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Kudos for ConnanBell

From the Greek word meaning "glory," a kudos is acclaim for exceptional achievement or qualities.

On the RP repository, receiving a kudos means that another community member recommends you as someone other people might like to get to know. Perhaps because you are exceptionally fun to RP with, exceptionally fun to know, or are just plain exceptional!

  • Connan is a great RPer. He can do silly light plots and serious stuff both equally well. He's good at letting you know if he'll be a while in replying or needs to take a break for a bit. He's good at coming up with ideas to move the plot along and over all is a wonderful person to write stories with. Kind and understanding Creative ideas - Ms_Draca

  • It's easy for someone's first impression of Connan to be of a childish goofball who's really into cartoons - and honestly, that's not wrong. XD Going to him for silly, wild stories that keep you doing double-takes is 100% a great idea. I'm not sure how many people know how excellent he is with more serious plots as well. And as a person, he's generally not the sort to ask how you are, but he is one who'll sit and listen without judgement if you need him. Kind and understanding Creative ideas - Zelphyr

  • Connan is someone who I've RPed with multiple times now over the years, and is definitely a lot of fun to play with. He has a range of quirky characters and backs that up with some great plot ideas. He's also a great group RP organiser too. He definitely knows how to keep a plot moving forward, so if I could pick a third quality, that would have been my choice. Creative ideas Long-term partner - Riik

  • This guy is awesome! I'm having fun with our current rp! He's so sweet and he'll ask me anything that confuses him about my characters!

    You guys should defiantly rp with him! He's great! Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Icysoul

  • ConnanBell is such a friendly and creative role player! Everyone should have the chance to get to role play with him! Keep being awesome my friend! Great sense of humor Creative ideas - QueenSerenity

  • Turns out I've known Connan for about 6 years now. Through all that time, he's been a great friend, even through times we've had serious disagreements. He's the sort who won't back down from being honest, nor will he back down from from treating a person with respect. And our RPs... a few random, wandering adventures turned into chapters. Some games have been separate and others have come together, and some of our characters have grown up and grown old together. Connan's just... wonderful. Kind and understanding Creative ideas - Zelphyr

  • I've been rping with connanbell for a while now, and they are very patient and understanding. They have put up with me and taught me a lot about rp, and can probably teach me more. I'm very thankful to have met them and I'm happy to keep rping with them. I always look forward to seeing and reading there replies. Kind and understanding Helpful - Faybelle

  • I've been rping with ConnanBell for about two years now, and in that time he's shown to be a funny, witty, and creative writer. He's typically the one who has the ideas that break the mold. Give him a shot if you're up for a creative and unique story. Great sense of humor Creative ideas - Kamizombie

  • Connan is a very energetic and creative person, I have known him for a little while now and honestly he always brings a smile to my face when I talk to him. Kind and understanding Great sense of humor - Lady-Angiris

  • Conan is a very energetic and creative person, I have known him for a little while now and honestly he always brings a smile to my face when I talk to him. Kind and understanding Great sense of humor - Lady-Angiris

  • This guy is sweet to talk to, incredibly patient, easy to work with and very flexible! Have issues? -Just speak up. I have yet to meet a kinder soul so willing to make things work then ConnanBell. He certainly deserves them kudos <3 - Mipps

  • I've had the pleasure of RPing many different scenarios with ConnanBell, and he is truly gifted at creating individual characters who respond uniquely to the situations they're placed in! I'm never bored in our RPs, and he's always so patient when I have to take a break for real life. Definitely take him up on the opportunity to get something started, I guarantee you'll enjoy it! - CrimsonKnight

  • Incredibly Patience, Creative and Fun. This guy has reignited my Love for roleplay again and again, Highly recommend roleplaying with him and am glad to call him a friend :) - Lady-Angiris

  • This guy has the highest level of patience I have ever seen in an rper. Thank for all the fun times and cannot wait for more! - North-Wood

  • Connan is an incredible roleplayer with a vast range of characters and verses. Even in tougher spots to reply, his replies are still creative and keep pace enough to move a story along so that it's never stale. You'll be hard pressed not to find a story idea for at least one of his characters. - Kamizombie

  • fightingleaf (played by ConnanBell)
    Although Leaf is built from a stereotype, but he's definitely beyond it. Focused, intense, vicious - but secretly a hero with a soft spot for kids and the downtrodden. I've seen him brutally murder enemies, and I've seen him try to hide his tears. All of this with an awkward humor running alongside that, while bizarre, also brings it all back down to earth. - Zelphyr

  • Despite having yet to finish our RP, I've been in multiple ones with Connan, so I can say honestly that he's an incredible RPer! He has plenty of characters full of creativity, and is involved with so many RPs that it's a shock he has time to respond so quickly as he does. He's never afraid to take hold of the story, and will never leave you empty handed. - SolonaAmell

  • I'm on my second rp with this guy, and I'm just now writing a kudos. Shame. Anyways, Connan is amazing with his story creating powers. I've had the pleasure of experiencing about three of his characters, and they are all quite different with their personalities, which keeps things fun. Connan is also very good about providing plot twists or adding characters so that the rp doesn't stall. You will not regret working with this literate and creative mind. - ilovedogs260

  • I've given Connan kudos before, but haven't really said much about him. He truly is a lovely person, and it's rare that I have come across someone so utterly understanding, and yet so driven to succeed and to root others ever onward. If you have him as a friend, then you have a solid ally on your side. It was halfway an accident that we got to talking, but I'll always be grateful for it.

    Rock on and grab those dreams! - Zelphyr

  • Even though I only just started RP'ing with Connan, his style has completely thrown me off guard. I love the way he can roll with anything that happens, and even twist it to his advantage! He is a very creative person and I hope to roleplay with another of his characters in the future. - Zephyrezz