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Hey, call me Dio!
I'm a 16-year-old nonbinary kid who lives in CST area.

My dms are open and I'm happy to start roleplays with anyone! I'm also open to making new friends.
Somethings to note:
-I'm a Scorpio
- I'm super into world-building and character creation
- I'm super friendly and talkative
- I write at least 1.5k+ words per reply because I'm cool like that
- I play pc games 24/7
- I'm dyslexic ;-;

I do a lot of roleplay types! I'm a big fan of romance, fantasy, action/adventure, modern fantasy, SOL, and horror!
I write fandoms and original characters! I mainly do M/F, F/F, NB/M, and NB/F roleplays when I'm not doubling.
I won't rp M/M unless I'm doubling or close friends with someone.

I have roughly 5 days off due to the end of my 1st quarter so I'm looking to start a roleplay and carry it over into my school year.
I'm mainly looking for a few select fandoms however I will share my 'list of fandoms' with you if you're curious about them all. I'll list some fandoms below that I would enjoy writing; hopefully, we can write them together!

(The asterisks mean how interested I am in writing the fandom)

One Piece ******
I would kill to write some oc x cc (doubles preferred) for this fandom! I'd also be down to write just a pure oc world considering it would be a hell of a lot of fun to create another world in my spare time.
I can write pretty much any one-piece character against an oc, however, I'd prefer these characters against certain ocs of mine;

Elliot; Sanji and Usopp (she's poly)

Irin; Zoro is her main love interest, however, Sanji and or Usopp would also work.

Tanka; Jinbe is the preferred love interest

I'm also ok writing Nico Robin against Franky if you were looking to write a ship. I could possibly write Luffy against Zoro if someone convinced me.

∙ DHMIS ******
I would actually enjoy writing this fandom! I haven't written it in a very long time, but lately, I've been wanting to get back into it.
I will only write Duck x Red Guy with me as Red Guy for this fandom if you want romance. However, I don't mind shipping the teachers with any oc you wanna ship with them. Also no yellow guy ships I will deny roleplaying it.

∙ Backrooms *****
Open-world exploration with monsters that wanna kill you at every turn? YES PLEASE!!

∙ Danganronpa *****
Danganronpa is a fandom I would wholeheartedly prefer writing my own fan game with someone for! I have a lot of DR ocs right now so it would be fun to drop some of them into a killing game and see how it would play out.

∙ MLP ****
I only do oc x oc or cc x cc for this fandom. It's a guilty pleasure of mine, but I really do enjoy MLP! I've enjoyed it since I was a little kid and would be more than happy to write it with someone.

∙ Undertale ***
I like Undertale, the game is a lot of fun and I would be happy to write oc x cc (doubles preferred) or plan ol' oc x oc. I've always wanted to have some kind of long-running Undertale rp so if I find someone to have that with I would be stoked!

∙Stardew Valley ***
I wanna write some oc x oc for Stardew Valley. I have this little farmer I wanna play against someone's Pelican town oc.

∙ BNHA **
BNHA isn't high on my cravings list just because I can never find someone who will play the characters I'd like against my OCs or someone who will write a purely oc version of it. If I can find someone who would do that though then I would 110% write this fandom.

∙ Fallout *
Oc x Oc only honestly, I wanna write my half-super mutant character against someone's Vault Dweller. It would be so much fun to actually get to use that character in a roleplay.

∙ Skyrim *
I like the concept of Skyrim so I wanna write my Dragonborn character against someone else's random ass character (oc x oc only).

∙ Rick and Morty *
Oc x oc only, and you may ask me why.
Well because I would kill to write an oc only a version of the show, just sit around and plot and the entire world for our characters to travel.
Magic 50%
Magic is rare, but not unheard of. Mundane characters may or may not believe in it. Magical characters may form small and exclusive pockets for study, protection, etc.
Technology 50%
Combat 40%
Unrest may be part of the setting, but any scenes that happen to involve combat may be summarized.
Romance 80%
Romance will be a major feature of this plot.

Details: Character sheets & strict mechanics, paragraphs required, long-term RP partner preferred. Will be played one-on-one.

Hey! I made a few cool BHNA roleplay if you wanna talk about it! (Not posted)
call_me_dio07 Topic Starter

Osris wrote:
Hey! I made a few cool BHNA roleplay if you wanna talk about it! (Not posted)

You can feel free to dm me about it (:
Hey! I'd love to do an oc rp with you if you're intrested!
call_me_dio07 Topic Starter

Just-A-Lebian wrote:
Hey! I'd love to do an oc rp with you if you're intrested!

Feel free to dm me about it ^^
Heya! I would love to roleplay. Like maybe a Oc x Oc Stardew valley? I wholeheartedly love that game so much. Or maybe even dangonropa, I am a little rusty on that one but am still up for it!

Awesome fandom taste. I'll be so up for a Backrooms, Undertale, or Danganronpa roleplay!! (Kinda just like you with the Danganronpa thing. Personally don't enjoy the actual thing but have a few fan-gans here and there.)

I could also do Stardew Valley as well, it seems fun!
call_me_dio07 Topic Starter

Hey! If you are still interested feel free to dm me and I would love to talk about starting a roleplay!

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