One that I could have easily avoided had I taken the risks of dealing with ghosts.” He mocked, scholarly. “Clearly a miscommunication in thought, that required risks and an undeniable chance of unluckiness.” He grinned.

“Well, I suppose it is too late to turn around, whilst our inadequance to make the proper decision now tragically binds us.” Jim snickered.

Lance agreed. “Touché, Jim. It was either the Sea of Ghost or the Mer Sea. Unfortunately, I chose the latter. The path of least resistance, which dost blinded my competence and disabled me from considering the true dangers of the sea.”

A giant merman leaped on the deck, holding a golden magical pitchfork. Around the ship dozens more like him showed up. The pirates all nervously shivered, unsheathing their worn sabres. Lance took the nearest rum bottle and drunk it down.


Then another Mer figure came on board last. Isabella The Sea Queen. She was slender and beautiful, with pale skin, white hair and ebony eyes that flashed horizontally.


“My dear, sweet, precious, handsome, charming, daring, brave, risk taking, ghost dodging, rum drinking, trespassing, Lance. You dare make mockeries of true scholars?” She teased him, her slender fingers playing with his boyish face.

“Isabella, long time no see.” He said his face as pink as salmon. “I have gold and silver to barter.” He said nervously.

“Blah, I do not desire what mortals desire. You should have told your crew that crossing my Sea requires a proper sacrifice.” Isabella said to look around and observe all the interesting and terrified faces. “So who shall you offer? I see you’ve brought quite the variety tonight.” She smiled seductively.
Melodie (played by Kungfu6453)

“I came to save my twin. I did pay. Your majesty i belive I did pay your price. Plus you owe me a favor from the time we served your kingdom. I love it if you could help me. I’m willing to pay you I The something more rare then anything you see. So I have a request. Well really 2. But I have payment now.” Sauda “ that slave ship has our twin sister and she dying! You let us pass! I already paid! So get your shadows and demons away or I will do something you won’t like and my sister death will be on your shoulders!”
Vikne (played by yourfathersuncle)

Vikne faced the shadowmancer. "A curious inquiry." He stopped for a moment to ponder. "I hurt for these men, who seek to break the bonds of subjugation upon their brothers." The shaman seemed content with the answer. "Now friend-" before he could reply Varen a surge of water presented a gathering of merman, invoking fear in the hearts of the crew.

The shaman leapt from the railing, swiftly surveying this party. They were surrounded at outnumbered, bargaining with this queen was the perhaps the best decision.

As he mulled over all eventualities he could, a figure emerged from the shadows with a claim to a favor. Whether friend or foe, Vikne was uncertain.

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