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Hi :)

I've been trying to find more rp sites that suits my needs. I came across Black Dahila and was wondering what others thoughts are about it?

My thing is that it says it's an 18+ community but they pretty much ban all mature content (unless I missed something because I don't have an account for it). So it sort of gives me 'gaiaonline' impression just the age difference. Of course there is nothing wrong with that. I understand completely. I like gaiaonline but it's gone down hill so much that I got my first strike (been on the site for 18 years), well actually two strikes back to back for rp ad's that were posted two-four years ago >.<

I don't want to invest my time with Black Dahila RP site if it's not worth it. Thoughts? Any suggestions for other sites?
I journeyed through Black Dahlia in 2021 before I came here. It is a nice RP site, is well-supported, and activity is pretty good. I'm not sure where you get '...they pretty much ban all mature content...' from. They list some 'instaban' things which is pretty much inline with the rules here on RPR (Harassment & threats, underage characters/settings, and three specific extreme kinks). Unlike RPR which is an all-ages site, BDRP definitely does allow mature content on the roleplay forums within the site rules.

I myself enjoyed the site and was happy roleplaying there, but had to tab-code character profiles, and I didn't get the deep immersion I get here on RPR. What I like about RPR is the character page component which helps get me into that deeper immersion, and the separation safeguards that are in place to keep a barrier between 18+ and -18 users. I still have a couple roleplays going on BDRP, but don't participate publicly on the site anymore. Still, it is a good site.

I had joined Black Dahlia some time ago. And I know I left it after a short trial period. I've been on dozens of RP sites over the decades, so I really don't remember the specifics of that site in particular. But I do know that I left it for one reason or another of being unsatisfied with it. Those reasons could have been more personal, like not finding the RPs I was looking for over a stretch of several months. Or maybe they were just prudes about content. Like I said, I don't recall. But I joined and left for my own reasons.

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