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Hello, I'm Phirael and I have a question about the BB Code- specifically the collapse portion of it! I understand how it sort of
like so

But I still don't seem to work it completely and I was hoping to aim for something more specific; using the collapse BB Code in the middle of something without it going down to the next like, like it did above ( I didn't put works to the line below )

If this makes sense to anyone who knows if it's possible or how, please let me know! Please and thank you!
I don't think the text of the 'collapse' is formattable, and even if it is in the same line as previous text, it will 'drop down', and the text immediately after the closing of the collapse will drop down again.

I myself think it would be awesome to have the collapse text be inline and of the same size and font as a sentence around it! Not sure if it's doable coding-wise though.
Sanne Moderator

Unfortunately, because of the way the collapse tags have to display to function correctly, this isn't possible. :( It will always collapse downward onto a new line.

You can alternatively use spoilers to hide content until it's clicked on by using this code:
[spoiler]Your hidden test goes here.[/spoiler]

This DOES work in the middle of a sentence!
Phirael Topic Starter

Nooooooo, I wanted to make a character profile do cool things! I had a whole plan! Huwahh

But thank you for letting me know, nonetheless! I don't mean to sound insensitive or ungrateful, just a little sad I couldn't do my idea is all >-< I might try the spoiler code, see if I can do cool things with it too; already have an idea for it!

Thank you both!
Thanks Sanne for the explanation!
You can kind of fit collapses into sentences using columns, if it’s going to be in a single line. It’ll give the illusion of it, at least!

for example
a hint
could be a secret
sometimes works
[columns]for example[nextcol][collapse name="a hint"]could be a secret[/collapse][nextcol]sometimes works[/columns]

I use this mostly when putting youtube videos under collapses, but spoiler is probably best if you’re putting something within a large paragraph! Happy coding!
Phirael Topic Starter

0o0 I will try! Thank you very much!
Kim Site Admin

Just be aware that although bbcode columns are there for completeness, they aren't officially supported because they can break *spectacularly* for mobile users/those using screen readers.
Phirael Topic Starter

Oh- so I should avoid using it then?

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