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Rucas Anouilh (played by Kotomi657)

Though a mask, the eyes of it seemed to widen at the approach of a new mysterious figure. The jester had run into quite the fun crowd in his days working in "entertainment", though none seemed to make his blood run cold like this figure. Nevertheless what escaped was a giddy, and nervous, laugh. "W-well...more people to secure my place in a warm castle, the better!" He tooted, clinging perhaps too much to the princess as they traveled further into the forest. "Come come cat woman, child and bad guy!"

The forest was home for the jester. He had become quite familiar with it , for it was all he knew outside of the stuffy circus tents. Late night walks had acquainted him well enough. But a stray kitten? He hadn't noticed one in particular.

"Uh...don't know much about little cats but can't you summon them with that noise?" Scratched his jingling hat, the jester tilted his head "Maybe if we all do it. How did it go...oh! Like this-" While being dragged by the princess he held his free hand to his mouth of the mask. "PSPSPSPS HERE KITTY PSPSPS! Come on, join in!" He demanded, continuing his own "enchantment".
Assallya Kressair (played by Slain)

A blonde elven woman movies between the trees and bushes of the forest. Unlike most elves she's wasn't at home in the foliage.

"By the nine hells," the Elven girl cursed as she pushed past a branch only for it to snap back and hit her, "I hate nature."

The blonde elf girl was dressed in a bedlah, a dancing outfit now suited to a harem in a southern desert kingdom. She had pale porcelain skin and bore quite a few pieces of jewellery.

The anklets about her bare feet jingled as she moved under the auspices of an invisibility spell and crouched down behind a fallen log.

"Slow down the princess," she whispered as she saw the approaching group, "Kill her if you can. Right. Her master hadn't said anything about her having companions!"

She couldn't take them on directly. She'd need to sow confusion among them first. Tapping her lower lip with a delicately manicured fingernail of silver dusted black she smiled wickedly.

Quietly she began to cast a spell, weaving her slender fingers as she whispered arcane words that slipped the mind of the uninitiated that tried to recall them.

From hiding she cast a spell on the giant wolf with the intent of filling him with unreasoning rage. Since she was hidden his berserker rage would be directed towards his companions. Hopefully he'd kill the princess before she knew what was happening.

OOC: casting a spell to induce rage on Tahar.
Azumi Hemmberg (played by Revereen)

Azumi sensed, yet again, something wrong. This time, it was a harmful spell that was being brewed and it was coming towards her little group.
She cast another spell to sense any nearby threat, but she did not expect the spell to be cast already. She yelled as the beam slowly reached Tahar.
"Mister werewolf, a spell is going to hit you!", She said as quickly as she could in order to do whatever effort to save someone she was wary of.
Tahar (played by Lila)

That jingling sound was leaning on the verge of annoying when he was trying to listen for a kittens steps, he would have to deal with it.

Tahar ignored the loud group behind him, turning them into background noise rather than annoying in the span of minutes. A new smell crossed him, a woman’s smell. A threat in the bushes.

Over many years he had been blessed by his shamans, and those who thanked him for his refuge. Who saved them. It was never a requirement, or even suggested to bless him as he was doing what he was taught; to help those in need. Yet, some still chose to give him magical barriers, or simple blessings, and gifts.

That is why when the spell hit him, it bounced right of as a dud. This did, however, anger him. So he shifted to his human form, covered in his previous outfit which did, indeed make him look like a formal servant. The only thing that argued with that idea was his height, and in-average size.

Storming to where he had smelled the woman’s scent coming from, he aimed to grab her wrist and pull her out for everyone to see.
Assallya Kressair (played by Slain)

The elven dancing girl had expected at least a mild reaction. The fact her spell had slid across the wolf like water wicking off a duck was disappointing.

She considered a spell with more violence, maybe a bolt of acid to melt the princess' pretty face, but that would be the end of her invisibility spell.

Switching her tactics she quickly cast while the wolf approached in human form. Summoning a group of spirit orcs from the celestial wildlands to hunt the princess and her group and slowly, carefully walked backwards, her bare feet not making a whisper against the bare earth.

When Tahar turned round the fallen tree there was nothing there. The invisible woman was close. He could smell her. She hadn't teleported away. She hadn't run off. He was sure of it.

OOC: Adding a bunch of baddie orcs for the group to deal with. Assallya's hope is that Tahar will have to go help his friends.
Nessa Luthier (played by Roxy) Topic Starter

(( I'll answer tomorrow, having a little busy weekend! ))
Azumi Hemmberg (played by Revereen)

"Son, stay here, alright?", Azumi said to Ren before materializing a magical Naginata from out of thin air.

"Anyone who can't fight, stay near Ren-ren, alright? Mister Werewolf, I'll deal with this summoner of ours, the orcs are yours" She said with a more determined look on her face. She casted a detection spell, revealing Assallya's location, and disabling her invisibility spell
Assallya Kressair (played by Slain)

The orcs, chosen of Gruumsh, spent each day in Nishrek, the land of the Orcish afterlife, fighting for honor and glory and the favor of Gruumsh. When they fell in battle they would be born anew to battle once more.

Hearing a call to battle they heeded. The elven sorceress' spell a clarion. A hunt had begun and they would wash their axes and swords in blood.

Through the mists they came, crossing the veil between worlds, leaving the afterlife and racing through the woods, once more feeling real earth beneath their feet, and whipping branches slapping at their grey-green leathery skin.

The first of them leaped atop a tree stump, his rag wrapped feet clutching the bark. Above his tusked face, over his tattooed bare skull was a severed human head, starting blankly with rheumy eyes. The head was suspended on a pole attached to his back, watching each atrocity committed without comment. He hollared, a wailing warcry, as he thumped his axe against the stump upon which he crouched.

Seeing Princess Nessa and her friends he tilted his head, pointed the axe towards them and his cry changed. Now that he saw their prey he howled like an animal, rage and bloodlust lacerating his ululating cry.
Assallya Kressair (played by Slain)

(((OOC: The orcs may sound scary but they're really meant for the heroes to show off their special abilities and cool stunts and exhibit teamwork. There are as many of them as there needs to be and no more!)))
Nessa Luthier (played by Roxy) Topic Starter

Nessa's head shook at the jester's attempt to calling the cat. - "I don't think that's going to work at all." - She said letting out an amused breath. But for some reason... she ended up doing the same and feeling ridiculous. But a cat was a cat, despite it's larger size.

Right during that ridiculous moment, a blonde elf showed up stopping them. Apparent she knew Nessa being the princess. And seemed to know something more. - "Who are you?" - The princess frowned standing between the woman and her new friends. - "What..." - She stepped back a little, keeping the jester, azumi and her son behind her to protect them if needed. That's what a princess should do.

Messa looked back at her companion trying to find out who could fight and who couldn't. Apparently Azumi could take care of herself, so did the werewolf, and they already had their tasks assigned. Nessa so decided she would take care of ren and the jester instead so she would take out a little staff that with a twist in her hand transformed into a larger staff almost as tall as herself.
Rucas Anouilh (played by Kotomi657)

Orcs, weapons and spells covered the scene before the Jester could react. Was all this required for him to become royalty?? Perhaps sleeping in mud wasn't so bad- but he was in it now! Therefore, just as any soon-to-be royal jester would do-

He quickly hid behind the princess, his shuddering form only tinkling his bells further. "What kind of beast did you lose??" The clown mask the jester wore turned to behold Azumi with her fancy...stick? Surely it had a name but he knew it not. There was the princess who was equipped similarly, albeit taller stick, and he wasn't sure how well they'd do against tall and strong orcs. One werewolf vs orcs? The jester proclaimed them dead already. Somehow this gave him comfort. Might as well give up.

"Well," He began, shivering now stopping. The jester would attempt to lift up Ren, wishing to hoist the child to his shoulders. "How about a song for our death? Maybe something in...A minor?" Ruffling in his bag the jester equipped his own weapon. A silver harmonica. Blowing through his mask, a single tune flowed into a cheery song. Truthfully it was more befitting for a lively tavern, but the jester supposed to fit his approaching demise. "Princess, Azumi, wolfie- sing along!"

The jester was clearly to be no help.
Nessa Luthier (played by Roxy) Topic Starter

Nessa's attention was on the orcs and switching to the jester and Ren. - "Mhh... a little big cat, the's say." - She answered to his question, now that she thought about it, to her it was the usual to call Arsham her kitten. But maybe for the rest of the world that wouldn't be the most fitting word for the feline.

"Don't worry, I can handle the orcs." - She said as a small group of 5 orcs came to them, the others facing the werewolf. Nessa raised her staff casting a spell, a bunch of fast words as she was already trembling worried she wouldn't be able to finish the cast in time, but right as they were a few steps away from them, the staff blinked with a strong red light and Nessa smashed it to the floor causing the orcs to run away in fear with red eyes as if they were in some sort of trance, like scared chicken.
Ren Hemmberg (played by Revereen)

"You serious? That should've been my thing!" He said, embarrassed, he always loved performing and writing songs.
Knowing that he could be of no use to anyone at this moment, he procured two , double-pronged sticks from his waist bag and gave one to the Jester with a serious look on his face
"Tazer staves", he said, "They don't look like staves, but it's all we have. It's enough to incapacitate a small elephant, judging by the amount of enchantments and lightning magic Mom and I infused it with"

(OOC: I probably forgot to say that Ren is 24 years old because Rucas hoisted him up on his shoulder XD.)
Azumi Hemmberg (played by Revereen)

Azumi raises her tails once again to cast a spell, she summoned multiple balls of foxfire that would hurl themselves onto her and her group's assailants.
Rucas Anouilh (played by Kotomi657)

((Oh shoot! I thought he was a child my bad lol . Will post in a bit ))
Assallya Kressair (played by Slain)

The blonde elven woman chuckled mirthfully as the orcs attacked and she was just opening her black painted lips to scoff the heroes when a ball of some sort of fire was launched at her. She wasn't ready for that. The woman's blue eyes widened in shock and she scarcely had to time to scramble behind a nearby tree for cover.

"That wasn't very nice," she said sternly to the guardian spirit, "You do realize summoning is one of my two specialties little spirit folk? Let's see how well you concentrate on spells when you're in agony?"

The woman's blonde tresses began to rise as she began a chant, her long slender fingers weaving.

"You are bound here. I see, to the boy behind you. You are a slave."

The woman waxed on, musing as she began to weaken the link between Azumi and the plane of mortals, slowly eroding the link between Azumi and Ren.

"How long have you been a slave? Decades? Centuries? How many of these have you watched die?"
Azumi Hemmberg (played by Revereen)

Azumi felt a surge of pain flowing through her body. An urge to do something she would never do in her entire life, hurt or betray her own son, her own bond. Thoughts and memories ran through her mind, confusion and distress along with it. A...slave?, Could she be right?, These thoughts kept echoing in her mind, unable to decide what is right or wrong.

Alas, she gave in. Azumi gave in to the Elf sorceress' spell. She realized her entire life she was a slave, as if everything she has done for them was without any sense of meaning or purpose. She stood there for a bit, then turned around towards Ren, with a malevolent grin on her face.

"You", She said and gestured some sort of hand sign, "I desire to be free. You enslaved me, irritated me with your constant cowardice from when I found you, up to this point"

"Mom, w-what-" Ren was confused, slowly approaching her, but he was interrupted by the enraged Azumi

"Silence! You know what you are to me, I am stronger than your kind and yet, I serve you?! How laughable"

"I'm sorry"

"Come here child, I shall forgive you if you let me curse you for all eternity!" She laughed again. Ren slowly approached her mother with the same confusion she had while her bond was being weakened. Similar thoughts echoed in his mind about how he treated such a powerful spirit and while she raised her hand to cast a curse on her own son, She smiled.

"Do the dropkick I taught you, Son!" She said and pointed towards Assallya, laughing more innocently
Ren Hemmberg (played by Revereen)

"I hate this...", He complained as he ran towards Assallya, "Could've just zapped her with your tazer spell". They both knew their bond was what made them close to each other. To Azumi, race did not matter, just one's values and what one does for others. For Ren, he knew was the one constantly being bossed around by his familiar, only seeing her as his mother, albeit, one that likes annoying him with pranks and silly banter

"I couldn't help it, dear! You do know us foxes specialize in trickery!" She giggled as she used a wind spell to propel Ren forward in order to help him dropkick the Enemy.
Assallya Kressair (played by Slain)

Assallya crossed her arms beneath her bosom as the spell began to worm it's way into the familiar link. Now that it was cast she only needed to spare some concentration to hold it. She stood bare feet spread at shoulder's width and she had a wicked smile on her black painted lips.

She smirked as Azumi berated the young man, then she turned a glance towards the other adventurers. The princess had scared away most of the orcs with her spell but few enough remained to keep them busy. She also chuckled at the thought of Gruumsh's displeasure at their being forced to run away.

"Wait! Dropkick?" did Assallya hear that correctly?

Her heavily mascaraed, azure eyes snapped back towards the kitsuni and young man only to see him flying through the air at her. A gust of wind tossed her blonde tresses back over her amended shoulders and further sped the young man at her. His feet slammed into her solar plexus, right between her breasts like a sledgehammer.

The elven sorceress was lifted bodily into the air, she soared back a meter, her body a concave arc, bare soles flashing, arms flailing, chimes on her anklets and bracelets jingling.

Her back slammed into the tree behind her and she slid down the smooth bark in a crumpled mass with her long blonde hair fallen all about her fallen form.

Unconscious, all the woman's spells immediately fizzled, the orcs disappearing, the erosion of Azumi's familiar bond faltering. The bond itself flared back to full strength.
Nessa Luthier (played by Roxy) Topic Starter

Nessa was mostly distracted by the orcs as they came back since the spell wouldn't last forever, especially for those that were mentally better prepared or simply rejecting the spell.

"I feel him close..." - Nessa frowned looking around, somehow she could feel her feline friend somewhere close, but not entirely sure where or even how close or how far. - "Take this!" - She said throwing a big mouse plush to the jespet, squeaking as she grabbed it. - "You might be able to lure Arsham with this, he loves it. Stay safe." - Nessa casted a fast spell throwing a barrier around the jester, while under that spell he wouldn't be hurt, actually, no living creature would be able to get any close to him within a meter.

In the meantime, Nessa wanted to use the distraction to get to the other elf and help Azumi to defeating her, but once she turned, the blonde woman was already on the floor unconscious, maybe. - "Nice job." - She said with a sigh, meaning it, although she really didn't enjoy fighting. Nessa hurried next to the woman kneeling next to her. With another spell she inmovilized her, not sure if the spell would work or if the woman was too powerful for her magic. Of course, Nessa knew very little about her own potential since the king, her father, never really wanted her to get into danger, so she wasn't trained for it.

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