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Nessa Luthier (played by Roxy)

About the RP

Hight fantasy setting, pretty much any species/races are possible and magic is a common thing.
Anyone is welcome to join and give up for any reason on finding the kitten!
You can look outside the village as well. Nessa will follow random people depending on who is joining and how it goes, we might make a group or whatever comes up. I don't really like planning things too much ahead!

Missing Kitten

Unusual routine followed the next morning after last night's ball at the palace. Nessa was waking up with a terrible headache not so early in the morning which was already odd since she was one of the first to wake up at a time with the servants. But not this time. Her real life clock was missing and she awoke to being alone in the bed without her fluffy cuddly best friend in the world.

"Arsham?" - The girl rubbed her eyes looking around. Sometimes he would be in the balcony, but this time it was closed so that was not the case.

Alarmed about her missing beloved cat, Nessa rushed out from her bedroom getting dressed on the way and calling out for the guards and servants asking if they saw Arsham, but none did. There would be no minute to waster so a bunch of "Looking for" pamphlets were made, with a very, very generous reward in gold coins would be rewarded for those who would find her poor lost kitten.

Nessa walke out to the streets not even waiting for her guard to follow her, although the chaos was such that even they forgot to take care of the princess and look for the pet instead. Already loosing her breath as she ran along the streets leaving pamphlets to shops and people, asking everyone if they happened to see her cat.


Here's where you come in! Help princess Nessa find her kitten =( You're free to make up clues on the way, although they might not be from her cat. I'll make up hints on the way as well to follow.
I allow freedom here so be creative! That's why I'm not getting into too many details either, I like things being built by everyone not just me ^^

Have fun!
Azumi Hemmberg (played by Revereen)

Azumi noticed the lady inquiring about her lost cat and decided she will assist her, with her son, Ren following her and reluctantly assisting her.
"Hello miss, I am a kitsune and I might be able to use my magic to track your pet down!" She smiled.
Ren Hemmberg (played by Revereen)

"I literally just wanna sleep and write more songs, but I guess this isn't so bad either", Ren said, attempting to hide behind her mother's short stature.
Nessa Luthier (played by Roxy) Topic Starter

Nessa was stopped by a few people offering to help by searching around the city. - "They deserve to be rewarded just for their big hearts..." - She said to herself before getting back to giving out pamphlets.

In a usual day she might have been more curious or fascinated by a kitsune woman that stopped her offering to help, but sadly that day she was too worried about her friend. - "I really, really appreciate your help!" - The girl said taking her hands for a strong squeeze. - "And yours too. I'll make sure you'll be rewarded properly for the help."

After that, she continued walking along the streets with her new companions if they decided to follow, or alone if they decided to take a different route. Soon she arrived to the busy market place, although she really doubted that her cat would frequent those crowded sides of the city, there were still chances for him to be drawn by the fisherman's stand or the hunter's.
Azumi Hemmberg (played by Revereen)

Azumi, along with Ren, followed Nessa in her search for her missing cat to the marketplace. She lifted her tails and muttered some sort of incantation in order to prepare a spell to track specific things, living or not. "Do you have some sort of trace of your cat? Maybe a few pieces of fur? It shall help as well if I know what your cat looks like", she said and continued to finish the incantation.

When the incantation had finished, a glowing, transparent, purple compass appeared in front of her, but the compass was currently blank. "There", she said, "This should work!"
Nessa Luthier (played by Roxy) Topic Starter

"Yes, yes, sure!" - Nessa offered a piece of cloth that was clearly cut off from a blanket that her cat used to sleep on. It should be enough to have his scent and some hair there.
She offered it to Azumi before focusing back on looking around and asking people. It would be hard to miss.

"He's a brown cat, with sort of cream color stripes. Like a tabby cat? But a little larger." - She explained to Azumi as they walked, only looking at the compass thing she made with the corner of her eyes. It... didn't seem to work, but of course she wasn't one to judge magical beings like this kitsune woman.

As they walked along the streets, they could hear the fisherman complaining about a certain stray cat stealing a bunch of fish. Nessa of course had to ask for more details, about where the cat went. Of course, she also dropped a few coins to the man in exchange, and to pay for the missing fish.
Azumi Hemmberg (played by Revereen)

Thanks to Nessa, Azumi was able to make the magical compass show the coordinates of the missing tabby cat, saying the descriptions out loud to herself. Minutes passed as Ren had waited in anticipation while looking around, hoping the lost feline might have been nearby.
"Strange", she said, "I can feel the feline's aura but not ascertain it's location?".

She could not find the cat, even after double-checking each location of the area they were at. She had never thought that her magic would fail her when it seemed to be such a trivial task for a centuries old fox. After much thinking, she had come to the conclusion that the cat may be somewhere outside this village. She explained the details to Ren and Nessa hesitantly.

"The cat is alive and well, but, it may have wandered outside the village"
Ren Hemmberg (played by Revereen)

Ren groaned, he was irritated, but out of worry for the lost kitten. He realized this might come of as he is uninterested in the search, but apologized in an increasingly verbose manner, which he does when he is nervous.

"Mom, we gotta hurry", he said to Azumi, "Any sort of pet wandering around on its own is already at risk of being harmed"
Nessa Luthier (played by Roxy) Topic Starter

Azumi's words only worried her more and she seemed to be right. Even the fisherman pointed to the direction outside the marketplace, leading to the docks. - "That's not good... he can't get into the wrong hands." - Of course from the first sight it might just seem to be a regular feline, although still easily getting some attention. But it was the collar around the neck what worried her.

The royal emblem, which meant the cat was worth a lot of money and someone could take advantage of it. So the kid was right, they should find him before anyone else would.

Nessa ran outside the village through the dock's gates, and just a few steps away she could see the golden emblem glowing in the grass. - "Oh no..." - That was definetly even a worse sign. If he was kidnapped, they didn't care about the money so whoever caught him, they had no plans to return him.
Rucas Anouilh (played by Kotomi657)

Seemingly out of nowhere came a male painted in brightly colored clothing. His face obscured behind a mask of a silly clown (too ridiculous to be creepy). His jester hat jingled as he tilted his head, the glowing emblem in his hand for he had quickly snatched it up before a princess friend could. "Finders keepers!" He shrieked in a giddy voice, his foreign accent lacing over his words to make it perhaps challenging to understand.

He held the gem up to his mouth piece of his mask, pretending to blow on it. Wiping it off in his shirt he studied it closely, the jester giggling. "Oooh...I recognize this. Someone lost the royal animal...but what was it again?"

Humming playfully he stood tall, leaning his elbow on the princess' head. Only of she allowed it. "I know." He stated, Rucas looking right to the Tabaxi. "It was the royal dog!"
Nessa Luthier (played by Roxy) Topic Starter

Nessa was about to walk over to take the emblem when someone took it right in front of her nose. That didn't bother her since it had no other value for her than using it to maybe track Arsham by its smell, other than that it would be rather useless.

"A cat, it's a cat." - Nessa said crossing her arms, frowning to the jester but not moving away as he rested his elbow on her head. - "I've lost my cat and he's a special kind, I'm afraid he might end up in the wrong hands." - And used for circus or exhibition... or maybe worse things like experiments. Just the thought of that gave her bad chills so she brushed his arm away to start walking again. - "You're welcome to help us, sir. I can promise a very fine reward, aside from the gold emblem."

After that she walked along to get into the forest looking for more clues.
Rucas Anouilh (played by Kotomi657)

Tilting his head dramatically, the jester pocketed the emblem and followed behind the princess. "Working with the arts like exhibitioning or circussing isn't bad. I did it for a season and..." shuddering slightly, "sought out better work. Maybe your cat didn't like that fancy life? Who would love three square meals a day...a warm bed. Royal applause at your jokes." The jester sighed, taking a look around his surroundings. His tinkling hat and steps came to a. eventual stop, however, as he spotted something in the distance. It was hardly noticeable really.

"Tell you what! I bet I can help you find your cat. IF-" jumping infront of the princess as he tried to block her path. "If you offer me a seat in your circu- castle as reward." Giddy giggles came from behind the mask. "Right that way, there's a sleeping mud frog. At the lip of the forest? The lazy beans sleep all day, but awake at night. Let's interogate." The jester would turn, tinkling towards seemingly nothing...though upon closer inspection one could potentially find the near by mud was...breathing?
Tahar (played by Lila)

Tahar heard of the chaos of the city. The Princess lost her dear kitten it seemed, well, for the wolf that seemed like no big deal. Cats were wild creatures who tended to run off, but, the royal highness seemed distraught (from what his Watchers could tell him from their posts) so Tahar had decided to come through the forest and look for said pet. He hadn’t caught a felines scent just yet in his wolf form, however he could see humanoid forms coming this way.

Turning to the shadows, he shifted to look like them, hidden in the darkness. He wore a light, gray-ish blue coat, with stretchy pants to match, his hair fluffed around his face, framing him yet covering his eyes as well to hide the truthful scars.

“I wouldn’t touch that if I were you…” His voice was rugged, and deep. “Or even go near it for that matter. You never know what will come out of a simple puddle of mud.”

The growling voice came from the shadows where his human form was gently outlined. The trees gave him a gracious hiding spot, him towering above them all.

He had somewhat small movements, looking around the sunny area, yet staying in his shady spot.

“I assume,” He dragged, “You’re looking for the princesses kitten.”

That little word felt silly coming out of a large man’s jaw, he was muscular, 6”5, and using baby words rather than simply calling it a cat. Something one would assume from someone of his stature rather than the term kitten.

He however hadn’t recognized the princess, not usually bothering with the nearby kingdom, and instead caring more for the well-being of his pack. This was a little favor he chose to do knowing that most were greedy, and wish to abuse the princesses love for an animal. He had already planned to deny the prize once he had returned the pet that he was so deeply in search for.
Azumi Hemmberg (played by Revereen)

Azumi sensed something wrong, some sort of intimidating presence was lurking near them. She closed her eyes and whispered to herself to perform another incantation.

"A... were...wolf" her jaw dropped and she looked to at Tahar, "R-renny, stay behind me"
Ren Hemmberg (played by Revereen)

"Werewolf?!" Ren stuttered, but couldn't help but ask "Can I pet them?".
Azumi looked irritated at the fact he said that. She knew that Ren had a werewolf friend, who tends to get pet by him because he's, "The physical embodiment of the word, 'fluffy'" despite the fact he has said that to several other animal people, including his own mother.
Nessa Luthier (played by Roxy) Topic Starter

Nessa continued her path mostly oblivious about anything happening around her, and being as quiet as possible trying to listen to any noises that might lead her to Arsham. - "I know I don't like the fancy life, but Arsham was comfortable." - She sighed, not really in the mood for jokes although in a way it almost brought her lips to curve up. Nessa still had a great sense of humor even for silly jokes, but at the moment she was feeling a little overwhelmed.

"Deal. You help me find him, I'll get you a place at the palace." - She stopped walking offering her hand in agreement. - "But you'll more likely have to work for me, so you better be good." - She let out a little grin before they'd continue.

Nessa nodded to the suggestion and followed walking until they found that weird mud thing, where she stopped. - "Uhm..." - Rught at that moment someone else arrived. The party was getting all the more jolly, it seemed.

"Yes, we are looking for the kitten, so far we only know he left the city and headed into the woods." - She explained, not at all intimidated by the tall man. - "Wolf?" - She overheard Azumi worried about the new guest. - "You might be able to help us track Arsham's scent, right? At least enough so we know which path he took."
Tahar (played by Lila)

He did not appreciate the quick outing of one of the members, letting a deep breath out of him. He watch this ‘Ren’ character closely, tilting his head when it asked to pet him.

“I wouldn’t if I were you.” He’d huff from where he leaned against a forest tree, arms crossed as his eyes were hidden. However he could see between strands of the people there.

When the woman spoke to him, a small smile formed. She was not intimidated like the others. She wasn’t scared of him in the slightest. That was a rare thing, though, it may even change when he shifted in front of them. That recovered his neutral expression, letting whatever happiness he felt at the idea spurt away, and instead focus.

Pushing himself off the tree he was comfortably leaning on, he’d nod.

“I have been looking as well.” Turning his head in the direction he had not yet journeyed he’d start to move. “Hurry, I walk fast.” That was all he said before he turned into the wolf he was. With massive scars, and giant paws. He was a ginormous beast compared to the average canine. Though he still looked like a normal wolf, he was simply bigger than most.

With black, fluffy fur, his cuteness was interrupted by grotesque gray scars traveling his body with nothing to cover them now. Not like he cared. It was his truth, and others would deal with the sight of him.

He’d start traveling down the side of the forest, sniffing the air for any hint of a cat. Any hint whatsoever, really.

He huffed and puffed as he journeyed, his head laying low in a hunch so he could be closer to where a kitten would walk. In this state he could not talk.
Ren Hemmberg (played by Revereen)

When Ren frowned at the fact the werewolf suggested not to pet him, while Azumi, who held his hand tightly followed Nessa close behind. Ren looked in awe at the possible amount of fur he could not pet, ignoring the scars present on Tahar's body.

"Don't", Azumi said sternly, still holding his hand.
Azumi Hemmberg (played by Revereen)

Azumi kept walking, with Ren being nearly dragged by her sudden increase of strength, most likely a spell she placed on herself. She had many questions for Nessa, one of which concerned being able to trust such a intimidating figure beside them.

"You know him?" She asked Nessa.
Nessa Luthier (played by Roxy) Topic Starter

Nessa was still not intimidated at all even after the transformation. As a princess she saw more than any other, even sneaking into places where she wasn't supposed to not minding being scolded by her father. But it was mostly her reckless behaviour that made her that way.

"I do not know him, but anyone who's willing to help is my friend." - She said with a smile to Azumi, hoping to make her feel a little calmer, although if she didn't trust him, she could always part ways and seek somewhere else on her own.

Nessa then grabbed the jester's wrist. - "Off we go!" - For some reason she came to like him and would drag him over to help with finding the feline. He also had a plan but if she understood right, the mud thing or whatever it was, would be asleep during the day so it couldn't help at that time in the morning.

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