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Kudos for TheCaffeineQueen

From the Greek word meaning "glory," a kudos is acclaim for exceptional achievement or qualities.

On the RP repository, receiving a kudos means that another community member recommends you as someone other people might like to get to know. Perhaps because you are exceptionally fun to RP with, exceptionally fun to know, or are just plain exceptional!

  • Happy Birthday to one of my favorite characters. Lydia is cynical, bossy, bitchy, brilliant, and perfect. Couldn't ask for a better girl to match with Julien. May their story be everlasting. Creative ideas Long-term partner - Eros_Calls

  • I am four days late with this, but it's better late than never. HAPPY ONE YEAR!! I am still completely in love with our story and our characters. How they have grown, matured, and even completely changed as we continue to cultivate our universe. Thank you, Cat, for going on this journey with me. You are my gem. Creative ideas Long-term partner - Eros_Calls

  • Catalina is a very understanding person! Even though I had to end a previous RP, she and I have been able to create a new one. With that, her posts are well written, detailed, and she is very good with character romance. I can’t wait to keep writing! Kind and understanding Drives the plot forward - Redrose

  • I am head over heels for Lydia!! She is deep in the best ways, an onion you have to peel the layers from to discover how sweet she can be. She is whimsical, funny, and puts her foot in her mouth on a constant basis. She's an absolute doll and she owns my character's heart completely. Creative ideas Long-term partner - Eros_Calls

  • I met this beautiful character and most talented writer in April 2022. We have been going strong ever since. The story has grown exponentially grander than I ever thought possible. We have introduced a total of six additional characters to the plot between the two of us. We are constantly talking, brainstorming, bouncing ideas off each other. Finding a partner like Cat and a character like Lillian is why I roleplay. Let's never stop. Creative ideas Long-term partner - Eros_Calls

  • The writer and the character Sparrow are amazing! The way she plays the beauty and kindness of her character, shines through from the author in such an authentic and genuine way. Each post is such an uplifting and joy filled experience, taking away the stress of so many dark stories...replacing them with one of hope and love. Thank you for this beautiful story so far, we have been writing it a while and I am looking forward to the journey! Creative ideas Wonderful writer - -Danny-

  • This is long overdue and I hope I can accurately gush about how amazing this person is. We’ve been writing together since April 2019 and have two threads together with a multitude of amazing plots in each. I can always share new ideas met with collaborative teamwork to make that idea even better than I imagined. Every time I get a response from our threads I immediately jump to writing. 100,000% recommend! Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Rigormortiful

  • Rose is such a good hearted soul. She is kind and sweet, and always understanding. She writes amazing posts and always gives her very best when telling and creating a story with others. The world would be a better place if there were more of her in it. Kind and understanding Drives the plot forward - -Danny-

  • What to say about this spectacular girl? Besides being brilliant when it comes to plot development and brainstorming, she is just really fun to write and chat with. We have become fast friends and I am always in awe of her. Though I risk losing the monopoly I have on all her free time, she is definingly worth checking out if she puts a roleplay idea out there. You will be swept just like I was.

    FYI....I'm only allowed to pick two, but ALL below apply to this girl. Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Eros_Calls

  • I really enjoy our role play so far, she is very good at putting the reader in the front row seat, its like, when your in a scene, your in the room witnessing it all, its very immersive. She is also very accommodating. If you want a well thought out role play and a friendly partner, this is the lady for you! Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - TheSpunkyElf

  • It's hard to put into words how much I appreciate Cat! I always get excited when she replies, because I know I'm going to have the pleasure of reading something incredible that will put me on the edge of my seat. Her characters are so in-depth and easily intertwine with my own, helping to create interactions that feel realistic. I highly recommend her as a partner to anyone looking for outstanding RP! Wonderful writer Long-term partner - pilemenubs

  • My last kudos for this lady was probably a year ago so here we go! I have always enjoyed writing with Cat and that has not changed. If anything it's only grown more so over the last couple of weeks that we've really getting back into our RPs. I adore how our writing styles mesh so well, how creative, passionate and talented Cat is. Her characters really come to life in her posts and my two ladies are utterly head over heels for her two guys. I love our stories! <3 - MercyInReach

  • Just the most bomb lady. Words can't describe how thankful I am to have the ability to RP with her. She has been extremely understanding of my chaotic life and has the most creative additions to our RP! - honeyandthemoon

  • By far one of my favourite people here. She is truly an intriguing, creative, passionate RPer. I am grateful to have bumped into her in this place! She brings so many different ideas to the table and genuinely cares about her characters (and yours)! Recommend BIG time. <3 - honeyandthemoon

  • -- and creating characters, character arches, plots, sub-plots... My RP with her excites me to write in general lately, and reminds me how fun, and dramatic, and crazy a story can be. She is such a good partner, and you're missing out if you are not RPing with her. I hope our RP last's forever, and when it eventually does end, we'll pick up something from one of it's side plots probably and make that our new RP. It's just fantastic. I am so glad to be writing such a mind blowing story with Cat. - MercyInReach

  • This woman is so amazing. I'm not even really sure I can put it into any words that would capture just how amazing. Her writing is immensely detailed, she doesn't just keep up with me, she rides along side me. Her writing takes me to another place and get's me pumped for my response, as our story goes on and grows bigger, more dynamic, more detailed, more complicated. It doesn't feel like I'm leading, or she's leading, and one of us is following, we are a badarse team, working together -- - MercyInReach

  • Great roleplayer! Lots of detail! Finds time to respond. A plethora of characters to chose from. She is a great writer, and creator. - JaronHallivard