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Hello everyone! My tabletop group has asked for a more feline character and for once, I am feeling generous and will put aside my endless gnoll creations. I will gladly accept pieces of the character offered, no one person need to submit everything. Best of luck to you, community.

    The character must be a feline type, any coat (short haired, long haired, white/black) and any race (ie. tiger, tabby)

    The character must be female.

    The character must have feline quirks (ie. enjoys pushing things off of high ledges)

    The character must have petty, hidden secrets (ie. Secretly despises weddings, because they don't celebrate her.)

    This character will be in a high magic setting most likely (ie. Dungeons and Dragons) and can have access to such.

    This character has a day job between adventures (ie. baker, pickpocket, bawd).

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Note to Mods wrote:
I would like to be exempt from the raffle for more RPR character slots, I'm just joining in for fun
Our heroine is a purebred lavender-point Siamese. Her introductions typically include the fact that she can count her flawless lineage back for twelve generations, and anything prior to that isn't worth mentioning. As a result, she is expected to uphold this legacy, so trysts with any non-Siamese creature are considered out of the question. Imperfection is just as unacceptable. It is assumed that she hates entering bodies of water because Typical Cat Behavior, however: she was once wading in a pond as a child, trying to retrieve a toy, and slipped. A jagged rock left a nasty cut across her thigh, permanently scarring her. Her parents made such a fuss about her coat being "ruined" that she is immensely self-conscious about it. She stopped playing "childish games", never wears skirts or dresses above the knee, and has a peculiar hatred for ducks (their nearby quacking during the incident sounded too much like laughter at her expense).

She is more than the bubbleheaded heiress she acts like. Her knowledge of plants is extensive, and could be put towards potioneering or medicinal use, though she primarily uses it to craft beauty products. Whenever business isn't booming, she complains that it is due to so many people having such low standards for themselves. Has an obnoxiously complex morning grooming routine, and if forced to cut it short, will be sure to complain about it sporadically through the day. She loathes all manner of surprises, even if it's something essentially pleasant like a surprise party; if startled her fur poofs out in an "embarrassing, unsightly display".

Ideal opportunities of development for this character could include outgrowing the prejudices of her parents (yes, they hate dogs especially, but any "ugly" race is worthy of an upturned nose), using her shocking intellect to genuinely help others, and learning that a little imperfection now and again is not only normal, but healthy.

Here's a few scattered thoughts for ya ^^
    - Maybe her day job could be as a bar tender? Those are always fun
    - Maybe she could come from a more humble background as a farm dweller, a barn cat, if you will. After many years of toiling away in the dirt, she's decided she deserves better and so she leaves in search of adventure and whatnot. Maybe this could be her petty secret, she pretends she comes from some prestigious background when, in reality, she comes from a farm
    - She could have that typical narcissist personality where she believes and acts like she's the best thing since sliced bread, but she has an extremely fragile ego and is actually really insecure

I hope you find some of these helpful!
I think it would be funny if she hates both milk and mice, but is often teased about them both in relation to being... Well, a cat. Perhaps she's a handler at some sort of derby or racetrack, where she has an expert eye for speed, strength, and healthy mentality in a racer.

On another note, I like the idea of her selling makeup and self-care wares! Perhaps she intended to go into modeling or some such, but ended up in the sometimes-lucrative business of selling samples and advertising outside someone else's store. She's just working her way up, really!

If she has a rich and powerful family, perhaps she's gone against them somehow, recently, and they've withdrawn any financial support she'd come to expect in hard times.
So perhaps she's trying to earn back their trust, or has just decided to make her own place in the world and earn her own money?

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