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Liothryth (played by Mirafin)

In the middle of the bustling streets of Pendel, a lone figure stood gazing around her. It had been centuries since Liothryth had been to Pendel, and in that time it had gone from a small, muddy village to a fairly large city full if people.

Dressed in the layered, dull colored robes of the monastery where she had spent so many years, she stood out from those around her who seemed to be dressed to show off their wealth. She had a small traveler's pack on her back, along with a wooden staff that was a few inches taller that she was.

A passerby bumped into her just hard enough to knock Liothryth's hood from her head. It revealed that she was an elf, and slightly past her prime. Her hair was pulled back into a demure knot, low on the back of her head. More interesting were the scars on her face. It almost looked as though she had been struck by some kind of magical lightening. Reaching up with a hand that was similarly scarred, she pulled her hood back up.

Nodding almost imperceptibly and squaring her shoulders, she starting walking toward a nearby tavern.

[OOC: Feel free to join in anywhere, in any way. I really don't have any big ideas for this, so we can all come up with the plot together. If you need me to act like I know something already, I'm game, just let me know what it is either OOC here or in a private message.]
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