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Rosaline Stanfeld (played by hexblading) Topic Starter

Barely catching up with Kiran's long gait, the spider managed to catch the conversation just as it started and let itself perch in the corner of the room, out of sight and mind. It wasn't like Rosaline was expecting hard evidence of malpractice right out the gate, for their house to filled with blood and slaughtered babies or some other nonsense like that, but it seems like yet another stakeout was necessary.

Moreover, given that everyone seemed to be turning in for the night, there would be no use in closely watching them. She could afford a night's rest, preferrably in her own bed, if there was something important going on in the Askew family at first light. No sense having John knock on her door in the middle of a stakeout and miss important information.

Though, as she sat there through the eyes of another, she wondered at the twins' back-and-forth. Despite Shiv's belligerence and Kiran's polar change in demeanour from confident to positively bullied, they shared a closeness that only years of closeness could forge. Rosaline found herself envying that bond, and found it harder still to stay.

So, she returned to her body with practiced breathing, Rosaline bade her familiar to stay in the high corner it perched itself in, and soon left the inn.

She stifled a yawn and moved deeper into the night, and wondered whether she'll have enough time for breakfast before watching the Askew family again.

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Kiran (played by Leighoflight)

Before the sun rose Kiran had dragged himself out of bed and stepped into the hallway. Wearing pyjama bottoms and nothing more he was much more at ease about his attire at home than he was in that village a few days ago. Slowly shuffling his way to the kitchen where Siobhan was already awake, fully dressed and prepared.

Good morning to you too…” she’d greet him while drinking her tea.

The scruffy haired half-awake zombie waved a hand in her direction, trying to keep his eyes open to avoid crashing into the kitchen table. He’d reach the counter top and make himself a herbal tea, not looking at which one as the cupboard was full to exploding point with different types. He’d mix it with half cold water and down the entire thing in one go then let out a tired groan.

Are you sure you want to do this? You can always wait you know?” She turned to look at him with concern.

And let you get it first? You’ve got a better chance of finding a partner” he gave her a sleepy grin, knowing where to strike where it would hurt. It worked, if looks could kill she would of stabbed him repeatedly. “You can talk!” not having an immediate comeback she threw a tea towel at his head. He wouldn’t move to dodge it, too tired, it struck him in the face.

They both looked over to the clock on the wall, the sun would be up soon “Come on then, get a shirt on and sort out that homeless look you got going on.” swirling her index finger around to point at his hair. “I’ll get everything set up

Kiran returned to his room while Siobhan headed into the living room, she’d go to a drawer and pull out a large leather roll full of metal tools that clattered as she held it. As well as a few scalpels from Kiran’s desk and the red ink in a large bottle he had purchased. He on the other hand threw on a shirt and tucked it into his pyjama bottoms and ran his hands through his hair. It wasn’t ideal but he wasn’t being tested on appearance.

Both exited their respective rooms and headed towards the back of the house to the last bedroom. Siobhan quietly knocked “Nan? he’s ready.”
Rosaline Stanfeld (played by hexblading) Topic Starter

"Master, they have awakened."

Fizzle's voice in Rosaline's ears roused her from sleep, eyelids snapping open to the still blue hues of dawn. Rising from bed, Rosaline got to her feet and headed over to the pantry of her small office. Getting some water to drink, she made her way to an antique table stacked with multiple documents, each one of them a detailed compilation of information, transactions and personages. After pushing some aside to make some room to breathe, she finally sat at her chair.

"And what are they doing?"
"Preparing for something important. It involves metal tools and red ink."
"Did you search the house through the night?"

"Yes, master," Came the voice again, steady and unfaltering. "Though, there was one room I couldn't enter. The last room to the back of the house is heavily warded. I did not enter for risk of breaching surveillance."

"You're so smart, Fizzle. I'll reward you later." Rosaline smiled, taking one last gulp of water before leaning further into her chair. "Now, rest a while. I will take over."

With that, familiar availed its senses for its master, and Rosaline was once again back in the Askew house... as the same spider, of course. Noticing the twins outside the last room of the corridor, it scuttled on the ceiling towards the room. As Fizzle told Rosaline, the room felt heavily guarded, a burning energy waved from it as a dire warning to all who dared approach. So, she watched. Closely.
Kiran (played by Leighoflight)

He looked nervous as he stood outside of his grandmothers bedroom door.
It’s ok Kee, you’ll be fine.” offering some words of reassurance and a pat on the arm to her brother. “I know…but still, this isn’t as easy as Sinners…” he sighed heavily before entering the room and closing the door.

Siobhan stood outside with the equipment on a tray, leaning against the wall and staring at the door, equally nervous.
The bedroom was warded heavily and permitted no sound to exit through the walls. Only a dead silence in the hallway as she waited.

It felt like ages had gone by yet it was only a few minutes at best before a bright flash of cold, white light shone out from underneath the door. Standing bolt upright away from the wall Siobhan watched anxiously, did he do it? she wondered. “Come on Kee…..” muttering to herself. The waiting was torturous, she’d start to slowly pace back and fourth along the width of the corridor.

After another few moments of waiting the door creaked open and a frail, pallor hand, palm up requested the tray from the woman waiting in the hallway. In the recesses of the bedroom the sound of someone coughing broke through the silence. She’d hand it over without hesitation and the door would close again. Clasping both hands over her nose and mouth she’d try to hold back tears. Turning swiftly to head to the kitchen she’d grab a tea towel and dry her eyes. She’d try to regulate her breathing as she realised she’d been holding her breath anxiously for a while now. Sitting down at the kitchen table she’d cry in relief, burying her face in the tea towel.
Rosaline Stanfeld (played by hexblading) Topic Starter

Of course the wards would block all sound. It just had to be that difficult, didn't it? All she got was precious little morsels of information-- Sinners was something new to her ears, but a morsel was still a morsel. She even considered triggering the wards just to see any of them in action, but decided against it in favour of one last stretch of patience.

Eventually, it paid off in the form of a flash of cold, white light that only magic could form... but what magic, exactly, was used? And why did it leave the older twin pacing about in clear anxiety? It clearly showed signs of importance all over, but what was it?

Surely, if no other doctors showed any potential to being the renegade mages she sought, the Askew family seemed to be the clearest candidates. Still, it left a bitter taste in Rosaline's tongue-- or currently, mandibles-- to be satisfied with just conjecture. There had to be concrete evidence, or she might as hang up her coat and live quietly in a cottage.

Unable to cast magic in her usual form, she tried to remember the blast of cold light that appeared through the door. It probably wasn't radiant magic, or else she'd feel the telltale burn. What was it?
Kiran (played by Leighoflight)

Siobhan sat it the kitchen and quietly sobbed, she’d stop as she heard the back door creak open once more. Rushing back down the hallway she found her brother standing but slumped against the wall with his head hanging down.
Forcing her hand behind his arm and the wall she’d wrap her arms around and hug tightly. “I’m so glad you’re ok!” Hugging tighter caused him to flinch so she’d let go.

Staying by his side she’d help move him to the bathroom to get a better look at everything.
Slumped forward sitting on floor against the bathtub with his knees up Kiran was a complete mess. His shirt was drenched in sweat and there was some black stain all down the front of it. Crouching down Shiv would push his forehead back to lift his face. It was obvious he’d been crying as his eyes were stinging and red. In his left eye was a black liquid that looked like he’d got dye in there.

One of his pyjama legs had been rolled up to the knee, his calf wrapped up in a layer of bandage and gauze. Underneath had already bled through, covering the whole of the dressing in red.

Apart from all this he was alive and breathing, albeit as if he had just ran two marathons in a row.

Standing up she’d grab a wash bowl and fill it with soap and water, throwing a flannel in and placing it on the floor beside him. “I’ll grab you some fresh clothes and dressings...” said in a somber tone as she left him to it and closed the bathroom door.
Rosaline Stanfeld (played by hexblading) Topic Starter

Though the interest she had in her newfound friend had been purely superficial, there was a tinge of concern over seeing him in such a state. From her perch, she took in every detail of him that she could, from the shades of dark over his shirt and in his eye, to the blood on his calf. Along with the unexplained surge of magic, it was evidence enough. She felt that magic when it shone through the door, and it wasn't anything holy.

It was time to leave. Rosaline had seen enough.

With a forced shift of consciousness, she was back in her office again, the cup of water just waiting on the table. Looking at the stillness, how calm and undisturbed the energy was in the room, she started to consider something else.

Reaching into the lower compartments of her desk, she pulled out a canister of incense and a lighter, placing it on the desk. Taking a deep breath, she lit it, and let the fragrance of sandalwood and jasmine fill the air.

...Soon later, the air in the room took to an eerie chill, and she knew to close her eyes.

"Shothragot, I beseech your counsel."

The answer came in the form of footsteps pacing about her, and the sound of chains dragging across the floor. Its voice was just as frightening as she remembered.

"What doth thy want, child of man?"
"Bear witness to what I have seen. Guide my mind, as you have always done. Was what I have seen earlier a magic frowned upon by the gods?"
"Many things doth earn their ire. Wherefore doth thy concern lie?"

"Answer me." She hissed, eyes still pressed closed. The chains still encircled her, like a shark would its prey. Beads of cold sweat started to form at her brow. "I felt a surge not of this world; what was that magic that they used?"

"'Tis magic profane and most foul, aye; I can smell it on Fizzle still." The voice mused, cold as ice yet smooth as the flat of a blade. Rosaline felt a touch on her shoulders, of two bony hands resting on leathers and cotton. "Ware thee on whom thou watcheth, child of man. They are not to be trifled with, and thy pact yet remains unfulfilled."

"Are they who I'm looking for?"
"Asking questions thou already knoweth the answers to reflects ill of thy manners."

And just like that, the room lost its chill. Rosaline's eyes snapped open, and the incense was extinguished. Immediately reaching for a fresh roll of parchment and a quill, she started to scribble down all that happened in the Askew home.

She'd leave the family alone and not bother them with this information, but a case was solved. Perhaps she should send the family an anonymous vase of flowers to wish Kiran a well recovery from whatever the procedure he went through was-- On second thought, maybe not.

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