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Most people are only 'tolerant' if you agree with them.

And that begs the question, is it possible for one to practice complete tolerance? Is that a good thing? Or is it simply the absence of moral views? Lots of gray space :P
I'm bored at work if it wasn't obvious.

Good question. That would need some boundaries wouldn't it? I would say a tolerance for religion would be good, but anyone can make any practice and call it religion. No easy solution there.

Indeed. And as good as it is to tolerate other religions, what does that mean for radicals? Should we tolerate Westborrow or even Isis because they say they follow a popular religion? Some say yes, some say yes for one and no to another, and it will never have a clear answer.

That would fall on one's morals. But what are morals? Beliefs of what you should or shouldn't do. Is it truly bad to kill or do we just not do it because it's punishable? Imagine how crazy things would be without laws to keep people in line.

Agh!! I can't draw wings. D:

I had to write a paper on morals for my philosophy class, I actually ended up making my own moral philosophy :P

I can't draw anything! Wanna trade? :D :P


But trade what?


Or in my case, lack there of :D

I'm back again

Probably gonna sleep real soon though
I have a bad migraine ono

Don't go to sleep yet! I'm so close to being finished with Pachua XD

O damn, now you got me interested in staying up a bit more. heh.

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Forums > Smalltalk > Just Talkin' :)