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Kudos for Derglet

From the Greek word meaning "glory," a kudos is acclaim for exceptional achievement or qualities.

On the RP repository, receiving a kudos means that another community member recommends you as someone other people might like to get to know. Perhaps because you are exceptionally fun to RP with, exceptionally fun to know, or are just plain exceptional!

  • Derglet is one of my favourite RP partners and long-time friend. They're such a sweet and kind-hearted person, and are incredibly passionate about their characters. their writing has improved exponentially since we started RPing together (I'm honestly a little jealous of how good they are!) 10/10 would recommend Wonderful writer Long-term partner - Claine

  • Ah, Derg! What could I begin to say about Derg? Derg is a delight on the Unofficial RPR Discord Server. They bring laughter, light, and their sweet and caring personality to the server. Derg is also incredibly mischevious and brightens up my day to see them in the Server. I genuinely hope that things work out well for Derg, as I want to see them get to where they want to be. To define their successes not by what the outside world thinks, but what feels right for Derg inside their heart. - Mori

  • Derg's a cool cat although they're not kitten around when they complain about meow pawnishing puns. Hey, I'm punny whatchu expect.

    Joking aside - Derg is an extremely fun and humorous person to be about and is an extremely positive influence on the things around them. I haven't had the pleasure of RPing with Derg, but their characters are entertaining and unique. Derg's art is also a treat and I do see improvement in each piece.

    Keep on being cool, dude. - Wen

  • Derg is a joy to be around on the discord. I always crack up at their jokes and their banter at Wen. I really like seeing their art as well because El is super cute (and i enjoyed drawing them). I hope Derg keeps drawing because I like to see their improvement! Please don't ever lose your humor and your cats are the cutest. I love obi - InquisitorCat

  • SIND has always been such a positive and upbeat person to see in the Discord chat that we have. It's always nice to see them interacting with others, and even interact with them one's self. It's also really neat to know that we seem to have a lot of common interests that means that we can discuss things rather freely and with enthusiasm! Something that I definitely always enjoy when talking to others. - FreeJayFly

  • SIND is the kind of person who makes spaces what the Dutch call 'gezellig' - it's a word that doesn't have an English translation because it encompasses a feeling you can't put into words. It's cozy, fun, entertaining, comfortable and pleasant, but somehow... more than those words combined. I feel the same way about SIND. You just know they make things better, but it's somehow still more than that. I like and appreciate it. - Sanne

  • SINDragon is always a fantastic face to see in the RPR Discord chat! They have a great sense of humour and a sweet personality! SIN's character are all unique and reflect that sense of humour! How many other players do you see with a balloon and toaster? Also, they have a cute and cartoony art style! - Claine

  • SIN was always a good presence to have in the chatter box, and I've been interacting with them more in the Unofficial RPR Discord server. They're a lot of fun, and discussing different topics that come up there have always been enjoyable. My RP experience stems mostly from the Halloween ToT events, and I've been able to see when SIN makes characters when they bring them up in chat. Their outside the box characters are always a welcome sight and interesting to ponder. :D - FreeJayFly

  • Sin is a very sweet, adorable little dragon! They're incredibly pleasant to talk to, and even though due to IRL stuff I'm not available to do any kind of written RP, I can't wait until the christmas peak is over to finally do some RP with Sin! Their characters seem very interesting and well thought out, and very cute! (I mean, I just wanna give Sad Balloon a hug. Bless them.) So! Send some love for Sin! <3 - TinyCentaur

  • I have RPed with Malicious Toaster during the Halloween event and I can vouch for SINDragon's writing abilities, so far so good. The characters are unique with amusing conversations and reactions. Looking forward to a longer RP with you! - Tusitala2017

  • Mitch (played by Derglet)
    I love this character so much! SINDragon really seemed to have taken a lot of time to go through all details of this character. I love it so much!! - Ciffy-Chan

  • Here be dragons.

    Excellent Rper and very fun to RP with. Check 'em out. Give 'em a go. You will have f un. - Asroc

  • I see SIND in chat quite frequently, and whenever they're around things liven up. :) We seem to be on a mismatched timezone schedule and are never around for long at the same time, but I enjoy talking to SIND or just listening to what they have to say! - Sanne

  • I've only been playing with him a relatively short time, but I already know I'll thoroughly enjoy playing with him till the end of this roleplay, and on others as well. SINDragon takes a lot of care to keep in-characterand writed beautifully - it's obvious to see how much he cares for the overall roleplay.
    I also love how he doesn't give everything out on a platter - allowing the other player to discover his character from inside the roleplay, not outside of it. All in all, a great player! - Weronikus

  • Sin is simply one of those people you will be lucky to meet. He is an incredibly skilful writer. His use of words and techniques in an RP is what creates the very foundation of every RP he enters. As a game master Sin takes the business to the next level. The amount of thought and dedication he devotes when creating an a RP storyline is pretty much comparable to that of an author or novelist. (Seriously, one of his RPs has over a thousand replies and it's still active.) - Hudacious

  • Rawr~ That's right I stole it. Fight me, jk.

    I have to allot some love for my first GM on this site. The lovely SIN. Sin, is an eloquent writer and a firm but fair GM. Who's not afraid to come down on our heads when we're being idiots. Sin also serves as a voice of reason when inane arguments spark up. I strongly recommend this dragon if you're looking for a cool and friendly person. - SugaarCereal

  • Let me just start off by saying that I met SINDragon on miiverse, and we've been doing the same role play for over a year now. She always has a way of making things interesting and never let's the plot die! She's always coming up with great ideas and I can honestly say she is one of the best role play partners I've had the pleasure of encountering! I hope you all have a chance to role play with her as well! - SinceForgotten