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heyo! this might seem a little dumb but sometimes when i dont want to organize my pms in my plain inbox into other folders, i leave them just there. however, when i reply to things, they're obviously pushed on top and whatever isnt replied to is under it, even if it came first in the inbox.

i think a way to organize pms (maybe by hitting a button and then dragging the pms in whatever order you want? the same way you'd organize photos on a character profile) would be nice to implement? im not sure how difficult it would be to create, however, but i thought i'd toss the idea out there :D
Kim Site Admin

This would be pretty brutal to implement. Sadly, I can't tell you I will add this.

You CAN mark conversations you want to keep at the top of your inbox as "unread" though. They will stay pinned to the top of your inbox until you open them again.
Kamui Topic Starter

that's fair! i had a feeling it would be jaw achingly awful to implement...rather suggest it and get declined than hold it in!

ty either way :D

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