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  • Sanne showed that it was possible to cause a rare tropical storm known as a "codesplosion" if an unregistered user tried to nominate a character to be featured. Thankfully, further strife has been averted by her weather report. (11 years ago)
  • kuroi_neko received a <3 in the mail, and yet couldn't see it! The case of the disappearing <3s has been solved thanks to kuroi_neko's tests, tribulations and reports. (11 years ago)
  • Pineapple's group was beset by rapscallions, and the site gave her sass when she exercised her moderator powers. But Pineapple wouldn't have any of it. Oh no. Pineapple submitted a bug report that showed them all! (11 years ago)
  • SeraphicStar
    SeraphicStar helped confirm that the bug in mail folders was indeed reproducible and not just a random blip. (11 years ago)
  • As a result of recent upgrades to the mail system meant to reduce lag, moving messages to folders stopped working. Sanne was first on the scene to document the problem, and assist in getting it fixed with great reports. (11 years ago)
  • Sanne has sharp eyes and flying fingers. Today, she took aim and sniped a bug in composing messages that made it hard to remove characters from the recipient list with a well placed report. (11 years ago)
  • CelestinaGrey detected a bug where images marked as mature weren't stopping at the door and putting on clothes before parading across her home page. Luckily, CelestinaGrey flashed her fashion police badge and brought the bug in for questioning. (11 years ago)
  • Bix stumbled upon a strangely glowing code fragment that seemed to guard the way between a logged out user attempting to make friends with a registered user. Thanks to her writings from the front, we were able to translate it back to English. (11 years ago)
  • Did you know that Sanne has a new kitten? This accolade should really be for Sanne's kitty -- Its extreme cuteness prompted Sanne to post so many pictures, that a bug in image formatting on the forums was uncovered. Purrrr! (11 years ago)
  • In a display of bravery and generosity, Pyrroglaux was the very first one to use the brand new gift-giving system in our store. Their report: 100% user friendliness, 0% bugs. YAY! (11 years ago)
  • Loki's almost deific nose for trouble led her to discover a broken link that ought to have gone to our forum rules. Proper connections and rule-havings have been restored thanks to Loki. (11 years ago)
  • TheCoffeeWolf was part of the crew that found all the bugs in breaking character ties. Characters may resume being loners thanks to their efforts! (11 years ago)
  • While suffering from a head cold that is making me dumb, I accidentally set a trap full of bugs that skaikrasha sprung. Her quick thinking and speedy report woke me from my daze, and it's once again safe for characters to break ties with one another. (11 years ago)
  • Bix reported that uploading a new character icon, while at the same time editing a character profile page that contained a guestbook, could result in some weird display errors. Way to find the obscure interaction bugs, Bix! (11 years ago)
  • Sanne reported that logging in after resetting her password sometimes resulted in her seeing an error that was no longer relevant. Relevance restored! (11 years ago)