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Kudos for Lyssic

From the Greek word meaning "glory," a kudos is acclaim for exceptional achievement or qualities.

On the RP repository, receiving a kudos means that another community member recommends you as someone other people might like to get to know. Perhaps because you are exceptionally fun to RP with, exceptionally fun to know, or are just plain exceptional!

  • It feels like I was just a wee baby when Lyss and I first met and our friendship has continued throughout the years despite long breaks in communication. Not only is she incredibly kind, helpful and talented (and holy cow is she talented), she's funny and a great to banter with to boot! 10/10 would friend again. Helpful Creative ideas - Majighoul

  • Lyssic (played by Lyssic)
    There is no words to describe the love I feel for this person. I have known her for years, and the user is beyond delightful. A good and loyal friend, creative and always helps me with my creativity once I am stuck. A muse, a friend, and probably one of the most awesome people I got to know. Kind, understanding, selfless and never saying anything bad about others. The character is as amazing as the player, and never ceases to inspire me <3. Thank you. Helpful Creative ideas - Jane

  • Lyssic is an incredibly creative individual, her artwork is jaw-dropping, I really enjoy watching the process of her drawing, while her writing is just as impressive and enjoyable to read. Well-spoken and deliciously detailed, I also must mention that I appreciate her patience and understanding greatly, given that it takes me a bit to get to the writing. We just recently started roleplaying and I'm really looking forward to seeing what more does this wonderful individual has to offer <3 Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Queen_of_Hell

  • Lyssic is another person whom I have known for years and wish everyone would get to know her as well. She is wonderfully creative, both as a writer and an artist. As if that wasn't enough, she is sensitive and caring, giving of herself without second thought. I am incredibly envious of the drive she has to be the best she can be in all aspects of life. Her Roleplay and characters are no exception to this, every little nuanced detail is awe inspiring and makes me want to be better as well. Wonderful writer Long-term partner - Caitlin

  • Sweet, lovely Lyssic! I've gotten to know her over the past months (years? How long has it been?) and she is an absolute delight. Her characters are on a whole different level - from elegant and waspish to terrifying and severe (even if it is just a mask), all written as cleverly and gracefully as their designs. As an artist, she is a force to be reckoned with, the patient master of deliciously detailed line work that makes my soul ache. Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Elle

  • I have know Lyssic for a bit now and all I can say is I never regret anything. I used to be shy of her but one day I had the guts to speak to her. Now, every chance I get I flood her with love. Not only are her characters all great they all have their own personalities that make you want more. I do, and I know I can't show her enough just how great she is. - SennM

  • Lyss is a woman I was initially frightened of. She exudes regality, class and talent beyond bounds. Her characters are well written and beautiful in all ways and her roleplay drags you in. Now I know her, she is one of the sweetest people I know and a friend I never want to be without. You're stuck with me now! - Luxe

  • Hooow have I not given this lovely human kudos yet? Lyssic is one of the sweetest, kindest, most thoughtful people I know. I am always so stoked to catch up with her when we're both around, though it's not nearly as often as I would like. She is a talented artist, a charming conversationalist, and a wonderful role player. I am blessed to count her among my friends and if you have the opportunity to chat her up, you will not be disappointed! - yourmom

  • Lyssic is a presence in my life unlike any other. Refined, classy and with a brain sharp as any. She is feminine grace and elegance all wrapped into this brilliant package of sense of humor, sense of friendship, sense of knowing exactly how to cheer me up by timing those little daily '<3' exactly when I need them. Her characters, her rps and her rprs is a class above mine and I'm honored to have her as a friend. - Green

  • This dear individual is so apt with Vampire: Requiem canon, and is one of the few folks I know who can play a Malkavian the way one ought to be played! - Brutal

  • Lyssic possesses a penchant for the corrupted and corrupter both. Capable of roleplaying action, romance, and psychological struggles all with a flair and believable style of writing to draw the envy of others. Our two characters together offer me a unique experience ranging from romance, violence, social and psychological power struggles - a relationship where both sides are constantly trying to get the upper hand through overt and covert means. If dark and intellect are desired, ask her now. - Belial

  • I will never cease to be amazed by the absolute OOMPH you put behind making all of your characters. You hardly miss a single detail. Really, I think you could make a slice of plain toast a character and find a way to make it amazing. Is there anything you can't do? Asking for a friend. ;) - Mayim

  • Honestly, I was on the edge of quitting until I met this wonderful human. Not only is she one of the kindest people I've met on this game (and I've been around for a loooong time) but she's always there, always. Her characters are complex, dynamic, and creative. I appreciate everything about her, absolutely a wonderful friend to have. - Ivory

  • For some reasons I've never given this amazing woman a kudos.
    She is brilliant. Plain and simply. She has this.... amazing ability to world build a character or setting that's practically magical and every char she makes just makes me gingerly sit in a distance and touch their RPR in awe.
    And not only is she talented with words and characters. She is possible one of the sweetest person I've ever had to pleasure to get to know on that furry game.

    Thank you for being my friend. - Green

  • Boy does this woman have a story to tell. Oh no, not just one. That pretty brain of hers is packed full of top notch ideas that make any character or world building project a great joy. Her charas may be tough, but she's really got a hard candy shell, with a warm gooey center (But don't tell her I told you that). If you are looking for someone who to collaborate with on stories, or even just someone to shoot the breeze with about birbs, Lyssic is your gal! <3 - Wildviolets

  • Lyssic, my partner in crime for many many years now, how I love thee. I really wish I could look inside her brainmeat sometimes, there's all sorts of fascinating things inside there that I wanna roll myself in. Her art is to die for and her characters are hotter than an midday sidewalk in summer. That's right, I said it, she's worth making a fool outta myself for. Amazing, pure and simple. Roleplay with her immediately. - Ventlurker

  • I do adore this woman. Shes been a close friend for years. She's got an amazing taste, a way with words, and awesome skills when it comes to drawing. While she has a level head, she does not lack the warmth and patience she showers friends with. <3 - Jane

  • I try not to have many regrets, but I deeply regret never having involved my characters with Lyssic much up until now. My only complaint is our time zone difference always trying to stall attempts at roleplay. I'd say seek her out for roleplay, but don't take any time away from me please. She puts a great deal of effort into her characters and you can feel it when you take the time to roleplay with her. - Belial

  • Lyssic (played by Lyssic)
    Lovely player, awesome profile and amazing character! - Jane

  • One of the very best! I have known Lyssic for years, and I have to say she is one of the most genuine people I have ever had the pleasure to meet. - IceyLady