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OOC: Sorry if you're seeing this late and wanted to participate! Since the Summer Soiree is coming to a close on the 10th, the thread is only available to current participants to wrap up their posts. Feel free to DM me if you're interested in RPing with me, though! :D


The whistles and resulting bangs of fireworks being launched into the sky could be heard by many that were in Altissia for the celebration of the Moogle Chocobo Carnival. Streets were decorated with banners, streamers, and balloons of varying colours and designs that had images of the fluffy and cute little moogles on them, or the feathery and cuddly visages of chocobos. Scents of varying carnival sweets and treats wafted through the air to entice anyone that was walking down the grey tile brick pathways.

Gelato served in waffle cones or in small cups, fritole and crostoli fried and dusted in powdered sugar, fior di zucca stuffed and fried with mozzarella... there were so many appetising foods that surely could not be ignored for long.

Aside from the food stalls, several stalls could be found that were all linked to the same overall organisation that called themselves The Trader's Hub. Those familiar would find less familiar faces than normal that ran the stalls. Instead, it seemed like there were a collection of people from the lands of Lucis, Cavaugh that were volunteering their time and efforts into helping run the events for everyone that had come to play their games or buy some of the carnival foods.

For those that were interested, it seemed like the main goal was to participate in certain minigames and get the resulting Choco-Mog Medallions to then turn them in for a free gondola seat option for the fireworks show, and a one night luxury stay at the Leville. Of course, it also sounded like it was first-come-first-serve, and that there were only so many winners per day that met the requirements of obtaining fifty Choco-Mog Medallions.

Of course, for those that did not care too much about that as a prize were free to turn in their Choco-Mog Medallions for a number of other things as well. There were plenty of plushies and figures that could be won, a chocobo ride around the Water Trotter or Seaside Scamper courses when not in use for racing, carnival centric clothes or accessories, and meals from any participating stall or restaurant within Altissia.

Wanna do some (mostly) random chance minigames? If not, there's still some extra RP fluff down below to help detail the minigame stalls and venues if you're interested!

((If you do minigames and actually get fifty Choco-Mog Medallions, I'll give you a character headshot or chibi in return! Only one art per person that gets 50 Medallions. Due to this, unfortunately no anonymous characters are allowed to avoid getting more than one piece of art.))

All About Moogles

"Kupo-po-po-po! I'm here to test your knowledge about moogles!" a person within a big moogle costume that obscures their identity declares as they twirl and dance upon a small stage that has been set up with pink and yellow lights. With each large movement they make, the jingle of coins can be heard from one of the compartments on their suit. "I have only four questions for you to answer, kupo! Get all of them correct, and get twelve medallions!"

How to Play

Kupo Pip has some questions for you to answer!

So long as you know your chocobo or moogle trivia, you should be good to answer these questions comfortably! Questions here will alternate between people that participate in this Summer Soiree thread, so hopefully you're knowledgeable about moogles and chocobos from a good number of Final Fantasy titles!

Of course, I certainly can't stop you from using Google to look up the answer. But, if you want to have your character give a more randomised attempt so as not to break their in-character knowledge, you can always roll a d20 for the answer! I'll be happy to provide it for you out of character!

Chocobo Racing

A nearby speaker flares to life as an announcer calls attention to those passing by:

"Come one, come all, to the Moogle Chocobo Carnival's race courses! We've set up our special racing courses for everyone ages thirteen and up! Our next race course set for use is the Seaside Scamper! After that, we'll be alternating to the Water Trotter! If you'd like to race for a chance to win fifteen Choco-Mog Medallions, then come on over to the chocobo stables and get to know our energetic racers!"

At the booth itself stationed not too far from the chocobo stables, a white-haired woman had given a sigh of relief as she put the microphone away and deactivated it. She offered a meek smile to the other person that was co-running the signup station with her. Their name pins read 'Primam' on the white-haired and dark-skinned woman, and 'Stella' on the black-haired and ecru-skinned woman.

In the stables, eight chocobos were housed. Four were used for races as needed, with the others serving as backup in case one of the chocobos were too tired, or got injured somehow. Each stall was separate from one another, and while children and their parents, or just chocobo enthusiasts were there to visit and have fun with the stabled chocobos, they all differed from one another in appearance. Mostly in what colours their plumage was.

Swift Super, a snowy white chocobo that was being fed some carrots from a nearby couple and thanking them with soft 'kweh's of appreciation.

Nova Nebulous, a velvety dark blue chocobo that was preening itself slightly away from the door of its stable stall.

Paprika Dream, a rusty red chocobo that was leaning its head out and over its stall door to receive scritches from two children that had come over.

Joyous Leaper, a golden yellow chocobo that could only be seen, currently, curled up and napping in their stall.

Flurry Runner, a sky blue chocobo gently trilling at a nearby person who was purchasing some gysahl greens in hopes of getting some themselves.

Fairy Foot, a rose pink chocobo that seemed a little skittish when people walked past, but inquisitive enough when people lingered outside their stall.

Chocolate Biscuit, a luscious brown chocobo that was getting saddled up to take what looked like a tween for a ride around the unoccupied course with one of the other attendants leading.

Amber Crystal, a burnt orange chocobo that seemed to be pecking at the reins hung up on the small tack next to its stall -- perhaps it was eager to get out on the course.

How to Play

You'll have to roll three d6 dice (make sure to roll them separately, not in separate posts, just keep adding dice till you have three d6 that'll be counted! Also make sure that you are rolling 1 and not 0 when you add new dice!). Each roll determines how your chocobo does in each lap! You'll be rolling against NPCs on my end (and that'll be a lot of dice for me, so the results will be in a collapse menu!) since I can't guarantee that I'll have four people that will be active all at once.

In the first lap, the person who rolls the highest takes the lead for that lap. The person that rolls the lowest will have last place. The two people in between have second and third pending on their rolls.

We'll say the rolls look like this to start:

P1: 5
P2: 2
P3: 6
P4: 3

The order in the first lap is: P3, P1, P4, P2

The next rolls then are:

P1: 2
P2: 5
P3: 1
P4: 3

The order then becomes: P1, P2, P4, P3

For rolling the lowest here, P3 moved back two spaces, but since P2 rolled the highest, they moved forward two spaces, putting them ahead of P4 and giving somewhat of an upset in the race. The two rolls in between move as necessary. The third roll cycle carries on like that.

I hope it makes sense! I'm trying to come up with a way to determine a race without it being cumbersome through random chance so that there's no favouring one person over others!

1st place gets twenty Choco-Mog Medallions!
2nd place gets 16 Medallions!
3rd place gets 12 Medallions!
4th place gets 8 Medallions!

Medallion Fishing

'There's a winner in every game! Fish till you have five fish and win your Medallions!' read a sign sitting in front of a stall. Sitting on a stool not too far away was a dark-skinned man with white hair pulled back into a small bun -- the sides of his head were shaved. His name tag read 'Tandem'.

Situated just a few feet away from him was a large metal pool, and in it were what looked like toy fish that used batteries to activate their very simple swimming movements. Colourful toy rods with magnets attached to the ends of their lines were located within a small umbrella stand-like compartment.

Tandem nodded or waved to people to get them to come over to try out the game in order to win some Choco-Mog Medallions.

How to Play

Pretty simple! All you have to do is roll five d6 dice (add dice to your post till you have five separate dice that are d6, and remember to make sure you add that you're rolling 1 instead of 0!).

There are five different 'Grades' of fish:

A - Blue (1): Worth 5 Medallions
B - Green (2): Worth 4 Medallions
C - Yellow (3): Worth 3 Medallions
D - Orange (4): Worth 2 Medallions
E - Red (5-6): Worth 1 Medallion

If somehow you can manage to roll all ones, that's a max of twenty-five tokens your character can win!

Galviano Shooting Gallery

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

Five consecutive shots rattled off at the shooting gallery stall where an auburn-haired woman was testing out some of the guns that were useable by anyone that wanted to participate. Each of her hits knocked over a target, and she let out the breath that she had been holding to stabilise her gun. Satisfied with herself and the guns, she smiled and put the last one she had tested on the table. It seemed everything was in working order. If anyone missed the targets, that was on them and not the guns.

"Fancy yourself a sharpshooter? Have a shot at our targets and rack up some points to see how many Medallions you can win to have more fun around Altissia!" the woman called out to draw attention to any potential players. With her facing the crowd now, one could read that her name tag read 'Mollis'.

How to Play

Roll five d100s! You have five shots (add dice to your post till you have five separate dice that are d100, and remember to make sure you add that you're rolling 1 instead of 0!)!

1-20: 5 points
21-40: 6 points
41-60: 7 points
61-80: 8 points
81-90: 9 points
91-100: 10 points


25-30 points: 1 Medallion
31-35 points: 2 Medallions
35-40 points: 4 Medallions
41-49 points: 8 Medallions
50 points: 16 Medallions


Popular with children, the booths for the Whack-A-Cactuar could be heard over some of the crowd. What with the thunk, thunk, ka-thunk! noises of cactuars popping up and down from their holes while people with padded mallets attempted to hit each one fast enough. Each time someone successfully hit a cactuar, there would be a small chirp before the cactuar figure spun around and sank back into the booth.

The man watching over the stalls to make sure people were playing the game as intended had his red, wavy hair pulled back into a ponytail, and a chocobo styled visor to help prevent his hair from coming loose. His name tag read 'Sol'. He seemed a bit busy with people coming and going from the stall, but if you are there to play, he might give you his attention.

How to Play

Very simple. Just roll one d20, and whatever number that ends up being is how many cactuars you were able to hit! If you roll a five or lower, go ahead and give it another go!

1 - 5: Another go!
6 - 10: 1 Medallion
11 - 15: 3 Medallions
16 - 20: 5 Medallions

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Miretta was thrilled at the idea of Choco-Mog Medallions. The Guild lass had been a fan of Chocobos since... Well, as far back as she could remember, almost! She had never seen one up close, but she had posters on her wall and even a plushie as a child. She grinned like her childhood self now, walking through the festival and smelling the carnival smells: fried food, hot dirt, sweat and perfume and sugar, and an overall scent of water and machinery. Altissia was a great place!

Miretta walked down a pathway filled with raucous children running about, balloons trailing, and then nearly jumped as one of the little kids screamed. She winced. She had brought her earplugs - should she wear them? But no, then she wouldn't be able to hear the carnival music...
She looked up, fast reflexes working suddenly, to see a balloon floating away from the crying child, only a moment before her hand snatched it up by the string.
She looked at it. It was a Chocobo.
Regretfully, she handed it back to the tear-faced little creature, who sniffled, bowed, and ran away shouting.
Maybe she bought to get one of those balloons herself.

As Miretta swayed along the pathways, armor clinking, she saw feathers floating through the air and spilled sugar and peanuts on the ground. She smiled. It was that sort of day, after all, no time to worry about your mess. Just get on to the next ride! She knew how that felt.

Looking to the side, she suddenly saw a brightly-painted advertisement amidst all the people and streamers. "'There's a winner in every game! Fish till you have five fish and win your Medallions!'", Miretta read aloud, grinning in delight. So there were games like this! She loved free stuff. Even though it was sometimes... Booby trapped. Hm. She looked around again and saw a stage with a creature on it, then looked back to the pool. Well, she knew what she was trying next!

First, though, she tried fishing.
She looked cheerfully into the little pond, and crossed her fingers for luck. "Heeere we go!" She said, and threw her line in.
rolled 5d6 and got a natural 22. After the modifier of +1, got 23
5 1 5 5 6
((Sorry about that, forgot to separate dice. :,) ))
rolled 1d6 and got a natural 4.
rolled 1d6 and got a natural 5.
rolled 1d6 and got a natural 1.
rolled 1d6 and got a natural 6.
rolled 1d6 and got a natural 1.
Tandem 'Tan' Chorus (played by FreeJayFly) Topic Starter

OOC: No worries! :>

Greeting Miretta and she approached the booth he was running, Tandem watched as the eager individual took up one of the poles and casting a line. He took a moment to explain the fish and the grades that were applied to them while Miretta gathered up her toy fish from the pool with her casts.

Going over the colours, it looked like there were two blue, two red, and one orange fish that were reeled in by Miretta. The two blue fish made the haul not too terrible.

"That's some good fishing there. Looks like you fished yourself a total of fourteen Medallions! Congratulations on that," Tandem said with a smile, reaching behind his stool and bringing up a fat chocobo container to open it. There were a number of silver medallions inside the plastic container, all printed with a running chocobo with a moogle as its rider. Taking out fourteen of them total, he placed them on the booth's counter for Miretta to take.
Thrilled, Miretta laughed and took the tokens with a sweet clinking sound. "Thank you! I'll be going, then."

She waved and headed to the All About Moogles stage. Twitching in excitement, she hollered along with the small crowd and waited for the first question. Hopefully she could win!
Pipio Mane (played by FreeJayFly) Topic Starter

"Kuuuu~po-po-po-po! Starting the new round, I have these questions for you!" Kupo Pip chirped after they twirled around and did a merry hop on the stage. "Keep an eye on the display beside the stage, kupo! All four questions will show up there after I ask them! We'll go over them in order, kupo-po!"

"With that, the first question! Kupo!"

The music that had been playing on the nearby speakers cut and started playing drumrolls.

"Kupo kupokupo ku poku pokupopo?" Kupo Pip threw their arms up after that question before striking another pose to ask the next question.

"There's an adorable little Moogle named Minimog in the stories of Squall and his friends that helps the Guardian Forces with a mighty Moogle Dance. But first, Squall must find an item that allows him to contact Minimog. What is it?" Kupo Pip raised their hands to indicate a small size between them as they asked the question before moving onto the next one.

With a fist being thrown into the air, Kupo Pip asked: "In the mighty Hraesvelgr's trial in Sohr Kai for the Warrior of Light of Hydaelyn, who is the Moogle of Moghome that is called upon to help test the Warrior of Light's mettle, kupo?"

"And... last, but certainly not least; we're all familiar with the iconic theme that plays at chocobo races. Which one of these is NOT a chocobo theme rendition? Electric de Chocobo, Chocobos of Pulse, Valse de Chocobo, or Cinco de Chocobo?" Kupo Pip placed their hands on their hips after that, swaying from side-to-side, almost like a metronome. Tick-tock!
((Ah, should I reply one post at a time for the answers? I know one but want to roll for the rest...))
Pipio Mane (played by FreeJayFly) Topic Starter

((That's perfectly fine! :>))
Miretta thought hard about the answer of the question as the chirping show runner hopped around. So cute! But what was the item...? She was pretty sure she could remember, so she cast about for an answer in her head. "Uhh..."
rolled 1d20 and got a natural 7.
Trying to remember the name of the famous Moogle, Miretta frowned and racked her brain for more facts. She sure loved Chocobos, but some of her history was a little sketchy. "Ooh, could that have been... Uh... Was it Tristham?" She muttered. "...Ah!"

It seemed she got the second one wrong, but luckily she felt sure of the third one.
"It's Valse de Chocobo, right?" She called out.
rolled 1d20 and got a natural 4.
Pipio Mane (played by FreeJayFly) Topic Starter

OOC: Oh no! The rolls were not favourable this time around. TT o TT

Kupo Pip brought a hand to the side of their head, listening out into the participating people for the answers. Once it seemed like attention died down, Kupo Pip stood up straight and put their hands on their hips.

"The answer to the first question is..." the drumrolls started again, "Mog's Amulet! Squall has to seek the help of a juvenile chocobo everyone calls 'Boko' before obtaining it, kupo. Buuut, in recent revisions of the story, Rinoa's canine companion, Angelo, helps Squall to find it instead." A mini fanfare played as confetti and streamers were released from the small waritama that hung above the stage.

"The answer to the second question!" Again, the drumrolls started. It seemed that this was par for the course as Kupo Pip was to reveal the answers. "In the Hraesvelgar's trial, he calls upon trusted Chieftain Moglin to help test the Warrior of Light's mettle! Kupo!" More small fanfare, confetti, and streamers.

"And last, but not least... Valse de Chocobo is in fact not one of many chocobo theme renditions that exist!" Kupo Pip concluded. After the fanfare and confetti for this one, the music returned to playing an upbeat theme that people could hear throughout the rest of participating areas of Altissia as the carnival continued.

Spotting Miretta, Kupo Pip skipped over on their stage and crouched down, pulling out six Choco-Mog Medallions for her.

"The first question is a bit of a trick," Kupo Pip said quietly, breaking character. "No matter what your answer would have been to it, it would have been right, so here!"
"Oh," Miretta said, delightedly, and bowed as she accepted the medallions. "I had ever so much fun, you know, it was a pleasure to watch the dancing! I mean, the trivia was great! Thank you very much. I'll see you later if I pass by again. I'll wave to you, okay?" She beamed.

Leaving the stand with a cheery goodbye, Miretta continued on to the anticipated races. They looked delightful! She wondered if she would see anyone else that she knew, there, or if she would meet new people. Hopefully they wouldn't be betting against her Chocobo... Or not, but she would hate to disappoint them.

"Hello, friends! " Miretta said, businesslike, as she approached the counter. "I'd like to place my hopes on Swift Super, please!" She smiled a gleaming grin. "I'm excited to see the races."

Miretta was definitely having fun as she leaned out over the wooden railing near the track. A smile formed at the corners of her mouth, and then a drop of drool when she smelled fried cakes nearby. She sputtered and stood up awkwardly, going to purchase one, with an embarrassed look, before she headed back to the track and readied her goggles. This would be a race to really remember!
rolled 1d6 and got a natural 3.

Note: Lap one!

rolled 1d6 and got a natural 4.

Note: Lap two!

rolled 1d6 and got a natural 3.

Note: Lap three!

Primam 'Prim' Chorus (played by FreeJayFly) Topic Starter

OOC Edit: Oops, I didn't realise it got so long. Sorry about that! I guess I got carried away! :'));;;

Kupo Pip, though it was not obvious, was beaming from underneath their Moogle mask. They waved to Miretta before going back to dancing up on the stage and getting more people to participate in their game of trivia.

At the stables, Primam had gotten up from her seat to assist the racers get their chocobos saddled and put at the starting gates for the race at the Seaside Scamper track. It looked like the racers were Swift Super, Joyous Leaper, Fairy Foot, and Amber Crystal. With the chocobos getting situated for the race and Primam helping to get them saddled up, it was her partner at still at the booth that took to announcing to everyone that the race was to begin shortly.

Once the racers and their chocobos were prepped, Primam took her seat to help commentate the current race. The commentary traded between both Primam and Stella were not as fast trading as official chocobo races, but it sounded like the two of them were having fun talking about the race as it happened and talking about the obstacles that were set up on the course.

"Taking lead for the first lap on the Seaside Scamper is Amber Crystal! She must have a lot of energy to burn, because she was absolutely restless about getting geared up for the race! Her rider is handling her quite well for how restless she was," Primam called out.

"Fairy Foot's not far behind, but Swift Super seems to be following close behind. Surprisingly, Joyous still seems a little groggy, but he could always end up surprising us!" Stella said excitedly into the microphone. "Primam, your family raised these chocobos back in Cavaugh, what are your predictions?"

"Hard to say, really. Any one of them that are trailing after Amber has the potential for an upset. Amber's very excitable when it comes to training and running courses, but also tends to use up a lot of energy at the start of a race," Primam explained. "Fairy's shy, but will warm up to anyone that offers scratches. Likewise, there are times where she might get a little overwhelmed on the race track, but I'm hoping that my family's training has helped her with that."

"Swift Super isn't just a name, though. He's the brother to my personal chocobo, and is one I trained personally. He's one of the consistently fastest chocobos. But maybe I'm biased." Primam said with a smile and shrug. "Then Joyous, while energetic and sprightly, still has a lot to learn from our trainers. They're a little bit younger than the other chocobos that we have here today, so not a great choice for casual rides around the courses, but decent fun for experienced chocobo riders."

"Oop! I hate to cut you off, Prim, but we're seeing the chocobos finishing up their next lap! Amber's still in the lead, but it looks like Swift's taken second from Fairy! Joyous has also taken third, while Fairy unfortunately has fallen in last place," Stella commentated. "From what you've said so far, Prim, things seem to show for themselves out there on the course."

"I suppose when you've been around them as long as I have, you can predict them -- not necessarily always with concrete results. But well enough!"

The commentary continued a bit longer until both the crowd watching and the commentary got excited. Cheers loudened, making the commentary a little bit harder to hear on the speakers, but the race commentators did their best, their own voices getting a little louder as they leaned forward in their seats.

"Finishing up the last lap, we have Swift in first place! Looks like that 'consistently' fast paid off!" Stella was practically yelling into the mic. "Fairy's also given the race an upset and raced her way to second place! Joyous keeps third from the last lap, and Amber has fallen to last place! What an exciting race! We'll have all our winners come meet us back at the stables to receive their Choco-Mog Medallions!"

When everything died down and there was an opportunity to get signups for the next race, Primam was back at the main booth, distributing Choco-Mog Medallions to the winners. When it came for Miretta's turn, Primam and Stella both gave her big smiles and congratulations. Twenty Choco-Mog Medallions were given to her to go with the rest of the ones she accumulated.

"We hope you had fun! Swift's first race for the day really paid off. I think you chose especially well," Primam said to Miretta. "If you ever want to come back or do the next race, signups for that one are available. If not, then enjoy the rest of the Carnival!"

Roll Results

Joyous Leaper: 1, 3, 2

Fairy Foot: 4, 2, 5

Amber Crystal: 6, 5, 1

Lap One: Amber Crystal, Fairy Foot, Swift Super, Joyous Leaper

Lap Two: Amber Crystal, Swift Super, Joyous Leaper, Fairy Foot

Lap Three: Swift Super, Fairy Foot, Joyous Leaper, Amber Crystal
(OOC: I love long replies and short replies, so no need to apologize! Reading the whole thing was cool so no worries!)

Miretta prepared in happy agitation for the race, watching the Chocobos line up and strut, stretching and fluffing their feathers. They were as beautiful as she'd remembered from books, and more elegant and majestic than she could have imagined! Their cute faces reminded her of the Pukei-Pukei she used to fight, but she felt no venom towards their faces showing avian focus. The beaks could rip a person to shreds, but they never would, she knew. They held still for their saddles, and chirruped and squawked when onlookers cheered and threw hats, not trying to run or cause trouble. They were all pretty well trained, Miretta mused.
She bit the last of her fried dough in half, and reached for a leafy wrap of cheese in her pouch. She needed sustenance to whoop loudly enough for her birds!

As they went off the first round, she held her breath in anticipation. Dust kicked up behind them, feathers floated about in the air, and the stampeding creatures rumbled the ground beneath her feet. Her teeth almost rattled.

The commentators excited the crowd, talking matter-of-factly one moment, and then lost in their own excitement the next. They really set the pace... Haha.
Chuckling at her own joke, Miretta gripped the railing and peered out over the Seaside Scamper's track. Fairy Foot was doing pretty well behind Amber Crystal, at least for a little bit, but Swift Super might catch up... They were in the middle of the racers, gaining ground as much as the frontrunners were. In the back was Joyous Leaper, a golden flash of fluff just bouncing along. Miretta giggled as the yellow Chocobo stopped to scratch itself. Its neck curled cutely and it looked very happy, before suddenly hurrying to catch up with the other racers.

At least they were all having fun, Miretta thought, watching the Chocobos dash along the track. This one with its head back, this one with its head forward, this one looking around as it rounded a corner! One of them passed another, and Miretta gasped and cheered when she realized her choice of bird for that round had just made it closer to the front! She was thrilled. They were all beautiful, and she had had trouble when choosing one, but she was glad now that she had picked Swift Super! Her white chick was an adorable little speed racer, and it was going pretty steadily along! Even if it didn't win, at this point, she would feel a sense of pride for it all the same. Fairy Foot was now in the back, chugging along like a little boat on water... But with feet.... On a track. As the metaphor ran away from her, Miretta shook her head and looked at the others: Joyous Leaper having moved up a little, at last, and rapidly running further, with Swift Super falling behind a little but still going pretty strong. They seemed to put on bursts of speed as she looked at them... and Amber Crystal was still in the front. That was some stamina, there!

It was interesting listening to the commentators describe what was happening on the racetrack, for when she couldn't see them, so she listened carefully and laughed at the funny parts. One of the commentators would get so excited, Miretta almost imagined her snatching the mic away. Cute! But what they were saying was more interesting, about Chocobo ranches, it sounded like? Miretta sat with her chin on her hand and focused on the track. The next round of birds would be coming soon, and whenever they were visible, she would have an idea... Of who was... Going to win. Ah! Amber Crystal seemed to almost have moved from the front to middle to the rear, poor tired little thing. Fairy Foot was passing up Joyous Leaper, and the cute little cottony Chocobo seemed almost to be giggling! She wondered, vaguely, if the Chocobos cared a lot who won. She hoped it didn't get them feeling down. No pun intended there. Swift Super... Ah! Was in the front! Beautiful, Miretta thought, and clapped her hands. "Hooray!" She called, voice still clear since she drank enough water throughout the dusty race, and cheered a little more after that, although she hoped it wasn't too loud and bothering the animals...

She trotted happily back to the counter, taking the coins offered her with a bow and a great deal of enthusiasm. "Thank you so much!" She said, "I think I'll just walk about the whole place for a bit, but I'll try to come back later for more! I really loved it! Thank you again, I'll- I'll go see the Chocobos if that's okay!"
She bowed again, blushing as Stella and Primam congratulated her. "Ah, well, thank you, but it's the racers who deserve the accolades really hahaha!"
She laughed nonsensically and made her way to the stables, feeling a little overly warm and excited and, well, silly...

She did get to buy mineral water for a Chocobo and herself, though, which was pretty great.
The Trader's Hub (played by FreeJayFly) Topic Starter

"Oh please... any compliments that Victor gets will go straight to his head," Stella said with a bit of a smirk as she placed a hand on her hip.

"Felis is the same way," Primam sighed. "But, I suppose that's why it's a good thing that Alte is the one that ended up being Swift's rider for this course. Anyway...!"

Primam turned back to Miretta, "please don't let us keep you from enjoying the rest of the carnival. I'll be glad to have time for myself tomorrow to walk around and enjoy it."

Primam and Stella waved to Miretta as she went off to spend time with the chocobos. It seemed that there were forty Choco-Mog Medallions that Miretta collected thus far. Ten more would secure a one-night luxury stay at the Leville as well as gondola seating for the fireworks show that night.

Meanwhile, the chocobos that were in the race were being led back to the stables now that the racers had come back from the finish line. They took care to help get the saddles and reins put back up on the chocobo tacks before leading the previously competing chocobos to a pool not unlike the one at the fishing booth. Here, a couple of the chocobos drank, though some took time to cool themselves off by hopping into the water and bathing.
Having made light conversation with some very charming people, and then having made light conversation with some charming Chocobos who got her very wet when they were done drinking, Miretta returned to the rest of the fair and decided to examine her other options. There was a shooting gallery, a Cactuar hammering game, and the other race, so she would try to catch those later... But for now, it was too hot! Miretta stretched and yawned, smiling at a barmaid nearby who was serving several rowdy patrons. Miretta walked closer, interested - Ah, it wasn't a bar for alcohol, but for juice! There were several large mugs of blue and orange liquids being jostled about the counter, and the clink of ice cascaded merrily from the back of the setup.
"Need a hand?" Miretta called, remembering her bartending days in the old village.

"Wha-? No, I've got it!" The other woman laughed, and got back to it.

"In that case!" Miretta tossed a coin to her, and was shortly rewarded with a big wooden mug of blue refreshment. "Thank you very much!" Miretta said in her best server's voice, and the bartender laughed again.

The Guild receptionist made her way through the festival, ooh-ing and ahh-ing at all the sights, sounds, and smells. Great pots of food, trays of sizzling vegetables... Miretta spent some money on fior di zucca, cradling it in its package as she drank her juice. Can't go without vegetables!
A bang startled her, and she looked up to see a pale pink firework. It reminded her of the spring flower festival back home, where people would set off barrels of fireworks on hunts. Miretta smiled and continued on her way, nodding at the occasional fairgoer. She admired some jugglers. She bought herself a balloon, and tied it to her wrist.

Coming up on the shooting gallery, she yawned and sat down on a bench. Time to eat! She rinsed her hands at the faucet by the bench, and laid out her various prized foods.

After consuming enough for any cat to applaud, Miretta brushed herself off and, rejuvenated, resumed her trek toward the games.

Choosing between the whack-a-Cactuar booth and the Sharpshooter booth was hard!
Miretta went to the Cactuar booth first, to practice her swing. She'd used her hammer only this morning (it didn't do to get rusty when you lived on a monster-filled island, even in her paper-inclined line of work), but a hammer was a little different from, well, this kind of hammer.

She greeted the game master with a cheerful "Hello!" And hefted the whacking-stick. "I'd like to play whack-tuar, if you please!" She cackled at her own joke, and stepped forward to swing.
rolled 1d20 and got a natural 6.

Note: Whack, bonk, whack whack smack wham!

Sol Aureus (played by FreeJayFly) Topic Starter

Sol offered a small wave and smile to Miretta as she approached the Whack-A-Cactuar booth and even chuckled gently at her shortening of the booth game name. He watched as she played the game and then gave a small sigh of disappointment on her behalf as he read the count of cactuars hat had been hit within the cabinet. And, of course, Sol being who he was, allowed the the guilt to settle in even against the duties he had at the booth.

Picking up two of the Choco-Mog Medallions behind his booth, Sol held them out to Miretta.

"Rotten luck, that. I might have to tinker with that cabinet. It seemed like the Cactuars were moving a bit too fast to hit. Could be just something with the wiring that's making it finicky," Sol said apologetically.
She whacked and whacked and whacked and whacked, but those Cactuars just spun out of range with almost every hit. They moved too fast for Miretta! She scolded herself, because she clearly needed to work on her hammer speed, but she tried to look less frowny for the lovely game host, and succeeded - even managing a real, genuine smile when he slipped her an extra coin. "Thanks," she said, a little tired, as she put the hammer back. "That's really generous of you. I know it's a festival and all, but people keep surprising me!" She laughed. "As it is, if you really do have a problem with the wiring, I might know a guy. I mean, he's not exactly an expert, but he gets things done pretty quick and he's a great analyst!"

She grinned a little, thinking of the guys and girls and cats back home, who would probably tear a machine like this to shreds almost as soon as look at it - and then, maybe, put it all back together again. The Cactuars were actually familiar to Miretta, from home, as well; she'd run into them in the desert countless times. Fun to catch, fun to see in action, not so fun to get hit by. There was a reason she had attacked with such fury, and it wasn't just for the medallions!

At least it had been fun to jump around and show off, though. There were, maybe, a few kids who had fear, awe, trepidation, or some variety of that emotion in their eyes as they walked away from her side of the booth. Heh heh. She had done one part of her life-given job well, and that was 'scare the feathers off of some rascals'!

Sol Aureus (played by FreeJayFly) Topic Starter

Sol chuckled softly at the offer, though had to decline: "the booths and machines are owned by a company that hires us for the duration of the event to take care of them and set them up. I'll just file a report with them if I can't fix it myself, and mark the booth for being out of order. I appreciate the offer, though."

Tapping his chin in thought for a moment, he did motion to the other booths and said, "of course, if you wanted to try a different booth to see if any of them are less finicky than this one," he placed his hand on the backboard of the Whack-A-Cactuar machine that Miretta had previously played at. "I certainly wouldn't stop you when the next booth becomes available."
"Totally understandable!" Miretta chirped. "Oh, wow, really?! That'd be great, I'll try again." She clasped her hands happily. The receptionist loved it when things went her way, and they certainly seemed to be doing so. "I'll put in a good word for you with the, uh, Palicos if you ever come to Astera! They'll cook you up a good big breakfast. Especially if I tell them you deal with these guys on a daily basis!"
Miretta swept her hand in a wide gesture, toward the varied spiky figures. "Haha, they'd fall over in shock.... Heeeeh, I don't wanna hit more stuff right now, ahhh, but this might get easier if I go now while I'm still pumped up... But I feel nervous! My skills might be suffering! Well, I guess I'll try again after I go sharpshooting. See you in a bit!"
After this explosive self-argument, Miretta went away rubbing her eyes, muttering to herself about targets and aim and torque objects...

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