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Mr Tumnus (played anonymously)

It had been a cold day; summer had approached with lazy sweetness, but there were rainy days and cloudy ones sprinkled throughout it - a little unusual for a place like Narnia.

Tumnus sat in his cozy chair in a small, dark room that smelled faintly if books and woodsmoke. He was fixing the last touches onto a little decoration of Santa Claus - some Children of Adam and Eve's name for Father Christmas - and making sure the little red coat had all its tufts of fur in place. Just so, there it all was, tidy and trim.

The young faun was expecting guests; yes, it was what Lucy had called the month of July, and he was having a little late-midsummer's-celebration, with a festive bit of cheer, to make up for the weather.

Sardines on toast, yes; buttered fish, yes; fresh vegetables from last week, pickled and served in a grain porridge; and a large ham roast with sweet cheese and fruit. The fire was lit in the hearth, behind a safety grate, the poker was heating for cider, and there would be flat cakes with honey in front of the fire when everyone was done celebrating outside.

For next to this musty stone room of his was a great wooden hall, furnished with tables and benches, where guests would gather to eat; and out of doors, in the next location directly from that place for eating, was a fine field with damp grasses and moist earth, and a large platform meant for the people who didn't want to get their shoes wet. All the trees were dripping and the celebration grounds smelled of earth and leaves and new buds of flowers; the bushes put forth flowers and fruit.
Rabbits scurried about from time to time in the grasses, and birds called from the trees, and otherwise all was silent. It all seemed to be perfect for making tramping dances and flutes and bells and brass clash and tromp and sing in the air and on the earth. The occasional puddle reflected the sky; Narnians and travellers alike were sure to adore the place.

The guests would arrive soon! Tumnus put the finishing touch on the figurine's beard and red nose and cap; a glossy twinkle of paint. He set it upon the fireplace mantle.

The banisters were decked with holly, mistletoe hung from the shades and the beams and rafters, and all the brass and bronze gildings of the room danced with gleaming light. As he liked the fire, Tumnus mused, leaving a few doors open to Narnia was after all a very nice idea. There was no telling from whence they'd arrive, but he was sure he'd have all sorts of guests to look upon, and talk to, sing and dance with, and generals make merry and be comfortable together; this was his dream to add some joy to the dreary summer days. Fit with all the trimmings, flitting about with a whistled song on his lips and a spirit of joyous feeling in his great heart, portals open to all over the world and worlds - people could come out of land or sea, sky or water puddle, or even, perhaps, he thought, out of thin air - Tumnus cleaned the last of the dust and dreariness and anxiety from himself and his apartments, and settled down, in his pretty home, to wait for the guests.

(Visitors may arrive from anywhere! Please be polite! There are books to read and conversation to be had, food to eat, and certainly music if you request it or want to perform. There's a lot you can try if you think of it really. Thanks for coming, let's have a good time, and good luck writing, all! Happy to talk to some fellow Narnia lovers.)

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Remi (played by Arjastro)

The peaceful scene was disrupted as a boisterous commotion sounded from the woods nearby. It was few seconds before out shot a rabbit, followed by a green, bipedal jerboa, his tail trailing behind him as he whisked after the the little mammal. He dove for the creature, hands outstretched, and landed with a small thump- said rabbit not in hand. His eyes stayed on it as it scampered away, fluffy tail bobbing. Was it laughing?
"Bring that back!" The male had mud spattered on his face; and as he lay there, propped up by his forearms, his harem pants was soaking up moisture by the second. He had not quite yet seemed to notice the lovely setup before him.
Mr Tumnus (played anonymously) Topic Starter

Hearing a strange noise outside, Tumnus jerked up from his seat; the sprightly fellow had polished the last piece of silver and was washing the crumbs from a snack plate before deciding to take a break. His eyes had snapped open and he has been confused for a moment; he dashed to the door, where lo and behold, a greenish Talking Beast of sorts appeared to be outside on his doorstep!
"Hello, there, stranger, and welcome to the party! Have you some trouble, do you need help?" Mr Tumnus hustled anxiously inside and back out, reaching an umbrella down and offering it to the stranger. It had a cane's handle and sturdiness, so he thought it would hold up. "Are you alright, my lad, there? You took quite a little fall didn't you..." He helped the newcomer up, and upon their standing, brushed the fellow off, for they were covered in a light dust of the wet crusty snow.
"Do please come inside the cottage, won't you? There's plenty of tea left, you know, it's not all gone yet. There's fish too - and cakes. If you like sardines on toast I've got just the ticket!" The faun chuckled lightly, and he tried to take the arm of this hairy stranger and lead them in to a seat.

(Thanks for the response! Not much time left for this event, I think, but if you'd like to continue in PM afterward that might be nice. If not then no harm done, yeah~?)
Balthazar (played anonymously)

The crisp breeze ruffled the feline's fur as he padded along the greenery noiselessly, and yet he appeared unfazed by the chill that rippled through the air with a promise of more unpredictable days to come. The smell of woodsmoke and leather caught Balthazar's attention, but it was the pungent scent of sardines that wafted past his pink nostrils and had drawn him from a comfortable nap to this stony structure.

The outside seemed to have the kind of merriment a common cat would tend to avoid. The sounds of music permeated over the cheerful voices of guests intermingling, clinking silverware, mugs clacking together heartily, and the pounding of eager feet in a rhythmic array of dancing. Slinking through the crowd with intent, Balthazar managed to twine and weasel his way toward the enchanting scents.

He'd managed to find an entry through a crevice via a partially opened window where the alluring smells of foods, drinks, and different sorts gathered from near and far. Perhaps it was some sort of celebratory feast, but whatever it was, there was a rumbling in the cat's belly that currently needed satiating. From his perch, Balthazar surveys the great hall with interest, whiskers twitching eagerly at the prospect of good food. Before he vaulted from the window's edge, the tuxedo cat ran his back contentedly along some dangling holly, appreciating a quick scritch.

Carefully he maneuvered himself with quiet steps like that of a thief with ill-intent. The smell of buttered fish came next urging the small cat on. With a soundless leap, Balthazar managed to land among the spread of culinary delights. Skirting about the table so as not to create turmoil among the guests, he eventually sought and found the intent of his quest; the delicious sardines!

With a quick snap of the jaw, he collected his prize. His tongue could already taste the delectable treat and his mouth immediately began to water, but it was rude to eat on the table and not at it! Without much effort on his part whatsoever, Balthazar bounded to the floor and meowed through his food his gratitude to his host!
Remi (played by Arjastro)

//Whoops. I thought it was melting snow and mud😅
//And oh my goodness- I had thought there was several more days left😶 Haha college is taking up a lot of brain space right now! If you're feeling it, I would go along with a mini pm roleplay🙃 Whatever floats your boat friendo

Upon hearing the voice of someone actually speaking a language he knew, Remi's head snapped to see the curious hybrid. Faun were not too common in his homeland. A bright grin popped onto his face. "Heya!" He declined the umbrella with small, 'no thank you,' motion of a hand; and as he was helped up, Remi tensed to stop himself from trying to shake off some of the snow sticking to his fur. "I take worse tumbles than that just 'bout daily."
He listened to the list of goods while letting the other take his arm. "Tea. Sounds. Great. Jus' needa wait for my pal to catch up-" He cast a glance back in the general direction he came from. "Do yall have any obvious arcsills around here? Bramas?" He did not think the faun would know considering those were not words directly from the other's language. He tutted to himself as he tried remembering. "Pelts? Orvicks?" He cursed under his breath. "...Ports? Portals? Does that ring a bell?" He met the other's eyes.
Mr Tumnus (played anonymously) Topic Starter

Blinking in bemusement but also amused, Tumnus nodded along to the new friend's diatribe. "I have, in fact, seen a few! There's one in the backyard if you care to go through it."

Drawing inside with his folded umbrella, Tumnus stowed the object behind the front door and ushered in the guest.
He beamed at the feline, appreciating the polite thanks it offered - Talking or no, they were precious creatures. "My pleasure!" He said. He was glad someone's else had liked the fish, for while it was a particular favorite of Lucy's and his own, many Humans and other creatures were not fond of sardines. "Your coat is so lovely, by the by, you must take good care of it! I suppose we all wear our best to parties! Not that you could change it out for another one, exactly... Does that sound rude? Oh, but you know what I mean, do you not? My apologies if it was offensive to you. Thank you for making your way to the party! Ahem, if you're on your way to the dancing grounds, there's a good awning for little paws, just above the arbor. There are puddles nearby so please take care."

Removing his teapot from the small table and a teacup from the shelf by the fire, the faun looked up. "Cream? Sugar? Honey, lemon, brandy? Oh, humans have some age restrictions, apparently, have you got those? You're a little different, I suppose, I'm not sure if your species can drink!"
He smiled with good humor, nodded, and poured the tea in a steady, brown stream. It steamed softly in the firelight.

"As for the portals... If you slip around the back of the flower decoration, there's a larger one there.... A little inconvenient, as the guests arrive confused if they didn't get here on purpose, but I would say it matters a little less if they join in on the dance and enjoy themselves right away? Prevents stomach-ache from feasting before dancing, too.
"Now, then, your tea, and perhaps if you want to come back later, the portals should be open for a while. I love a good tale, so if you want to come back and regale me with your adventures, I'll serve more tea and cider! Whatever of that is to your liking."

Showing his guests about, Tumnus would only close the doors to his house and yard (the physical doors, at least) when all the guests were satisfied and ready to go home - or for some with a sturdier system and constitution, take a nap under the stars in the ice-cold yard. Flower petals fell, ice glistened, and the trees hummed and swayed their branches and leaves and small fruit buds.

When the doors closed and the remainder of guests were settled, the stuff and tired faun would yawn sleepily, stretch his arms, and cross his hooves after sinking into his armchair. His panflute brought out, he would play a sultry, silky tune while half-asleep, far into the night. Until the stars began to fade into golden, ink, and soft bluish white....

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