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  • Uploading an icon without selecting any file no longer results in a blank error, thanks to Sanne's reminder that this bug had been left unfixed for nearly a year. (8 years ago)
  • Auger
    Auger has an observant eye and a heroic spirit. When they sees something that might jeopardize the RPR, they says something, even if the loophole could be conceived as benefiting their by remaining. (8 years ago)
  • Darth_Angelus created 10 pieces of portrait decoration (1 computer terminal, and 9 glow colors), which have been inducted into the player profile customization tool as pieces of flair for everyone's use! (8 years ago)
  • Heimdall generated a healthy list of bugs, comments and suggestions shortly after the Player Profile Customizing tool went live. This list was a huge help in the rapid improvements that were made over the next 24 hours. (8 years ago)
  • When looking for groups, the search results didn't accurately report how many members were in each. Sanne helped get this fixed by bringing it to light. (8 years ago)
  • Dylan found a case during the days of notifications turmoil where timestamps could stay the same for hours, especially when your friends weren't doing anything new. (8 years ago)
  • SeraphicStar
    SeraphicStar's lightning fast bug report reflexes made their the first to document and report a growing army of duplicate notifications. After several days of pandemonium, we emerge victorious! (8 years ago)
  • Dylan reported the timestamps on notifications not updating under certain circumstances, after an update. (8 years ago)
  • Dog heroically reported that an update, applied just ten minutes before, had caused some player links to gain super strength and take over a whole page. Profiles are saved thanks to Dog! (9 years ago)
  • ToBeContinued reported that characters with apostrophes in their names never successfully completed the deletion process. (9 years ago)
  • Sanne found a case where making mistakes while trying to change your password didn't return a useful error message... Or any message at all! The form is now much more helpful. (9 years ago)
  • Sanne discovered that group announcements weren't correctly identifying a group's founder, resulting in some mild confusion. All fixed now! (9 years ago)
  • Sanne found that after some recent changes, there was a chance of group leaders and moderators being unable to boot unruly members. Patching has been done. Sorry group moderators! (9 years ago)
  • ToBeContinued mentioned that trying to edit group text widgets was very difficult being that they were only "two lines high." Turns out, text editing was barely functional in IE! The error has now been fixed thanks to ToBeContinued bringing it to light. (9 years ago)
  • Sanne reported a series of bugs that affected character widgets. Most trivial, one critical, all seemingly unrelated... Until suddenly all the dots were connected into a line, leading to one little variable that was out of whack. What sleuthing! (9 years ago)