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For the first time in what'd felt like ages, something Konis-related had worked out!

Many months had passed since Sprite'd last checked her secret little radio link to the shitstain of a planet that she once called home; tuned in to the communication device on the Siren, the wreckage of an old fishing vessel that she and her friends used to hang out at while she was still a Skylax soldier, she could only have hoped to hear from her buddies Dak and Creon once again. After all, they were the only ones that didn't deem her a monster and war criminal, so surely they'd try to get in touch again, if given the chance?

That was her theory for a long time. But after half a year, she'd lost faith in the matter and had started to focus on her new life again: running cases and going on adventures with her club of new friends, trying to make the galaxy a safer place.

But then came the breakthrough. A funky lil' voice message that boomed throughout the Rustbucket in the dead of night, shaking everyone but Randle from their well-deserved slumber.

Times had changed, but never had their scrappy friendship. Creon told her that he and his brother'd been honorably discharged from the Skylax; Konis was now under their absolute rule, with the Eastern Vault as an independent conclave and portal to the Novae continent. Tensions were growing, but since the cause had long abandoned the ideals Dak and Creon'd wanted to fight for when they were mere boys, they'd decided to travel to Novae for a new life- but not without checking the Siren first. Politics aside, however, they actually had a far more pressing matter to share: the Mudscrap Festival was right around the corner, and they just had to celebrate it with her for old time's sake!

Mudscrap Festival, the first day of the Konian wet season - or summer, to many other planets -, during which suckos from all ages, sizes and shapes went out and rummaged about in the mud, feasting, dancing, wrestling and socializing to celebrate that the cold months of dry season were finally over. Many fond memories 'bout that event, so it didn't take Sprite too long to take her pals up on their offer.

And thus, it was settled: Sprite and the twins would meet on Bralla Beach, the perfect alternative locale on the planet of Zoolang-47; a place where they could have a slice of home without having to worry about Sprite getting chased around by Skylaxians for being an outlaw. Artie, Randle and Lil' Z said they'd join later after finishing up some bizz, and instead she got to enjoy the additional company of Lady Mama, the cook from Skylax HQ, and BE4T, their tune-providing war 'Maton. In no-time, they would've assembled all that they needed for a perfect Mudscrap Festival- that was, until Sprite came up with a strange plan. Celebrating with just a small club was prime, yeah, but the Festival couldn't truly be itself without being surrounded by loads and loads of friendly, muddied strangers. She needed to get some invitations out.

Much to Creon's - who'd always been the wisest outta the three of them - disapproval, Dak and Sprite'd gone tinkering with the brothers' spaceship's Comm. Unit, soon spouting invitation messages that gave their coordinates and some promises all over the galaxy. They went a little ham with that message, however, and accidentally made the range so broad that it could possibly seep into other dimensions too. Whoops..

Well, the more the merrier, eyy? So they claimed, again, much to Creon's disapproval. That mud wasn't gonna smear itself!

Setting: This year's special edition of the Mudscrap Festival is held on Bralla Beach, a coastal plateau on the planet of Zoolang-47. It is an enormous plain made out of ruddy brown clay and it has muddy pools, bubbling natural springs and a great view of the ocean a few meters below. Our happy hosts offer an assortment of fried goods, from the funkiest creatures to the finest fruity pastries, and loads and loads of cooled beverages, alcoholic or otherwise. They also brought along a deweaponized war robot to act as their mobile stereo tower.

Characters: Anyone is welcome & can arrive be any means- sci-fi characters can arrive by spaceship, while yer fantasy & modern folk can easily drop by through a dimensional rift or what have you. The more varied, the merrier! There will also be a bunch of NPC attendees walking about that you can make up and interact with, just to make sure that the Festival feels as buzzing and busy as it's traditionally supposed to.

Premise: Mudscrap Festival is all about being messy, rowdy & having fun! Go on a wrestling battle royale while slipping around in the mud, take a refreshing dive off the plateau to wash yourself in the sea, feast on the fried delicacies on the Clean Hands Only table, chill in the mud springs or hang out with the local alien wildlife (that you may make up on the spot). All in all, don't be afraid to get dirty & have fun!

And r'member, dear suckos'o mine- you can always PM me with questions if ya got any. I'm all for makin' this one kickass experience for all who'll attend, so don't be shy & go join the festivities! Cheers, yo, and see you in-game!
Kiran (played by Leighoflight)

This was a completely different set up to what he was used to as Kiran stepped through the portal. Finding himself on a beach of some strange world. It was warm much like the island he disliked but had to come back to repeatedly with the Sunbird frequently visiting. But here was much more humid.

Looking around the scene he smirked as it had Sprite’s whole vibe all over it. He wouldn’t be doing much of the drinking or wrestling with strangers but he’d wander around in his summer outfit. A loose fitting, white cotton shirt with a deep V neck, red harem pants that stopped at the calf and a gold sash around his waist. Wearing white was probably the worse idea ever but he was here now.

He’d wander over to the food first while he still had clean hands. Receiving some sort of fried sea food in bite sized chunks. Being a landlocked lad most his life fish and sea food was still very novel to him. As Kiran sat down with his basket of fried food he started to attract the attention of some friendly if weird faces. Multiple types of stray….vaguely dog shaped creatures. “Oh….hello…” he offered his hand out for them to sniff. This was nice so far.
Sprite Cinders (played by GarnaalProductions) Topic Starter

Within an hour, ships came pouring through the atmosphere like flies lured to a piece of sun-aged meat. There were 'familiar' faces, like a trouple of brightly clothed Kiandros that'd hurried off to the mud springs to enjoy their cocktails soon after arriving, and Sprite could've sworn that she'd seen Creon strike up conversation with an Astral Federation diplomat of some sort. As the numbers of attendees grew, so did the ambiance improve: alongside BE4T's groovy tunes, the sizzling of fresh snacks being fried and the rhythmic clatter of the sea beating against the rocks, the warm buzz of people talking and enjoying themselves filled the air.

It'd been a while since Sprite'd gotten to enjoy a party like this, and although she'd been a scrappin' nervous wreck the days before - because, hey, what if someone from back home did recognize her? -, she'd eased into the crowdy celebration like a comfy hot bath. She'd already shared a cold beer with some antlered guy from crap-knows-where, and was about to treat herself to a fried spike-frog when the zap of a portal drew her attention.

Skin pale enough to flashbang her, hair redder than the hot sauce on the snackin' table, and a smile friendlier than even ol' Lady Mama's- she couldn't believe her damn eyes! A wild Mr Dr, wandering into her Festival in his partyin' clothes: it had to be her lucky day!

"Eyy, Kiran, y'ol' nerd! Shit, guy, how'd y'even end up here?!" Sprite laughed, sliding into the mud next to him after a steady and overly excited sprint. He'd gotten his hands on a fine basket of fish-things, she saw, and was enjoying the company of some of the native critters. "Been a hot second. How y'been, ey?" Their introductory circumstances hadn't been.. ideal, but in the end it was the tragedy of their shared dimensional displacement that'd forged one solid friendship that she cherished to this day. "Prime 'fit, by 'em way." Baggy red pants, a white shirt that showed a surprising amount of chest- heh, she didn't remember him being this fashionable back in Magelight! Seemed like not being chased around by shapeshifting gangsters, flaying cultists and whatever else had done him good.

As she sat there, hyped like a puppy to see her ol' pal again, some of the local puppies'd come over to sniff her neck. Strangely, no slobbering mug was seen twice in this curious company; there were gangly, shy pooches with prawn-like appendages coming out of their mouth, flat mutts with long tails and dreadlock-like fur that had algae growing on it, and somewhere in the back of the pack Sprite recognized the dim-witted stare of a bearded krathound.

All were endeared by Kiran's presence and the delicious aroma's fuming from his basket of crispy goodness- and hey, could she really blame 'em? Guy was a total pleasure to be around, especially when it wasn't the context of having to fight for one's life!
Kiran (played by Leighoflight)

This was a very strange place….he’d never seen anything like it in his life..not even the Sunbird compared to these strange metal flying ships he saw in the distance. Kiran was happy, with his fish basket, sitting on the beach in what sparse bit of shade was available. Crowd watching and growing in popularity with the local strays. This was overall, weirdly pleasant, mostly gone where the days when he’d freak out about being in a strange land, surrounded by aliens, that island had been a blessing in disguise.

He was completely surprised to see a familiar face in Sprite of all people! “Sprite!” he waved her over, grinning wide to his partner in a lot of crimes actually but they were all from trying to survive. “I’m really well! so much has changed! I wouldn’t even know where to begin if I am honest with you!” he smirked and stood up to greet her and show off his attire “Yes, not my initial choice of clothing but I have had to adapt to the hot weather.” He’d sit back down and join her.

He’d nervously pet the strange hound creatures, letting them sniff his hands and they let him pet her. One stray with six stumpy legs and a maw that more resembled an alligator mouth with rounded nubby teeth. Kiran looked nervously at the Krathound…there was just something about it that unsettled him.

Attention returned to Sprite he smiled “Is this your home world? it’s considerably different from Magelight hey?” picking up from fried fish and snacking on it. “This isn’t likely to get too rowdy is it…?” now he was nervous.
Sprite Cinders (played by GarnaalProductions) Topic Starter

"Eyy, w'got plenty'o time to catch up, can tell y'that! I'm buy y' a couple of drinks t'share over it, too!" Sprite beamed, bending sideways to elbow her buddy in his side- as friendly a gesture as it was, she mostly did it to distract herself from accidentally stealing a snack from Kiran's basket. Crap, it smelled so good! "An' y'totally right! Traditionally, all 'em attending suckos used to wear clothes as white an' bright's possible t'show off how much mud they'd gathered at t'end'o the day. But I guess y'didn' pick out y'get-up with that in mind, eh?" For a change, Sprite had chosen to not don her ever-comfy Skylax uniform: instead, she wandered around in brown shorts and a white button-up, forming the perfect airy combo of 'to-stain-or-not-to-stain'. "Migh' wanna keep an eye on t'belt, though, looks scrappin' expensive."

Okay, contrary to what their first-ever encounter would make one belief, Sprite didn't actually have fingers that sticky! No, she was talking about other guests taking a possible interest in the bling-bling, possibly, though at the moment it seemed that everyone was enjoying themselves just fine without feeling the need to crank the rowdiness up a notch. There hadn't even been a proper mud siege yet! Had to bring a change to that, later..

"Hhmph- nah, 'tis arn' my world, just some place m'friends an' me picked out. I, uhh.." There was no use in dwelling on how heavy her exile weighed on her. Artie, Z, Randle, they were her new family now- on Eyremos, she either was believed to be dead or would soon be if she decided to visit. "Long story, but I can't go t'my own world ever 'gain. M'old comrades Dak 'n Cre managed to haul their sorry asses off of it, tho', I'll introduce y'in a sec! Dak has 'tis super prime robot arm that'm sure an ol' Dr Nerd like y' would wanna see!" Last past was a joke, of course- even before she'd met Kiran, she and the twins knew like no other that the last person one would wanna mess with was their medic. Now, the specific medic that'd attached itself to their group had been nothin' short of an icy dirtbag, though they'd known how to pick their fights nonetheless. "Oh, besides, if 'tis really woulda been my homeplanet, y'would've already been eatin' by these suckos by now, heh."

Not at all noticing how unsettled Mr Dr appeared to be at the sight of the empty-eyed krathound, Sprite grinned and reached for the back of the mutt flock, grabbing the little ball of brainless fluff by its scruff. It growled a filthy and gutteral growl that sounded more like a chirp than a real snarl, but was unable to move around until she let it go.

"Hm, 'tis guy's from t'the same planet's me though! No clue how he ended up 'ere. These guys're funny as hell, they can't be bothered t'bite y'righ' now but if y'get surrounded by a swarm'o 'em, oh guy, they jus' munch all t'meat off y'bones in ten secs!" Speaking of munching, she really needed a basket like Kiran's. And what stopped her from smashing three drones with one rocket- she could drag over Dak to show off his arm and get them the drinks she'd promised to get. "Hol' on, be right back!" Out of seemingly nowhere, Sprite dropped the chihuahua-sized critter into her buddy's lap and got up to fetch the sucko and refreshments she needed.
Kiran (played by Leighoflight)

Kiran had to admit he was relieved to see a familiar face but also wary as this woman was a trouble magnet. Not that he was completely innocent either but Sprite welcomed if not incited it at times. He smiled at the mention of drinks “Do they have anything non alcoholic?” Not knowing what this alien world served at parties but he trusted Sprite not to kill him.

At the mention of wearing white to a mud festival he blinked repeatedly “Oh, I suppose it was a handy coincidence then! Although I have little desire to be rolling around in the mud.” He continued to munch on his crispy fish snack and pet the strange doggos. “My belt? Couldn’t have been that much it’s only gold colored rather than anything else.” But for all he knew silk was a rarity here.

“Ah I see…” in regard to not being able to go back home “I can’t either…not much left of the city…” he shook his head “But I chose to leave.” He nodded firmly. He glared at the krathound in mild disgust, one was bad enough, never mind a whole pack of them “duly noted…aaaahhhh!!” Why did she have to dump it onto him!?! Kiran flailed and tipped backwards, his fishy snack basket went tumbling and the pack of strays dived onto the remains “nooooo!!! My fried fish thing!!” He cried out and mourned the loss of his meal.
Sprite Cinders (played by GarnaalProductions) Topic Starter

"Ey, Sprite, who's 'em new guy?" Creon asked her when she'd made it over to the Clean Hands Only table. Fresh baskets of fried fish, meat and vegetables winked at her from the rough, once-military-fabric tablecloths. "Tha'd be Mr Dr Kiran Fancypants for y', Cre! Met t'guy under, uhh.. interestin' circumstances. Didn' tell y'before, but I got m'ass transported t'some other realm a whole while back, shit was crazy!" The craziest thing was that Sprite couldn't actually recall when it had happened; one moment she'd missed her Rustbucket friends, and the other she'd forgotten that she'd ever left Eyremos altogether. It helped to see the events there and real life as two seperate lifetimes, though- many things about her time in the other realm she remembered in full detail.. and that wasn't necessarily a good thing, heh. At least she'd gotten a great friend out of all the misery!

"I'll introduce y'if y'want! He's a doc, got all sorts'o.. uhh- cool tattoos on 'em. I figured someone from 'is day an' age'd like to see Dak's robo-paw. Any idea where he's at?" Creon huffed, and took a sip from his sack of spiced liquor. "Some giant Kiandros pooch had his pals challenge 'em to a mud wrestlin' match, could check t'ere. Oh, uh, and I'm prime, by t'way, can appreciate me t'alone time.. an' watching that doc's handsome mug from a distance." Sprite laughed and elbowed her bud in the shoulder before going on her way. "As y'do, y'old dirtbag."

On to the wrestling fields, and yessir, there he was: his face and afro flattened against the mud, Dak lay gracefully floored by the weight of the largest, chonkiest Kiandros Sprite'd ever seen. His three pals, each a colorful critter in their own right, cheered the situation on, pumping their fuzzy into the air. "Dak, m'guy!" Pfft, some sucko needed rescuing today! Grinning like a bastard, Sprite stormed onto the battlefield and launched herself against the giant gray anthro's side, sending the three of them tumbling through the muck. The element of surprise'd worked in her favor, because once her foot became stuck underneath the Kiandros' bum Sprite knew that this big fella was outside of anyone's deadlifting range! "Hee hee, we're gettin' proper serious now! Come on, let's sick 'em, lads!" cheered the curly ginger of the posse, but right when he was about to jump into the fray, Sprite rolled to the side and grabbed Dak by the arm. "Eyy, okay- I swear on m'tits, guys, w'will be down to tussle wit' you good people later, but I reaaaaaaally gotta borrow Dak 'ere for a sec, okay? We'll be back- 'n drinks'll be on me!"

"Eyy, 'tis's sounding big-dealy, guy!" Dak said with a cheeky smirk, slipping after his pal to escape the combat pit. "Whatcha need me for?" Once they set foot on less slippery grounds, they helped each other up and went straight for the snacks-'n-drinks table. Much easier to discuss bizz there. "Hhm, homie'o mine came over from 'is own realm, and he's a doc from some sorta ol' universe. I bet h'd find your robo-mitt there real prime," Sprite explained, wiping her hands off on her pants, and once that failed, a towel or three. "He an' I, guy, w'went through some mad shit, if y'get chummy enough h'might even tell y'about it!" Dak snort-laughed, before helping himself to a basket of stick-like fried vegetables covered in a crust so peppery that it appeared gray. "What, y'too scared to tell me?" "Nah, I gotta get back an' kick those furballs 'nto the dirt!"

Once stocked up on goodies - Sprite'd gotten herself a basket of fried fish and two cans of fizzy tusktree juice to share with her redheaded buddy -, they went on their way to the muddy outskirts where the pile of dogs had migrated from Kiran to his fallen meal. Ahh, the poor scrappin' klutz!

"K, meet Dak! Dak, meet K!" With a wide grin, she flopped down next to Kiran and immediately rolled the icy cold can of sweet-sour goodness towards him. Wait, come to think of it.. did his world even have cans? "Oh, if y'don' manage t'get it open, can borrow m'axe. Always works prime that way." If she hit it hard enough, the first bit always spewed out! "Eyo, prime t'meet y', Doc-Doc! Y're really enjoyin' this here freakshow, arn' ya?!" Dak squatted down by them, and pointed to the feasting dogs with his beautiful(ly mud-stained) metal arm.
Kiran (played by Leighoflight)

Kiran cried as he watched the pack of strays gobble up his fried fish food within seconds, that disgusting Krathound joined them in the fray, grunting and squealing to barge it’s way through for crumbs. He sat up and sniffed, brushing sand off his back and sides as he looked around the beach. He could hear Sprite talking and laughing with someone over by the fishy table, he debated getting another basket but waited for now.

He’d watch her from afar and smiled, this was nice to see Sprite in a more relaxed atmosphere where they weren’t in danger or running for their lives. He did have to wonder how Splotches and her mum was getting on. Watching Sprite speak to some large creature he smirked, a year ago he would have been terrified of such but his new life put him in front of large talking monsters and beasts on the regular.

Kiran stared and flinched at the strange, cold, round tube rolled his way. Picking it up he assumed it was some sort of cold device, it felt nice in his hands. Open it? He frowned and turned it around in his hands in every direction…why would he need an axe to open it?? Distracted from the can he looked up to Dak who squatted beside them. “It’s completely different from what I am used to in a good way.” he smiled politely then stared at the metal arm for some time, it WAS interesting.
Sprite Cinders (played by GarnaalProductions) Topic Starter

"Pretty stinkin' prime, isn't it?" Dak beamed, flexing his right arm up and down to show off his prosthetic. "High-class alloys with a bunch of muscle-fakin' fibers inside. Fashioned specifically for lil' ol' me! Doc couldn't stand the failure of losing my arm, heh." He could laugh about it now, but.. well, no, no, forget about it, was good that he could laugh about it now. Starting at around where his upper arm met his elbow, the robotic arm was made out of a blue'ish metal, with the exception of his middle finger, which was a deep, bloody red. "Oh, and check 'tis out!"

Taking Kiran's can entirely unprompted, Dak gave the drink the bird and tapped his knuckle against his knee: instantly, a tiny blade emerged from the red metal finger, which he used to carve a slit into the can that Mr Dr could drink from if he wanted. "Delivered to ya fresh! And it looks like a-"'

"Eyy, tha's enough show-stealin' for y'!" Sprite joked, pushing her buddy and herself back down into the mud. "An' y'don' even like-!" Laughing at a bellowing, fatherly volume, Dak took his snack between his teeth and used his robo-hand to push Sprite's face into the muck. "Ey, on the subject, where's your girl, guy? Y'arn' gonna tell us y're missin' out on t'chance t'show us y'arn' a lonely lil' shit anymore?" Bah, that foul bastard. Rough as the ex-comrades were with each other, it was clearly all done in good spirit; back in the Skylax, one could get away with saying anything - within reason, of course.. -, as long as it was accompanied by a good laugh and an elbow to the side. "Her an' m'buddies'll come along, yeah, but they got shit t'do first. So, eyy, let's just enjoy Doc's company, y'know? W'still haven' told y'bout all the sick shit w'went through!" As she took out her axe to crack open her own can of tusktree juice - which would taste like a mix of rhubarb and peach, with a hint of peppermint -, she also pushed her basket of fish snacks towards Kiran, motioning at it. "Can take a bite outta that if y'want, by 'em way."

While she was very down to boast about the adventures Doc K and her'd gone through in the other realm, she did feel a tingle of nervous hesitance at one specific chapter of it all: namely, the strange ability she'd gained to infect others with her curse. While he smelled and felt Therion-free at the moment, the idea that at one point she'd given him a taste of the same bane that haunted her was.. terrifying, to say the least. That, and the whole subject of her being a shapeshifting murder-mutant was still a bit of a sensitive thing, after Southpoint happening and all..
A portal opened, as Wakumi (in her human form) arrived on the scene from it. Her feet landed in the muddy brown clay, slightly splashing the hem of her kimono skirt. The pharmacist gazed her golden-colored eyes upon the ocean.
”So, this is Zooland-47, huh? First time I am on the shore of a completely alien planet.” she then looked around. ”Thats Mudscrap Festival may be held somewhere here.”

Wakumi always wanted to experience what a festival held on other plants look like. Smiling, she began to walk forward, anciticaping what fun activites could she attend here.
Kiran (played by Leighoflight)

Kiran tilted his head to get a better look at the prosthetic arm from every angle. “It is indeed impressive, back home I can take the arm from other and attach it to a new body. Some can make artificial limbs but that is well out of my expertise range.” he nodded. Kiran flinched as he was unprepared to have his can taken away from him and slightly sad that he’d had two things stolen already in the space of five minutes. He didn’t want to know what it looked like, he could easily guess and was grateful to have his cold can back and those two distracted from the sentence, he now realising that there was a drink in it. Sniffing it to check if there was some sort of ethanol smell and pleased to find none of that, it was sour but sweet at the same time, what was this sorcery!? He’d still drink it with few complaints. Sprite shared her fishy snacks!? wide eyed he stared at her in awe as if to say ’thank you.’ and dived straight in.

At the mention of what they had been through Kiran blinked repeatedly, since he had returned home the effects of what Sprite had done seemed to have vanished, at least after the first fae migration he experienced which wasn’t a fun time. “That was a wild time to say the least but I am glad we both made it out of there alive” he smiled then turned to see another human? coming from a portal. A lady in a fancy outfit, he understood it was from an Eastern culture, no idea which but the main thing he knew was that they were often expensive and difficult to walk in. “Oh no…” he nudged Sprite with his foot lightly. “And you commented on me dressing fancy…"
"Oh my, it seems my human form is not really suited to this environment." Wakumi commented, glancing down onto her slightly muddy kimono skirt. "Here could be other creatures s well, so it might not hurt being in my true form."

She closed her eyes and her body flashed, changing into her true form: a half-turtle half woman humanoid with short horns on the forehead and a bushy tail protuding from the behind. Her head and arms were still human, but her body was covered with a turtle shell and her legs were scaly.

"Alright, this is much better." the Honengame smiled.
Sprite Cinders (played by GarnaalProductions) Topic Starter

"Y'can do what now?!" Dak blurted, his eyes wide with disgust and disbelief. Images of his own former flesh-arm, swollen and blackened with gangrene, flashed through his head- but in the end only one thought came to mind. "Tha's so kicking prime! Could y', y'know, attach the arm'o a rock typhon to the stump, too? That'd be so sick- could mow down an entire scrappin' army with one punch!" Although the idea of attaching the arm of a bipedal desert dragon to a humanoid amputee didn't sound very scientifically sensible, but who cared! Sprite took a major swig from her can, and added with a smirk of mischief: "Eyy, maybe then y'could finally keep up wit' arm-wrestlin', guy!" As if his robot-arm wouldn't snap hers in half.

"Hmhm?" Friendly banter and snackin' aside, Kiran soon brought the arrival of someone new and interesting to their attention. Immediately, Dak and Sprite glanced sideways to watch a portal dissolve behind one very out-of-place little lady: a brown-haired youngster in a pristine kimono, clearly dressed for the occasion! "More magick-realm sorta people, ey? Nice, I'm be a good host for a sec, be righ' back." Entrusting her half-finished can with her friends, Sprite got up to greet the newcomer..

..but only after a few steps, the woman erupted into a flash and came back transformed- namely into a turtle-like hybrid!

"Pfft, talkin' 'bout a flashy entrance!" Sprite laughed, walking up to the woman with no less joy and friendliness than before. "Welcome t'em Festival, guy! Clearly y'arn' from around- I suppose our invitations reached 'cross a bunch of cool realms, eh?" Not all guests received the talky-talky treatment, but since the hybrid happened to spawn so closely to her homies and her, she saw no harm in giving the newbie a meet'n'greet. "Snacks'n drinks are over t'ere, make sure y'hands are clean b'fore you indulge. Mud-wrestlin' in the back there, an' the hot springs are somewhere next to it. Rest'o this place's pure for chillin' an' vibing- betcha y'll find somethin' you'll like!" She was curious as to what the livin' scrap this woman was supposed to be, though. Not that her other form was intimidating, nah, it was her manner of shifting that intrigued her. Being able to swap forms with a mere flash and bang; no uncontrolled bloodlust, no bones that snapped and muscles that rearranged themselves.. must be the dream.
"Oh, you must be the host." Wakumi noticed Sprite and bowed to her as a greeting. "Nice to meet you. My name is Wakumi Aokawa, travelling pharmacist, as well as a Honengame Yokai. I changed into my true form, because I think its more suited to the current environment with all the mud around an all..."

And in fact, to avoid getting her kimono too dirty. Wakumi spent so much time in her human form, then it was quite refreshing to get into her true form again.

"I guess I would eat something before I try out anything in the festival." she told.
Kiran (played by Leighoflight)

Kiran remained seated and looked after Sprites drink as she got up to greet the new person. Flinching at the light show and staring at what remained once the lights had died down. He’d seen and now lived with a fair few hybrids but this was something different entirely, Kiran simply nodded in her direction then returned to Dak.

“Yes I can..” slightly uncomfortable from Dak’s reaction of disgust. “If an arm or limb is untreatable I can sever it and replace with healthy tissue.” he nodded. “I have no idea what a rock typhoon is but the body needs to accept the donor limb sensibly otherwise he becomes a disability or even a health risk.” he didn’t quite get the amusing part of the question and went straight into the practicalities “If for example the limb is far larger than the previous it might have tissue perfusion issues…” Sprite was back, he’d hand back her drink. He’d steal a few fish snacks from her basket as well.

The sea lady was a pharmacist? “My sister does that, or used to I should say…” he rolled his shoulders one after the other. He looked around to try and find this hot spring Sprite spoke of but it was already super warm out here, didn’t need to boil and roast at the same time. Mud wrestling? mmm….not his thing unless literally dragged into it. For now he was happy eating fried food and drinking this weird fizzy stuff.
Wakumi noticed Kiran and did a small wave with her right hand towards them. She was happy there were others too in the party. The pharmacist then turned back to Sprite. “I think would I would at first eat something before engaging in any activity. Mind if I join you and your pals?“
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"Yokai? Arn' ever heard'o that," Sprite admitted, impressed with this Wakumi figure's display nonetheless. "Name's Sprite, an' I don' suppose that namin' my sort's gonna accomplish anythin'- so uhh, y'can help y'self to 'em Clean Hands Only table of there, tha's where all our snacks 'n drinks are!" Long, simply decorated tables filled with fresh baskets of fried vegetables, meats and seafood- even some sweets things like custard buns and the like had appeared now the party'd been going on for a while. "W'll prolly stick around 'ere, come find us when y're all set up." See? This hosting bizz was easy as pie.

"Eyy, I was just talkin' about rock typhons, an' then a lizard lady appears! What luck, uh?" Dak laughed, pulling Sprite back down to the ground by her leg, where she was handed her drink by Kiran. "Y'gotta sister?" she asked Mr Dr. For some weird reason, she could almost imagine what she'd look like.. but scrap if she knew why! "Y're all a fam of smartasses then, I reckon?" Dak added, giving K-K a playful push on the shoulder. "Good f'y'. Better t'end up assa sib-ship of nerds thanna bunch of violent weirdos. Speakin' of-" He cupped his hands around his mouth. "EYY, CRE!" Sprite kicked her buddy in the thigh. "Bahaha, give t'sucko a break a'ready! 'Tis is way too much socializin' f'his standards." Dak shook his head, his lips sucked in. "Nah, he's been changin'. Y'might not see it at first, but our whole victory thing? Gave 'em a thick-ol' ego boost. He even flirts wit' 'em people he likes himself now!" Creon breaking from his collected and aloof cool guy act? That was something she'd kill for to see!

"So, uhh, Kiran, been wonderin'-" she started again after gobbling down a fatty cube of fried fish, not wanting to exclude her otherdimensional friend from the banter. "Y're fully free'o 'em.. uhh, fuzzy urges, right? I know's been ages since that shit went down an' w'gotta lot to catch up on, but just t'be sure- it did vanish wit' t'dimension jump back home, right?" She didn't want to dwell on this subject for too long, mainly because it scrapping sucked to talk about one of her biggest regrets since Southpoint. But, y'know, had to be sure.

In the meantime, Wakumi was free to join them, of course, if she was willing to wade through the flock of alien dogs that wandered happily and ever-peckish around the trio of chatting pals.
“Thanks a lot, Sprite.“ Wakumi smiled, and after cleaning her hands, she helped herself with some fried fish and other seafood. While picking some onto a plate, she tasted one and it was incredible! Then she slowly waddled among the alien dogs to where Sprite, Kiran and their pals were. “You know, this seafood is very good! My favourite.“ she told the host as she cautiosly sat next to them.
Kiran (played by Leighoflight)

Kiran waved to the turtle lady while drinking from this strange cold can. He glanced back over to the food table and stared at the sweets, soon as he got a chance he’d go up and grab some. Attention reverted back to Dak and Sprite “I do yes…twin sister actually so…for the most part she looks like me if I grew my hair out…”he shrugged. “It’s just the two of us now…”said in a slightly sad tone, not the best subject to bring to a party. He was glad when the subject switched to someone else as he ran off to go get a few custard buns for himself then sat back down.

To Sprite’s question he paused for a moment and nodded “Yeah…funny thing really…once I got home I was shunted to another world AGAIN…only this time there were a lot less near death experiences and life totally changed…”for better and worse but mostly the better. Thinking about all the changes in his life bothered him, so as a distraction he’d stuff a custard bun in his mouth and watched Wakumi sit with them. “Where are you from?”trying to redirect the conversation.
”I am from Earth, from a country called Japan.” Wakumi said. ”There, among humans you actually can find creatures like me, in all shapes and sizes.”

She of course hinted at the other Yokai she knew. The pharmacist then became curious about Kiran. After scarfing down a roasted fish, she asked:
”And what about you?”

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