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fullmarvelalchemist wrote:
Hello there and welcome!

I agree that the character creation pages are one of the best aspects of this site. The other being that there is a pretty reasonable amount of activity so finding partners is rarely very difficult :)

Feel free to look over my page and characters and let me know if anything jumps out to you! Even if nothing does, feel free to message me anytime. I love making new friends and talking different ideas or characters.

Hope you feel right at home here!

Yesss loving the customization, and definitely considering buying the membership once I get more familiar and established with the site.
mojavewasteland wrote:
Gaia is definitely dead and dying. But also my account has been on hold since February for "suspicious activity" and I have yet to hear ANYTHING from staff. Had my account for 10 yrs and they can't even get back to me about it. Pfft.

Thank you for the congrats, and I wish you luck in your education and future endeavors~

Oh, that is so sad - it was such a fun site for passing the time, and I'm a huge fan of customization, which is one of the things I love so much about RPR. There's loads of options for customization, and plenty of ways to find artists if one's seeking a template, or OC art, etc.

It's pretty rough when administrators don't respond to questions and issues, but I can assure that the folks of RPR are quite swift to pull the reins when a problem occurs, and Kim (the creator) is one of the nicest people I've ever met.

Thank you so much for your well wishes!
Welcome! :)
Hello and welcome! I hope you enjoy your stay here at RPR. If you've got any questions, check out the help section of the site, and see if your question's been answered. If not, ask one yourself and the wonderful people here will be quick to help. If you need someone to chat with, i'm always here!
Welcome to RPR! I'm Ruri, it's a pleasure. I also have a cat, a sassy boy, and a friend who's getting her diploma in the same field.
mojavewasteland wrote:
New to the site, but am a long-time RP veteran, looking to spark up my old hobby again.
Came from Gaia, aka dead site, hoping to find more action and fun here!
I'm in the EST timezone, working full-time, so my time for RP is kind of limited.
I'd have to find partners who can deal with my inconsistent days sometimes.
(Though I will admit if I'm super into an RP I have a hard time stopping to do actual life things...)

This site seems really cool with its character creation feature, I'm definitely excited to mess around with that.

I have a dog, rabbit, and a cat. All equally spoiled and stinky.

Recently finished my career diploma for Dental Office Assisting and I'm super proud of that.
Now comes the hard part... actually finding a position in that field.
(It's rough times out here, y'all)

Hope you're all doing well and I can't wait to meet and talk with some of you!
Hi there Mojave! Welcome to the RPR, and I also have a cat who is spoiled af ;-;.
I hope you have fun here! :)

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