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These are just becoming a monthly thing now, aren't they? Oh, dear.

This one is from me listening to too much Night Vale (The Sandstorm/Old Oak Doors for anyone who knows!) and being ✨ inspired ✨ Usual forum rules apply, obvs. Feel free to multipost, as always!

The prompt is simple: your character meets their double. It doesn't have to be written in character, but you can do. Make sure to describe this double, either way!
Now, bearing in mind that this doesn't have to be an exact double! Not by personality nor looks, but the important thing is that it's still intrinsically them.

Feel free to have fun with this; go wild. It can be an antithesis instead - everything that your character doesn't stand for. Or maybe someone who's just a little too similar for comfort, with a few major changes.

I know this is a little different from my usual, but I hope you guys enjoy ❤️ I look forward to reading your responses!
Both Amu's would stare at each other for a long while before deciding who strikes first and engages into a cat fight. Problem is they'd both get tired very fast and give up, resorting to loafing side by side and purring together.

Two Rene's would fight to the death. Simple.

Two Kiran's would happily nerd out together and help get work done in their day job - dream team.

Both Yaaz's wouldn't stop talking with each other and be instant BBF's it would do him some good for the depression he's in at the moment <3

Two Zreek's.....please no...
Wilson (played by sarcasyms)

Wilson silently looks at his double. His double is more vibrant, more alive. He smiles sadly.

“Ah.” he says. It’s not even a surprise anymore. Of course the world would find some way to replace him.

“I hope you can be a better brother than I’ve been then,” he says.
Kara (played by sarcasyms)

I think if there were two Kara’s they’d raise hell together lmao (and command the largest raccoon/opossum/rat army ever seen in the history of humanity)
The survivor held his axe with all the force his weary hands could muster. He could feel the weakening wood creak in his grip -- the tool didn't have much life left in it before it was destined to splinter into a thousand pieces, but Wilson would wield it to its final swing even still.

The shadow that shambled slowly in the distance appeared suddenly closer now as if by magic. It stood before him looming menacingly with a mocking grin upon its all too familiar face. It was unlike anything the Constant had ever thrown his way. He was used to dealing with shadows reaching, pawing, and leering at him from all directions. However, this one, in particular, held a sort of magnificent sentience behind the sheen of a glowing silver gaze. The being was clad ceremoniously in his throng of shadows, a fixated suit, form-fitting, dark, and cutting off ties to a world currently clinging to the last shreds of light in a dusky twilight. His face was pale, long, and thin, marked with a vicious air of primacy. Lastly, much like the shadows that flickered lazily about him, his hair, very similarly coiffed to Wilson's own, wavered in a breeze that carried the summer's heat in a stifling gust.

"Wilson P. Higgsbury," came a voice that sounded remarkably like his own. Wilson simply stood stupefied, clutching his axe in a last-ditch effort to appear prepared for whatever was to come.

The smile broadened, and the flash of white teeth with seemingly almost too sharp of canines bared at him. The crowned Nightmare King continued, "Isn't it rather gracious of T̸͖͆h̵̙̣̳̿e̵̻͚̎m̶͎̣̗̂̂̈́ to allow me this second chance at the throne? I will not be making the same mistakes as before. And with you finally out of the way," he paused to pluck an invisible fleck of dust free from his blazer, "I can go about my plans undeterred."

The sight of himself being so completely malignant was unfamiliar to Wilson. Sure, he'd do just about anything in the name of science, but morality still had some kind of bearing in the scheme of things. But this Nightmare King, this doppelganger held less than savory intentions and the most frightening aspect of it all was the memory of him being in that state of mind himself...

"N-no," Wilson pleaded meekly. "You can't..."

It was really a rather pathetic opposition Wilson noted feebly, so much so that the shadowy creature couldn't even be bothered to laugh at his futile efforts. The King of Shadows simply shrugged, declaring with an air of nonchalance, "I think I'll start with Maxwell."

The panic immediately blossomed from the pit of his stomach teeming up to his chest. A breath hitched in the back of his throat and Wilson quickly drew back his weapon of desperation. "You do and you'll wished you hadn't."

"Oh, now there's that fire -- I'd almost worried that I'd taken every bit of resolve for myself when we split -- keyword here being: almost. Now, I really must be going, but don't worry, even if I do off the old man, he'll be right back. That's the whole fun of the Constant. No one really, truly dies here. They just... s̷̪̯͖̐̍ụ̸̀̀͂f̵̺̪͖̋f̷͔̏̋̈́e̶͙̋r̷̠̼̆͑͐."

With a dismissive wave of the hand, the King known as Percival brought himself into a flourishing bow. As he did, a swirling mass of inky darkness collected at his feet. The tumultuous void of shadows that surrounded the King began to stretch and writhe horrifically around him until it completely enveloped Percival, imploding him into nothingness.

Wilson was left standing there, his heart pounding and he was suddenly becoming increasingly aware of just how close to nighttime it was. With nothing more than a near-broken axe and no supplies to forge a torch, he'd have to figure something out and figure it out fast. The echoes of a woman's laughter could be heard at the border of the creeping darkness, a promising sound of tortures to come...

[ That was fun. I want to do this with so many of my characters. 🤩 ]
Cherry (played anonymously)

Cherry didn't look pleased to see another who looks like them. Worse, the second can speak and isn't friendly.

"Weakling. Well seems I can't replace you if I wanted to but I can learn. However, homeland must really be ashamed." The secondCherry said.

Cherry looked away, slowly melting into a blob of acid. It took the insults directly, even if they knew the second Cherry isn't the real one.
Cass (played anonymously)

Cass and her doppleganger stared at each other, before commencinf a sparring match, the difference between them was obvious, her potential with her sisters transformations and personality, of course it ended with an Lssg Cass sitting ontop of the doppleganger, eating grapes "Weak.." It mutteres, sure there were no words exchanged most of the time but to be fair Cass has never not accepted a challenge.. No matter what version of her it is-
Keiko (played by Astrobeans)

If Keiko met a doppelgänger of herself, her immediate thought would be along the lines of “Should I be insulted or complimented?”. They would get into a fight with one another then make up, going to a girl’s trip probably.

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