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Veliai Rilynath (played by VoliminalVerse)

Veliai had been hard at work for two entire weeks nonstop to get ready for this holiday. Constantly decorating, having special chocolate, caramel, and even butterscotch candies made. He was beyond excited to give out silk bags fu of these crafted candies not only to his people whom he loved greatly, but to basically anyone who came to the gate.

But the difference is is that HE would be the one to hand out these bags of candy. Of course he would have his personal guards there (not that he really needed them) and servants to run the treats to him, but handing them out was going to be his job and his joy.

His smile didn't seem as if it could be removed by any means. He ran his fingers through his silver hair as he waited. A few families had just left with sacks of candy, and there was more than plenty to go around.
Cyber 'surf' Lightseeker (played by GU7TMUNCH3RZ)

He silently approached the palace, his outfit literally sticking out like a sore thumb
Veliai Rilynath (played by VoliminalVerse) Topic Starter

The prince waited there at the gate prepared to give out the candies.
Equals Maximus (played anonymously)

The superhero duo had finished with their Hero activities for the day (officially) and they were dressed now in simple garb and cheerfully whimsical cat ear headbands. Now they paused at a party-atmospheric gate, with a dashingly handsome fellow nearby.

"Greetings, good evening, how are you?" Makros murmured, nodding his head politely.
Ms. Akros nudged him with her elbow while laughing at him, albeit in a friendly way, and assured, "It's Halloween! How can you be so formal? Loosen up a little, it's okay! Hi, Happy Halloween, and Trick or Treat!" She smiled beautifully, ready to move on before she saw the sacks of candy in the handsome man's possession. While the two of the heroes both had a penchant for eating candy, Ms. Akros especially loved caramel and could hardly resist such an intriguing scenario.
"My, my, are you giving away candy? Or is it some kind of promotion? We've helped with those before, haha! Well... I mean... Anyway, trade ya?!" She whipped out from within her jacket a package of popping candies, and waved her fingers at her partner. "Hey, hey, what about those sodas we were carrying? You still got 'em? There's nothing like a Halloween Trade, right?" She grinned. Her partner looked at her, deadpan, and sighed without blinking. He reached into his jacket wordlessly.
Veliai Rilynath (played by VoliminalVerse) Topic Starter

The prince emphatically refused the trade offer be turning his head to the side and pulling his hands away after giving them the sacks of candy. One of the guards spoke "his majesty Prince Veliai has decreed that he will only accept a 'thank you' and a smile as any type of payment or remittance. I only speak for his majesty because he is mute"

Veliai glared at them for barely a few seconds before giving both heroes each another sack of candies.
Equals Maximus (played anonymously)

His Majesty?!
Glancing at each other, the Hero Duo knelt in unison and crossed their arms over their chests. But they were sensitive to all sorts of people, and assuming that this might make the gentle majesty uncomfortable, both stood and brushed themselves off before smiling and thanking him graciously (they hoped).

"Thanks kindly, your highness, if I may." Makros murmured. "Your majesty is gracious and generous. I would ask your name," he looked at the guards, "of you, from your subjects and protectors, if it's permissable. And also happy Halloween."

Ms. Akros stared. "Um, okay, yeah, all of that, thank you your highness and happy Halloween."

Makros nodded as he stowed his treats. They smelled delicious. He would snack on that butterscotch for a while.

Ms. Akros was a little put out at not having a chaotically random trade, but at the same time, free stuff! And from such a nice gentleman too. A royal one at that. She wondered why Makros was talking so much. He sometimes got like that, although not very often.
Veliai Rilynath (played by VoliminalVerse) Topic Starter

The guard chuckled some "his name is Prince Veliai Rilynath"

Veliai smiled warmly at the two heroes. He seemed genuinely interested in everything the two were saying. Using elvish sign language, he said "I am ever so grateful you came to the palace to get candy!"
Equals Maximus (played anonymously)

"We thank you kindly. It was a pleasure to make your acquaintance. If you ever wish to explore the school here, please do give us a call or contact us and we'll be at your disposal, of course. We have state-of-the-art technology and amenities, including the necessary advancements in accessibility at every moment new ones are made possible. We would be honored to have you."
"Yep." Ms Akros looked on, bemused, as Makros handed over a business card. "You're excited, huh? Well the truth is, we would love to have you. We need to go, but we're ever so delighted and obliged! We'll be sure to pay you a visit next event if possible. Thanks for having us and thanks for the goods!"

Makros looked approving.

"Happy Halloween!" The two chorused together, and after a moment of shorter goodbyes, they made their way out of the area.

Thank you!
Veliai Rilynath (played by VoliminalVerse) Topic Starter

Veliai took the business card and carefully looked it over before putting it into his wallet and then putting the wallet in his pocket. He listened to the heroes before waving goodbye to them as they left.

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