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Rucas Anouilh (played by Kotomi657)

Even when Ren hopped off of his shoulders and proceeded to do an epic kick, the jester continued his music. What started as a pleasant tavern sea shanty was quickly turning into epic battle music, well as much as possible. It wasn't until the plush was tossed his way that the music stopped. He pulled the instrument away from his lips to grab hold of the rodent toy. His jingling head tilted to the side as he studied it for a moment." A cat's favorite desert is chocolate mouse afterall." Chuckling to himself, the jester attached the mouse plush to the top of his hat as he crouched down on all fours. "Come little cat!" He cried, starting to scurry away towards the dense brush. However, just before vanishing,
the man peaked over his shoulder towards the princess. Was it wise to leave the girl with all these...interesting characters?

In response to his thoughts, he spoke in a shout to the kind princess tending to the enemy, "I'll find your kitten, so don't die before that. 'Else I'll dress up as you and sleep in your bed!" Nodding his head firmly he vanished a few feet away.

The man was still expecting a small feline, thus kept his low stature to the ground. "Here kitty, come here! Geesh, such a posh cat...who gets a plush toy bigger then themselves?" He hollered, giving the mouse plush a good squeak here and again. "Hurry here you kitty. Pspspspspsps!"

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(sorry y'all, I have to exit this RP as I'm on a trip and can't respond fast enough, apologies)
Rucas Anouilh (played by Kotomi657)

((Take care! Thanks for joining))
Azumi Hemmberg (played by Revereen)

Ren pouted at his mother while she simply laughed at him for making him perform such a risky tasked. He sat down by a nearby tree in order to rest and compose himself. After what seemed like a few seconds, he got up, took a piece of paper, and started writing down something, most likely another song. Azumi was glad that conflict was finally over and asked Nessa to tie the elf woman up and possibly interrogate her while helps find the missing cat with the jester.

"I guess now is a good time to use that compass once more!", Azumi then remade the magical, purple compass and used what Nessa had given to her prior in order to show it's coordinates. It was nearby, possibly northwest from where they were currently. She was unsure though, as the dot on her compass kept blinking in and out of existence.

"Does your feline have some sort of anti tracking enchantment on it? It is nearby, but I'm unsure if this could be a trap or not", Azumi said to Nessa as she tried to focus on finding its exact coordinates.
Assallya Kressair (played by Slain)

The blonde, scantily clad, elf was completely senseless and flopped about while Nessa tied the woman's wrists together in addition to the paralytic enchantment Nessa had placed on her. One could never be too careful.

While Nessa was finishing the elf's mascaraed eyelashes fluttered, then popped open. Blue eyes were wide as she took in her situation, surrounded and bound by those she had attacked, and tried to move. She found herself completely immobile, unable to struggle against her bound hands, unable to even speak. Only her azure blue eyes moved, darting from captor to captor like a trapped doe with her foot in a snare.
Nessa Luthier (played by Roxy) Topic Starter

Once the jester was safe, Nessa giggled to his comment, giving him a little wink assuring him that she won't die. Maybe she wasn't the best warrior but she had some good defense magic at least to escape. Hopefully, thing wouldn't get too ugly.

Her attention returned to the blonde elf and Azume, not as worried as she should be now that the had the woman trapped. Nessa was usually quite naive and rather innocent when it came to those sort of things, or maybe overly confident. - "Mmmh... not that I know of." - She said looking at the compass too. At least she didn't put an anti tracking enchantment to the feline. - "But maybe those who found him did?" - It only would make sense not wanting him to be tracked down.

Nessa looked at the elf, then kneeled next to her crossing her arms over her knees. - "Do you happen to know anything about that?" - She asked the woman, making a gesture with her hand to allow her to speak at least, that would allow her to move her head.
Assallya Kressair (played by Slain)

The blonde elf's eyes darted about, clearly frightened. She let her tongue from her mouth and gently eyes her black painted lips.

"By the nine hells," she said after a moment, "I was only paid to slow you all down. I'm not going to die just to by someone a little time."

The woman blew out of the corner of her mouth, pushing a golden haired lock of her delicate face revealing an elaborate silver earcuff and earring combination that called her delicate ear tip.

"You want to know about the cat?" the Sorceress said, "The cat is- "

The elven woman's eyes bulged, her brows arching. Then, despite the paralysis spell she began thrashing. The fingers of her bound hands were as taut as claws. Her bare feet cycled against the forest floor, her body bucking. The unnamed sorceress gurgled, her tongue thrust itself out. Every muscle suddenly went tight and she took the shape of a drawn battle bow, her black manicured fingers and toes splayed.

Then, without warning, the elven woman went limp, one final breath rattling out of her. Her eyes went blank and stared off into trees beyond, seeing nothing.

She was dead.
Asbjorn (played by KingDragon)

Out of the forest roamed a large man, a large, fluffy, gray Norwegian forest cat in his arm purring playfully as the viking scratched it's belly. "Thank Thor I found you; I'm not sure if this is him, but I found at least a cat, do y-" he looked up upon the scene on front of him and said, "Odin's beard... What happened?"
Azumi Hemmberg (played by Revereen)

"We were attacked by a strange woman", Azumi said to Asbjorn, "She knew how to damage my status as a familiar, but I've recovered from that so no one needs to worry. most underestimate my powers due to my diminutive stature". She then made another tail sprout out, revealing herself to actually be a five-tailed kitsune instead of a four-tailed one. Meanwhile, Ren reminded her that the dot on the compass was incredibly close by, actually, it was right where they were standing. The large man could possibly be holding the missing cat they continued to search for for what seemed like hours.

"That's the cat, isn't it?" She asked Nessa and smiled.
Nessa Luthier (played by Roxy) Topic Starter

Nessa was totally oblivious to what was going to happen, so the woman's sudden reactions made her panic trying to save her. - "Wha- the cat is where?" - She leaned closer trying to listen, but moved back as she started to do all those weird things. - "What's happening?!" - She shouted standing and removing the spell from her so she could move, but it was too late.

The girl couldn't handle that as she never saw anyone die before, so she just turned around with a tear in her eye. - "Who did this? And why?" - She looked around as if the guilty person would be around.

Just then, another person arrived. Nessa's mind was a little blurry but of course she was on guard pulling out her staff to the man, although her hands were trembling, clearly not in the mood to hurt anyone. - "No, that's not my cat. Arsham is... bigger. Much bigger." - She raised a hand to her waist to measure the cat's height.

A little further from where they were, the jester was looking for the cat making those familiar noises to the feline. And he actually did lure someone out between the trees.
Of a sudden, the next thing Rucas would see would be a large brown feline running towards him in quite a big rush.
Ren Hemmberg (played by Revereen)

"That's... the second dead body I've seen in awhile", Ren said, unnerved at what had just happened to their assailant. His mom realised this as well and tried to comfort him. She was frustrated at her own failure to react to saving her, perhaps it was because she was getting old

"I'm sorry I didn't do anything", Azumi said to her son

"I don't think an apology's needed, Mom", he said with a stoic face. He turned to face the tree and stood there silently for awhile.

"Are you sure you are okay?"

"I literally look at wildlife to calm me down, mom..."
Rucas Anouilh (played by Kotomi657)

A rustle caught his attention, bringing the jester to silence. "Is that you trouble some creature? I swear-" Rucas stood up fully, feeling relief wash over him. Clearly he had attracted the kitten and that was what was....


What approached was no small kitten; no delicate and cute creature but rather a large cat! It' steps loud and heavy. Why, the creature could have easily knocked him down, and could have ripped his delicate costume to shreds even easier. "W-woah! H-hey! Stay back" In his moment of panic he froze, only just managing to turn around and scramble back towards the others. "Help, HELLPP!" His cries echoed through the trees as he ran as quickly as his jingling boots would allow.

In reality Rucas wasn't the quickest, and he hadn't been expecting such a creature- do it was very likely the feline would have caught up to him. Rucas in his frightened state would easily be bulldozed down. "Princesss! BRING YOUR STICK!" He'd holler out loud.
Azumi Hemmberg (played by Revereen)

"Well, I guess we shall resume our sear-", Azumi paused abruptly and gasped. She saw the jester being chased by a large cat and quickly used a stasis spell to immobilize it, but toned down the intensity in order to let it breathe. She was expecting another feline to appear, hopefully for the worst, thankfully, but nothing happened so far.

"Ren, please come here!", she said to him

Nessa Luthier (played by Roxy) Topic Starter

Nessa was alerted as she heard the familiar voice coming from afar yelling for help, so her staff was already out and ready as she ran in his direction, unable to see much through the dense forest until he appeared from behind the trees with a large cat following him very closely.

"Oh! You found him!" - the princess dropped her staff and hurried to them, but the cat already jumped to reach the jester pinning him to the floor. - "Arsham, be nice!" - She giggled as the feline stared at the toy, and his large scratchy and rough tongue brushed on the side of his face before stealing the toy from him.

"Oh, you little hero!" - The girl rushed to them and the cat rushed to her for a hug as it started to purr almost making the forest vibrate. Then he started to chew on the toy playing on the grass and rolling it with its paws, like a kitten. - "Are you alright?" - She asked helping the jester up and giving him a tight hug.

The mission was complete, the cat probably had his own adventure but they would never know... for now, all that was left would be their rewards, for all three helpers. - "He's safe, thank gods. I'll make sure you all get the rewards you ask for." - She looked back at Azumi and Ren as well, since they were also allowed to ask for anything, but not before they'd read back to the palace and make it all official in front of the king.
Ren Hemmberg (played by Revereen)

Ren looked at the cat, not expecting it would be that big. He didn't look in fear though, every time he's seen an animal, he had an urge to pet it, this time though, he held back, since the cat did not know him in the first place.

"Mom", He said, "I wonder if there are cats like that at some sort of pound"

"Ren, you do realize our house cannot accommodate another animal, especially a large one and don't you have a bird to take care of? Speaking of which, where is that Cockatiel?"

Just as his mother mentioned the cockatoo, it landed onto Ren's shoulders, singing an aggressive and dynamic song and Ren sang along. He was then scolded for letting his pet fly around the village without his supervision, explaining that being forgetful is not an excuse for such a young age.
Rucas Anouilh (played by Kotomi657)

Falling right forward, the Jester's mask slid along the grass. Underneath revealed his youthful face; wide golden hues turned to glare at the princess who acted as if nothing was wrong or weird about the scene. His brows furrowed, revealing a small scar right beside his temple.

In what world was this a kitten? He further flinched when the cat plucked the toy from his hat, leaving to play with it elsewhere.

Wasn't the life of royalty meant to be easy and safe unlike his circussing affairs? Perhaps today was the last day of the wildness...atleast he hoped. "Well...n-naturally!" Furrowing his brows, he heroically put his fists to his hip as the princess hugged him. "I know everything about animals. My summoning was just the charm." He chuckled. The jester went to grab his mask, whiping it clean before it concealed his visage once more.

"As for rewards...showing me to my new bed and stage will be more then enough for Ruckoo Rucas." He chimed, giddily giggling as he would follow the princess back towards the castle.

Though not without one look to the dead body of the elven woman. Was she really...dead? The sight made him shiver, and he walked ever quicker away from the area.

Never would he need to see such things again. Royal life awaited him now!
Nessa Luthier (played by Roxy) Topic Starter

Nessa barely noticed his face after releasing from the embrace for a brief time before he put it back on. - "Right, but before we go..." - She stood up walking over to the dead woman. Somehow, she could still feel her aura so there were chances that she wasn't entirely gone. It mostly felt like magic and it was a terrible idea to take her back to the palace. There would be questions, for sure.

With her magic, she made her raise from the ground and placed her in a better spot laying on a rock in a clearing. She added a protection barrier around her and a healing encantation that might take a while to work, especially if her death was not natural, but whatever happened there, her magic might fight that curse back.

Of course, it was all guesses, but worth to try.

Once that was done, Nessa guided them to the palace for their rewards. There was a little celebration happening and the king himself would give them his blessing and whatever rewards they'd choose. For the jester there was no doubt that he would have his royalty. But before that. The feast!

The princess and her cat were safe and the kingdom was peaceful, although her mind couldn't stop wondering why they were attacked and how could Arsham get so far in the woods without anyone noticing. However, for the moment she focused on that night's little party just for the palace's staff and guests.

((Heya! I think we can wrap this up around here, the mission is complete after all! ^^ ))

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